September 5, 2013

World Cup Qualifiers - Referee Appointments - All Confederations (September 2013)

Here you find an overview on all the referee appointments for the hot phase of World Cup 2014's qualifier games awaiting us this September. 

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) - Play-Offs

06 September 2013, 19:00 local time, Amman
Jordan - Uzbekistan
Referee: Yuichi Nishimura (Japan)
Assistant Referee 1: Toru Sagara (Japan)
Assistant Referee 2: Toshiyuki Nagi (Japan)
Fourth Official: Jumpei Iida (Japan)
Referee Assessor: Abdul Al Delawar (Bahrain)

10 September 2013, 19:00 local time, Tashkent
Usbekistan - Jordan
Referee: Benjamin Williams (Australia)
Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream (Australia)
Assistant Referee 2: Hakan Anaz (Australia)
Fourth Official: Strebre Delovski (Australia)
Referee Assessor: Toru Kamikawa (Japan)

Confederation of African Football (CAF)

Group A
07 September 2013, 15:30 CET, Brazzaville
Central African Rep. - Ethiopia
Referee: Mohamed Benouza (ALG)
Assistant Referee 1: Mohamed Bechirene (ALG)
Assistant Referee 2: Mahmoud Bitam (ALG)
Fourth official: Mehdi Abid Charef (ALG)

Group A
07 September 2013, 15:30 CET, Durban
South Africa - Botsuana
Referee: Badara Diatta (SEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Djibril Camara (SEN)
Assistant Referee 2: El Hadji Malick Samba (SEN)
Fourth official: Daouda Gueye (SEN)

Group B
07 September 2013, 18:30 CET, Freetown
Sierra Leone - Equatorial Guinea
Referee: El Fadil Mohamed (SDN)
Assistant Referee 1: Waleed Ahmed (SDN)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohammed Hamid (SDN)
Fourth official: Mutaz Khairalla (SDN)

Group B
07 September 2013, 20:45 CET, Rades
Tunisia - Cape Verde Islands
Referee: Bakary Papa Gassama (GAM)
Assistant Referee 1: Angesom Ogbamariam (ERI)
Assistant Referee 2: Felicien Kabanda (RWA)
Fourth official: Maudo Jallow (GAM)

Group C
07 September 2013, 18:30 CET, Bakau
Gambia - Tanzania
Referee: Hude Munyemuna (RWA)
Assistant Referee 1: Theogene Ndagijimana (RWA)
Assistant Referee 2: Honoré Simba (RWA)
Fourth official: Issa Kagabo (RWA)

Group C
07 September 2013, 19:00 CET, Abidjan
Côte d'Ivoire - Morocco
Referee: Bernard Camille (SEY)
Assistant Referee 1: Eldrick Adelaide (SEY)
Assistant Referee 2: Gilbert Lista (SEY)
Fourth official: Jean-Claude Labrosse (SEY)

Group D
06 September 2013, 18:00 CET, Kumasi
Ghana - Zambia
Referee: Djamel Haimoudi (ALG)
Assistant Referee 1: Rédouane Achik (MAR)
Assistant Referee 2: Abdelhak Etchiali (ALG)
Fourth official: Mohamed Bichari (ALG)

Group D
08 September 2013, 19:00 CET, Omdurman
Sudan - Lesotho
Referee: Sylvester Kirwa (KEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Gilbert Cheruiyot (KEN)
Assistant Referee 2: Peter Sabatia (KEN)
Fourth official: Moses Osano (KEN)

Group E
07 September 2013, 17:30 CET, Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso - Gabon
Referee: Rajindraparsad Seechurn (MRI)
Assistant Referee 1: Balkrishna Bootun (MRI)
Assistant Referee 2: Jean Daniel Telvar (MRI)
Fourth official: Ganesh Chutooree (MRI)

Group E
07 September 2013, 17:30 CET, Niamey
Niger - Congo
Referee: Koman Coulibaly (MLI)
Assistant Referee 1: Balla Diarra (MLI)
Assistant Referee 2: Fousseyni Traoré (MLI)
Fourth official: Ousmane Sidibé (MLI)

Group F
07 September 2013, 17:30 CET, Calabar
Nigeria - Malawi
Referee: Hamada el Moussa Nampiandraza (MAD)
Assistant Referee 1: Velomanana Jinoro (MAD)
Assistant Referee 2: Jean Djaonirina (MAD)
Fourth official: Seth Jaovanona (MAD)

Group F
08 September 2013, 15:00 CET, Nairobi
Kenya - Namibia
Referee: Ghead Grisha (EGY)
Assistant Referee 1: Ahmed Abou Elela (EGY)
Assistant Referee 2: Daya Srkan (EGY)
Fourth official: Abdel Fahim Omar (EGY)

Group G
08 September 2013, 15:00 CET, Harare
Zimbabwe - Mozambique
Referee: Mahamadou Keita (MLI)
Assistant Referee 1: Jerson Emiliano Dos Santos (ANG)
Assistant Referee 2: Mothibidi Khumalo (RSA)
Fourth official: Ousmané Karembe (MLI)

Group G
10 September 2013, 19:00 CET, Alexandria
Egypt - Guinea
Referee: Tesseme Bamlak Weseya (ETH)
Assistant Referee 1: Kindie Mussie (ETH)
Assistant Referee 2: Temesgin Samuel (ETH)
Fourth official: Haileyesus Bazezew (ETH)

Group H
08 September 2013, 17:00 CET, Porto Novo
Benin - Rwanda
Referee: Aboubacar Bangoura (GUI)
Assistant Referee 1: Aboubacar Doumbouya (GUI)
Assistant Referee 2: Abdel Raffi (GUI)
Fourth official: Ousmane Camara (GUI)

Group H
10 September 2013, 19:00 CET, Blida
Algeria - Mali
Referee: Eric Otogo-Castane (GAB)
Assistant Referee 1: Théophile Vinga (GAB)
Assistant Referee 2: Serge Meye (GAB)
Fourth official: Christian Mouity (GAB)

Group I
08 September 2013, 16:30 CET, Yaoundé
Cameroon - Libya
Referee: Noumandiez Doue (CIV)
Assistant Referee 1: Songuifolo Yeo (CIV)
Assistant Referee 2: Jean-Claude Birumushahu (BDI)
Fourth official: Kouame N'Dri (CIV)

Group I
08 September 2013, 17:30 CET, Lomé
Togo - Congo DR
Referee: Bouchaïb El Ahrach (MAR)
Assistant Referee 1: Youssef Mabrouk (MAR)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohamed Lahmidi (MAR)
Fourth official: Mounir Mabrouk (MAR)

Group J
07 September 2013, 16:30 CET, Yaoundé
Angola - Liberia
Referee: Slim Jedidi (TUN)
Assistant Referee 1: Bechir Hassani (TUN)
Assistant Referee 2: Anoar Hmila (TUN)
Fourth official: Nasrallah Jaouadi (TUN)

Group J
07 September 2013, 17:30 CET, Marrakesh
Senegal - Uganda
Referee: Daniel Bennett (RSA)
Assistant Referee 1: Zakhele Thusi Siwela (RSA)
Assistant Referee 2: Aden Marwa Range (KEN)
Fourth official: Victor Gomes (RSA)

North American zone (CONCACAF)

07 September 2013, 20:00 local time, San José
Costa Rica - United States of America
Referee: Marco Rodríguez (MEX)
Assistant Referee 1: Marvin Torrentera (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Marcos Quintero (MEX)
Fourth official: José Penaloza Soto (MEX)

07 September 2013, 20:30 local time, Mexico City
Mexico - Honduras
Referee: Roberto Moreno (PAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Daniel Williamson (PAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Warner Castro (CRC)
Fourth official: Elmer Arturo Bonilla (SLV)

07 September 2013, 21:00 local time, Panama City
Panama - Jamaica
Referee: Walter López Castellanos (GUA)
Assistant Referee 1: Leonel Leal (CRC)
Assistant Referee 2: Gersón López Castellanos (GUA)
Fourth official: Oscar Reyna Möller (GUA)

10 September 2013, 19:00 local time, Tegucigalpa
Honduras - Panama
Referee: Mark Geiger (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Sean Mark Hurd (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Joe Fletcher (CAN)
Fourth official: Baldomero Toledo (USA)

10 September 2013, 19:00 local time, Kingston
Jamaica - Costa Rica
Referee: Jair Marrufo (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Eric Boria (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Frank Anderson (USA)
Fourth official: Silviu Petrescu (CAN)

10 September 2013, 20:06 local time, Columbus
United States of America - Mexico
Referee: Courtney Campbell (JAM)
Assistant Referee 1: Ricardo Morgan (JAM)
Assistant Referee 2: Garnet Page (JAM)
Fourth official: Valdin Legister (JAM)

South American zone (CONMEBOL)

06 September 2013, 15:30 local time, Barranquilla
Colombia - Ecuador
Referee: Heber Lopes (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Marcio Eustáquio Santiago (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marcelo van Gasse (BRA)
Fourth official: Leandro Vuaden (BRA)

06 September 2013, 18:30 local time, Asunción
Paraguay - Bolivia
Referee: Víctor Carrillo (PER)
Assistant Referee 1: Jhonny Bossio (PER)
Assistant Referee 2: César Escano (PER)
Fourth official: Manuel Garay (PER)

06 September 2013, 20:30 local time, Santiago de Chile
Chile - Venezuela
Referee: Sandro Ricci (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Alessandro Rocha De Matos (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Emerson Augusto De Carvalho (BRA)
Fourth official: Pericles Cortez (BRA)

06 September 2013, 21:30 local time, Lima
Peru - Uruguay
Referee: Patricio Loustau (ARG)
Assistant Referee 1: Hernán Maidana (ARG)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Pablo Belatti (ARG)
Fourth official: Mauro Vigliano (ARG)

10 September 2013, 16:00 local time, La Paz
Bolivia - Ecuador
Referee: Paulo De Oliveira (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Altemir Hausmann (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Kleber Lucio Gil (BRA)
Fourth official: Wilton Sampaio (BRA)

10 September 2013, 19:00 local time, Montevideo
Uruguay - Colombia
Referee: Antonio Arias (PAR)
Assistant Referee 1: Rodney Aquino (PAR)
Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Cacéres (PAR)
Fourth official: Ulises Mereles (PAR)

10 September 2013, 19:25 local time, Puerto La Cruz
Venezuela - Peru
Referee: Néstor Pitana (ARG)
Assistant Referee 1: Diego Bonfá (ARG)
Assistant Referee 2: Gustavo Rossi (ARG)
Fourth official: Silvio Trucco (ARG)

10 September 2013, 21:40 local time, Asunción
Paraguay - Argentina
Referee: Enrique Osses (CHI, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Alexis Astroza (CHI)
Assistant Referee 2: Sergio Román (CHI)
Fourth official: Patricio Polic (CHI)

> UEFA zone


  1. Overall Nishimura did really well and kept the potentially difficult match between Jordan and Uzbekistan under control. Foul detection was ok, in some moments he appeared too lenient and could have issued some cards earlier/more.
    The 1:0 was probably tight onside, there were no good replays to check it (AR2).

    1. I'm almost sure that Williams will face a more difficult match in the second leg.

  2. Anonymous6/9/13 23:28

    Boiko 8.6 in EST-NED 2-2 game

    did everything correctly!

    Greetings from Estonia

    1. I agree the penalty was correct.
      Brave decsion at the end of the match.


    Red card? I don't see any cntact in this situation, to be honest.

  4. Red card issued by Bennett (Senegal - Uganda):

    Furthermore, the observer for Badara Diatta (South Africa - Botswana): Lim Kee Chong (Mauritius)

    This means of course that FIFA pays attention in observing preselected referees also in this qualifying matches...

  5. Absolutely correct decision.

  6. Nigeria - Malawi
    Hamada Nampiandraza

    51' penalty in favor of Nigeria
    53' straight red card
    The red card can be for DOGSO or SFP.
    In my opinion, in this situation both reasons are suitable :D
    Both situations are at the beginning of the video, which is a resume of second half.

  7. In my opinion the penalty is wrong (dive). But the sending-off is 100% clear, more sfp than dogso for me.

  8. I have watched the first half of Cameroon - Libya (crucial game for the qualifications) and I must admit that Doue showed overall a top class performance.

  9. Ignoring many phantom fouls, excessively using the whistle, lacks of authority and match control (44'), it was really ok with regard to the major calls. But the players did not totally respect his decisions.

  10. Anonymous10/9/13 04:28

    Any comments regarding Brych in Croatia - Serbia and Makkelie in Northern Ireland - Portugal?


    2. I am preparing the report on Brych at the moment. Patience.

  11. Anonymous25/9/13 08:15

    Can i know the refrees for Ghana- Egypt match in 15th September?

  12. Sorry, they will be only revealed by CAF in the course of this week.
    My personal bet is Daniel Bennett (RSA) or Néant Alioum (CMR) though.

  13. Anonymous25/9/13 14:29

    I think FIFA names them not CAF
    Why do you suspect these two refrees?


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