December 6, 2013

Italy coach Cesare Prandelli has called for timeouts at next summer's World Cup

Italy coach Cesare Prandelli has called for timeouts at next summer's World Cup to ensure players remain hydrated.
Prandelli is concerned about how the climate in Brazil will affect players, with temperatures and humidity expected to be high across a number of the cities.
"I'd like to propose timeouts for rehydration breaks," he said. "There are two big problems in Brazil and that is the heat and the humidity, which are worryingly high in certain cities and we felt that during the Confederations Cup."

Italy struggled with tiredness and cramps during last summer's dress rehearsal tournament in Brazil, learning what to expect in 2014 and how to prepare better.
Prandelli feels everybody would benefit from having additional breaks during matches, although simply placing bottles of water behind the goals, like last summer, is not the solution.
"If you look at the video footage [of the Confederations Cup], you see that everybody was dashing for a drink every time there was a corner," Prandelli said at a news conference in Rome on Tuesday, prior to the departure for Friday's draw in Brazil.
"The risk is people will start kicking the ball out for a corner just to have a drink. Timeouts would be better. If we want to provide the world with a spectacle, then we need to give the players the chance to provide it."
FIFA General Secretary Valcke has insisted on the referees' duty to decide on that by declaring that timeouts will remain at the referees' discretion. If the referee or the stadium's medical responsible feel that timeouts are necessary for climatic reasons, they might be included in the match time, as "they have to decide whether the conditions are adequate and how many breaks are needed".


  1. It would be a good idea for players, nevertheless I really don't like timeouts in a football match. Football is football.. :)
    Furthermore, if we are not ready to play in Brazil, what about Qatar in 2022? :)

  2. Well let's take for example Fortaleza in the Northern section of Brazil (and most warmest part of the country due to its close proximity to the equator). The average temperature of this city is around 25℃ in June/July. Whereas if the 2022 WC will be played in the winter e.g. Feb/Mar, the temperature in Qatar around this time is also around 25℃ so I don't think it will be a huge problem.
    Other cities in Brazil like Porto Alegre will be nice and cool. As long as a national teams don't play in the warmest cities like Fortaleza and Natal, they shouldn't experience to much heat.

    1. The problem is not with the temperature per se, but with extremely high humidity levels in cities like Fortaleza, Natal, and especially Manaus.

    2. Yes, I agree.
      Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy
      Great, just great ;)

    3. Excellent, Nur.
      A pleasure to have a so wonderful and historic match, like Italy-England.

      BTW My early prediction for the opener match Brazil - Croatia is Joel Aguilar (SLV)

      waiting for the rest later :D

    4. And Webb should get Netherlands-Spain :b

      I am in favour of Nishimura for the opener. But as indicated, you will get the opportunity to place your predictions tonight.

    5. Anonymous6/12/13 21:20

      Assuming that each of the 19 all-European and all-non-European matches will be handled by a UEFA referee, the group stage draw will lead to very asymmetric appointments for them:

      MD1 (matches 01 - 16): 9 matches
      MD2 (matches 17 - 32): 7 matches
      MD3 (matches 33 - 48): 3 matches

      Roughly speaking, the demand for them on MD1 will be as high as on MD2 and MD3 together or, in other words: 6 of the 10 UEFA referees will get their second encounter already on MD2.

      For MD3 this means that only 3 matches will be officiated by Europeans and, contrariwise, 13 referees from other confederations are required for (presumably) almost only decisive matches.


    6. Anonymous7/12/13 07:56

      If we presume FIFA follows the last WC in appointing roughly 24 main referees (among them 10 are from UEFA), then FIFA almost need every non-European referees for MD3 decisive matches. We know that some referees from Africa and Oceania are not good enough from big matches. FIFA should seriously consider to abandon confederation neutrality rule in appointing match officials at world cup.

  3. I predict Felix Brych for Spain - Netherlands. I think that FIFA will choose a good referee from UEFA zone, but not so highly rated like Webb, Rizzoli, Kuipers or even Irmatov from AFC to be a bit more comfortable to send the referee home in case of a catastrophe that could happen taking into account the last WC final. Brych, Eriksson or Nishimura would be my choice.

  4. Anonymous7/12/13 08:06

    By looking at the draw and path to later stages, it is very likely, we will get UEFA vs South America for the two semi finals and for the final as well. If FIFA decides to follow confederation neutrality rule at WC, FIFA will have very limited options. I am tipping Nishimura for a few big matches at this WC.

    1. Let's hope he'll be better than at the Confederations Cup! As well as Irmatov...


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