December 9, 2013

Kyros Vassaras stays in UEFA Referee Committee

Contrary to the latest piece of news that Greek Kyros Vassaras was about to leave UEFA's referee committee, which was previously issued here on the basis of an official UEFA document dealing with the composition of the federation's bodies and committees, it has now turned out that Vassaras will definitely stay in the referee committee.

Upon The Third Team's request, UEFA confirmed that "the name of Mr. Vassaras was not included in the list by mistake". They regretted this error and will update the document in due course.
So nothing has changed in the committee's composition. It still consists of the following members:

Angel Maria Villar Llona (ESP)

Deputy Chairman
Senes Erzik (TUR)

Chief Refereeing Officer
Pierluigi Collina (ITA)

Refereeing Officers
Marc Batta (FRA), Hugh Dallas (SCO)

Dagmar Damkova (CZE), David Elleray (ENG), Herbert Fandel (GER), Bo Karlsson (SWE), Nikolay Levnikov (RUS), Jozef Marko (SVK), Vlado Sajn (SVN), Jaap Uilenberg (NED), Kyros Vassaras, Kurt Zuppinger (SUI)


  1. greek referee9/12/13 15:22

    The best greek referee ever and at the moment one of the best instructors in Europe. It was not fair to leave Referee committee. KEEP WALKING KYRO

  2. Anonymous9/12/13 17:18

    And I hope that one year Collina,Batta and Dallas leave UEFA.

    1. Anonymous9/12/13 20:35

      For me it would be enough if just one of them would leave

    2. How can a person like Zuppinger/Switzerland, which is not a referee, appear on Commission of the referee?

    3. These functions were previously voluntary, Collina takes lots of money for it!

  3. Confirmation from UEFA that Vassaras is still there.

  4. Anonymus, Kurt Zuppinger was a referee in the 90's, so your information is wrong!!!

  5. Its all politics...

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