December 7, 2013

Kyros Vassaras to leave UEFA Referee Committee

It seems as if there has been a change in the constellation of UEFA's Referee Committee. Former EURO 2008 referee Kyros Vassaras of Greece is not appearing in the updated list of the committee's members of the 5th December 2013.

Having been specially responsible for youth tournaments, where he was frequently present as coordinator and observer, Vassaras seems to have quit the committee for so far unknown reasons. According to the document issued by Europe's football governing body, there is nobody replacing him. A statement by UEFA is awaited and will be communicated here as soon as issued.

UEFA Document


  1. Why this change? But I think that must leave UEFA is Marc Batta.

  2. Emil Archambault8/12/13 01:17

    Off-Topic: Hilario Grajeda had a very uneven game tonight in the final of the MLS Cup. He allowed lots of holding and rough tackles and, more worryingly, committed at least two major errors. There should have been a yellow card to Aurélien Collin in the 22nd minute, where Grajeda did not even call a foul (Collin would be booked at the 35th minute). At the 62nd second, on a well-positioned free kick, the AR raised his flag for offside, which was the correct call. Grajeda overruled him and allowed play to continue, SKC nearly scoring. At the 69th minute, Grajeda overruled the same AR on a foul.

    At the 101st minute, Grajeda waved away penalty appeals from Kansas City, in a debatable decision at best. In my opinion, there should have been a penalty, although it was a very hard decision.

    Overall, match control was ok, but not great. Grajeda whistles far too much, giving long repeated whistles instead of single whistles. His cards are still sloppy and nonchalant.

    By the way, the game was decided on the 10th round of shots from the penalty mark.

    1. Emil Archambault8/12/13 02:00

      Here is the video from the non-penalty decision:

      By the way, I'd like to have your thoughts on this one (Look at the defender in the middle of the penalty area):

    2. Emil Archambault8/12/13 02:13

      Sorry for the multiple posts. Here's the offside where Grajeda overruled his assistant. Watching the replay, I thought that maybe Grajeda decided that a goal kick was more beneficial than a free kick (you can see him raising his whistle just before the ball goes out). However, it is still a wrong decision as the offside player touched the ball and therefore a free kick must be awarded (unless Grajeda overrules his assistant). So:
      1- The decision to play on arrived extremely late
      2- An offside should have been signalled.
      3- If Grajeda's intention was to come back to the offside if a goal was scored, I cannot imagine how bad he would have looked.

    3. The decision with overruling the assistant is behind me, just unacceptable and not understandable call.

      The first rejected penalty appeal was fully correct. The attacker searched for the contact, he also deliberately put his leg before the opponent. The little push is not enough to whistle, imo. Great decision, as commentators said.

      The shoulder attack should've been whistled, but I understand why ref watched in the other direction. The target is clearly an opponent.

    4. Only on the overruled offside: where did he overrule him? In my opinion, he absolutely accepted the AR's flag and then made a quite strange gesture to make sure the audience and players would understand that the goal attempt is over due to this offside. I really see no overruling.

  3. So, sharing interesting videos, have your say about:

    Podbeskidzie - Legia (ref: Bartosz Frankowski)

    Jagiellonia - Wisła (ref: Krzysztof Jakubik)

    1. Emil Archambault8/12/13 22:11

      I'll jump!
      2-No foul (I can't see any)
      3-Correct decision to disallow the goal.

      2-Hard one! I'd go with a YC (red if DOGSO).
      3- Wow! YC to the defender who pulls the short. YC to the red player.

    2. Thanks :)

      2 - there is small pulling in the box, not in the play, the green player suggests he was fouled and hence unable to reach the ball

      2 - yeah, hard. Ref let play on, but it should've been a pen and red for DOGSO (unvisible whole view in the video) - reckless tackle
      3 - I would go with RC to the red player for violent conduct

  4. Anonymous8/12/13 21:35

    The Greek football federation had sent letter to UEFA calling for the ouster of Vassara. The accused turned against the prosecutor before submitting. For this reason and removed from all lists arbitration in Greece.

    1. What happened between Vassaras and the Greek football federation?

    2. The whole story is very big Chefren. This is the official view.

  5. Anonymous8/12/13 22:11

    The federation accuses him lodged against the controversy that has certain factors opposition, who accuse illegal establishment of lists of refereesin the summer of 2012. For this reason 13 months ago by Vassaras deposed by a member of the referees Committee of Greece and deleted from referee observer and trainer.

  6. Does anything get by you Niclas?


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