June 15, 2014

Did GoalControl really work in France - Honduras?

There is already a German winner at FIFA World Cup 2014 and that's Würselen's GoalControl Company that has developed the Goalline Technology for FIFA's Quality Programme. In today's World Cup match between France and Honduras, it has passed its first really tight test.

This incident surely feeds Mr Blatter with many arguments in favour of this quite expensive technology. But also Michel Platini will have arguments to contradict: assistant referee Marcelo Van Gasse had detected the goal himself by raising his flag, probably following his intuition - the ball crossed the goalline with his total surface with only a few centimetres.
A definitely entertaining and somehow redemptive moment in this interesting game: Almost 100% certainty - no discussions!

I thought so until the following replay at 00:14 reached us. The technology's tolerance range is 0,5cm. But this replay angle allows many doubts to arise.

I am confused. All I know is that I know nothing.

This replay again suggests it definitely worked well:

So: We have no replay with 100% certainty. Formerly we did not have assistant referees with human eyes that ensured 100% certainty either. Let's trust technology for this reason.


  1. Anonymous16/6/14 00:10

    I will stick my neck out here... As a referee, I don't think that is a goal. I know I'll get stick, I know that people will say it's eyesight verses technology... But 100% of the ball was not over the line. I strongly believe that.

  2. Anonymous16/6/14 01:07

    Hi what do you think about assistant referees in this world cup? Too many mistakes, there is certainly a problem, disallowing legal goals and making many mistakes.

    1. Yes, I agree. I think one of the best performances is Stefani's one in ESP-NED. Today Kocharov made a lot of mistakes. And it's a very big problem. Because Irmatov was very brilliant (2nd goal of Switzerland), whereas Rizzoli made one crucial mistake. But their AAs performances were the opposite....

    2. Anonymous16/6/14 02:15

      Also Songuifolo Yeo was superb in CHI-AUS

  3. this is interesting...

  4. Dark YC the one given to Spahic by Aguilar (63'). For the rest, not challenging match until now. Perhaps a wrong offside flag against Bosnia when the score was still 1-0 by AR1 but situation was really borderline.

    1. Agree, a very good match by Aguilar, although not very challenging. I personally like his approach to the game, easy way to communicate with players, very humble and friendly, but still respected.

  5. Wednesday
    Spain vs Chile: Mark Geiger (USA)

  6. Clear goal in my opinion. Second replay stops the frame after the goalkeeper pulls the ball a little to himself. I am amazed that this technology was very accurate at this particular moment.

  7. Anonymous16/6/14 07:17

    After a night of reflection, it is clear that Ricci had to cope with a very difficult match. Most decisions were correct, and I can accept his second YC. He did well to control the match overall. I still think that a straight red should have been produced for France. That is a crucial mistake for me. His body language was cool, a bit too cool sometimes perhaps, but maybe it helped him to control the match the way he did. Not entirely to my taste, but it is only taste. Foul detection good and got the major call (penalty) entirely correct. Helped or not by GLT - we can debate for ever but for me Ricci can only follow the technical advice he got from the system.

    I would mark him 7,9 (8,5 or 8,6 if he had produced the red card) in the end and I am sure that we will see team Ricci again soon in the world cup.

    /Swedish observer

    1. Anonymous16/6/14 07:20

      can you give your marks for other perf.??

    2. I agree with Swedish observer.

      Team Doue has been marked with 8.3 / 8.5 / 7.9 by Carlos, report will be up during lunch time, Geiger to follow after it.

    3. Maybe a interesting Point as the missed RC for Cahill seems to be treated as a crucial mistake: Cahill claims that the CHI left-back Mena kicked him and he reacted by pushing him away along with some verbal attacks. I haven't seen a replay of the scene yet, but while this does not question the RC for Cahill, maybe at least a card had to be issued for Mena too?

  8. My thoughts on yesterday's matches:
    Irmatov: Overall a decent performance (~ on Doue's level), without the offside decisions it would have been a good performance. BTW, Djourou's yellow card was quite close to DOGSO, wasn't it?
    Ricci: One of the best performances so far in a rather difficult match. I can accept his decisions regarding the cards. Penalty and second yellow correct. Only point of criticism is, that he had some trouble with match control in the first half, which maybe could have been avoided with an earlier first booking.
    Aguilar: Quite good performance, nearly faultess. Cards were perfectly chosen, I don't think, more bookings were necessary. Of course, not a difficult match, but IMO a performance on the same level as Ricci.

    All three referees seem ready for a challenging second match.

  9. My predictions for Wednesday's matches:
    AUS-NED: Bakary Gassama (Gambia)
    SPA-CHI: Djamel Haimoudi (Algeria)
    CAM-CRO: Nawaf Shukralla (Bahrain)

  10. Please have a comment on this scene from Switzerland-Ecuador:
    21:05 match minute in first half
    the free kick leading to 0-1 scored by Ecuador
    Irmatov uses the spray for the position of the ball, then Ecuador player takes the free kick from a totally different position... a player from Switzerland tries to inform the referee who anyway doesn't pay attention on that
    for me, it is not the best management, I think that the spray should be used only for walls and not for the ball... otherwise something like that can always happen, and then Ecuador scored....

    1. Well, it is 20cm, not a totally different position, I think. This cannot have changed the result of the free kick. And without the spray nobody would have noticed it at all. Therefore IMO it was OK to ignore it. But you are right, that it is an argument against the spray for marking the ball position.
      By the way, there was a very similar situation later in the game, where Irmatov reacted to the protests and explained the defender, that it would be alright, if the ball is no exactly in the right place.

  11. Mostly good Performances yesterday by Irmatov, Ricci and Aguilar.
    Irmatov: YC for Djourou o.k., placing of the ball before the ECU Goal o.k. (8.4 for him, minus points for the assistant)
    Ricci: 2 YC+penalty correct, but some issues with card selection (8.2, maybe less if you deem the Pogba scene as RC+ significant error)
    Aguilar: very good work, Mascherano YC missed, but this is more like a personal preference (8.4)

  12. Anonymous16/6/14 12:33

    Dear Friends,
    Please show me at least one frame that shows that ball crossed the line whit its whole circumferrence! It is not! So we believe now what machines will tell us even if we can see something else. Sad!

    1. https://twitter.com/sportingintel/status/478271742860091393/photo/1

    2. Anonymous16/6/14 21:53

      Still no answer to the question - which frame is right (photo is made from quite big angle).

    3. Suit yourself...

  13. Anonymous17/6/14 00:28

    GLT worked correctly!
    There is only one camera position which shows us that the ball was completely behind the line: https://scontent-a-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/q71/s720x720/10455361_514690731994007_482294418011044990_n.jpg



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