June 11, 2014

Injury makes South African Daniel Bennett miss Brazil

Bad tidings for FIFA Referee Daniel Frazer Bennett and FIFA's Refereeing Department headed by Massimo Busacca: The South African suffered an injury requiring 4 complete weeks of recovery during training sessions on 3 June 2014 and has already left Brazil.

Bennett was originally appointed as the head of one of two African support duos. His task would have been to frequently fulfill the duties of the fourth official in a number of matches. Kenyan Aden Marwa Range, with whom Bennett formed a support duo, will stay at the tournament and has already got his first appointment as standby assistant referee in Mexico - Cameroon. Along with Tahitian Norbert Hauata, whose teammate Mark Rule had to move into New Zealand's Peter O'Leary's trio because of an injury of latter's original AR2 Ravinesh Kumar of Fiji, Range will make up a new Tahitian-Kenyan support duo.

There will be no replacements, as FIFA believes they have sufficient cover.

All the best for Daniel Bennett!


  1. By the way: I assume the support duos will be the first to leave the World Cup after the preliminary round? Full referees will be moved to support duties and 1/3 assistants sent home? Or could you envision under-performing referees being sent home while support duos remain?

  2. Get well soon Bennett. Such a terrible time to pull out with an injury. Can hardly imagine how he is feeling.

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