June 19, 2014

World Cup 2014 - Referee Appointments - Matches 27-29

FIFA has selected Milorad Mažić, Sandro Ricci and Peter O'Leary to take charge of Matches 27-29. Bakary Gassama and Nawaf Shukralla thus stay without any match so far, two referees with a lot of potential. Massimo Busacca apparently has a different perception of referee appointment management.

GROUP F, Match 27
21 June 2014, 18:00 CET
Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte
Referee: Milorad MAŽIĆ (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan RISTIĆ (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Dalibor ĐURĐEVIĆ (SRB)
Fourth Official: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)
Standby Assistant Referee: Aden Marwa RANGE (KEN)
Blog Referee Observer: TBD

GROUP G, Match 29
21 June 2014, 21:00 CET
Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza
Referee: Sandro RICCI (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Emerson DE CARVALHO (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marcelo VAN GASSE (BRA)
Fourth Official: Víctor CARRILLO (PER)
Standby Assistant Referee: Rodney AQUINO (PAR)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)

GROUP F, Match 28
21 June 2014, 00:00 CET
Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba
Referee: Peter O'LEARY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Jan Hendrik HINTZ (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark RULE (NZL)
Fourth Official: Roberto MORENO (PAN)
Standby Assistant Referee: Eric BORIA (USA)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)


  1. Anonymous19/6/14 13:34

    Shame that O leary or Gassama didn't get the Arg-Iran match, This was a chance for one of those two refs and I would have liked to see one of those two there instead of a Mazic who had a mediocre first match IMO. Not bad, but also not that good. I think they should have kept him for a third round match.....

  2. Niclas,do you think that Mazic has chances for further appointment in case of good performance? Or this is his last match on WC whatever his performance will be?

    1. Anonymous19/6/14 13:58

      I think this will be his last match on WC. I think Nishimura,Rizzoli,Mazic and Roldán go home after the group stage.

  3. Well I expected Gassama for Argentina-Iran, now it becomes very difficult to read his situation. He will probably handle only one match.
    Considering that he should be out from matches with African national teams involved, and excluding some matches like Belgium-Russia or USA-Portugal, his only and possible appointment is just Spain-Australia...

  4. Anonymous19/6/14 14:07

    You must be from Portugal Anonymous, when you are saying that Mazic is going home after the group stage

    1. Anonymous19/6/14 17:43

      No, I'm Hungarian. A think Mazic is the weakest referee from Europe. I don't understand why there is in Brazil. Kassai is the biggest missing from Europe,becuse he was the referee of the year,but Mazic? I hope this will be the last match from Mazic in Brazil.

    2. Anonymous19/6/14 18:34

      Kassai the best in Europe? :) More like someone else's misfortune, but their happiness? Better you wondered why your "hero" of the last two seasons worst rated referee UCL and UEL with the biggest drop in form that and has not yet stopped. One question for all "Kassai's-fans"- What is important to Kassai judged before going to South Africa?

    3. Anonymous19/6/14 19:51

      He was the best referee in the world in 2010. And he was the referee in CL final in 2010 while Mazic didn't has CL match. I'm not Kassai fan,because he didn't has good matches in Hungary and Europe,but his assistant is worst,not Kassai

  5. I hope Shukralla gets NGA-BIH, he really deserves it for good performances in the WCQ. For GER-GHA I expect maybe Ricci.

  6. Let's take another look: first he whistles to Germany, then to Argentina, to "feel" them on the field. They are apparently winners of their own respective groups, and if so, they can meet only in final. And if you follow my thoughts... I'm kidding.

  7. Predictions for Sunday matches:
    USA - POR Shukralla
    KOR - ALG Eriksson
    BEL - RUS Rizzoli

    1. I agree with the other two but don't think Shukrulla will get USA-POR as this match will likely decide who takes 2nd place in Group G and could be very difficult. If I had to guess, I think FIFA will appoint another "trusted" UEFA official to oversee this game or possibly Irmatov.

    2. Anonymous19/6/14 23:53

      Yeah, I'd go with Irmatov for this match. It will be really tense in Manaus.

    3. yankee, sine I couldn't reply to your comment in the due post, I've got to say that you misunderstood my "It's confirmed". When I said "It's confirmed", I was stressing that you didn't get at what I stated and I was confirming you seem unable to do so. Or you din't want to. I was not confirming the headbutt at all as I don't deem that a headbutt (it was only a slight touch).

      To make a long story short, I think we just have to agree to disagree.

  8. Well I was right with Ricci, but I did not expect that O'Leary gets a group deciding match. He's too inexperienced for that IMHO.

  9. BTW: I see Rizolli's mark was changed from 7.8 to 7.4. Is there some sort of timeline in which the reports/marks can change after they have been published?

    1. Rizzoli's and Brych's cases won't be the habit, don't worry. We just did not manage to have a group discussion about them and thus the changed marks came with delay. But the reports are not the only core, I like the discussions we have in comments even more. And the marks should not be in the foreground, but our written observations.

    2. Of course,I was just curious about that. :)

  10. Anonymous19/6/14 14:57

    mazic again ? come on, you can not be serious (like John McEnroe)

  11. Anonymous19/6/14 15:10

    i thought mazic had a par performance in the Germany Portugal game. spotted the red card well than others such as brych (Caraces) and ricci (where both pogba and palacious should of been sent off rather than yellows.

  12. Anonymous19/6/14 16:04

    I think that Mazic is crucified like Cakir was in Man Utd game. He faced a taugh decision, unpopular in commercialized modern football. We mustn t forget that referee job is to make hard unpopular decisions, like Mazic did. And it s hard to referee to portuguese players who dont have sport manners

    1. Anonymous19/6/14 16:14

      mazic made a clear pro-german match, that's my opinion, he didn''t respect the portuguese team.
      Greetings from France

    2. Anonymous19/6/14 17:10

      Are you from France follow anyone? How did you come to the World Cup? "Pro-German"? When you are constantly aware of "push" (Hansson and Skomina) you always find some excuse. And when someone shows courage and boldness, applied LOTG and strictly follow the instructions FIFA then he "Pro-German."
      Regards from Germany

    3. Anonymous19/6/14 19:36

      Mazic has had the most biased performance (clearly pro-German as it's been said) so far! Can't really comprehend how he gets to referee Argentina. Better said, I can imagine.

    4. Don't go into that match once again...4-0, it is played, Mazic got his report, a 2nd game and this says something.

    5. Anonymous19/6/14 23:57

      Don't take the 4-0 argument...it says nothing! Then. the entire world saw what happened...and it was nothing good for Portugal and for football as sports as well.

    6. Anonymous20/6/14 00:30

      I think Portuguese people have grounds to wax wroth at Mazic, who made a very bad performance and really hurt them. But guys, it's gone. Probably he won't handle a Portugal's match anymore. Try to focus on your next match v USA. Moreover, reckon this will be Mazic's last match at this WC. By the way, he shouldn't have been given it.

      Taylor S

    7. Anonymous20/6/14 01:22

      @Taylor S You "amazing"- let's get home all referees- Nishimura, Brych, Rizzoli, Proenca, Webb, Carballo, Roldan, and referee from Algeria- they all have made "crucial" mistakes and they will make them!

    8. Anonymous21/6/14 01:09

      What I find "amazing" is that you are not able to understand Mazic did not commit only one "crucial mistake". It was a myriad of them. Very very bad performance. Not even Nishimura performed that bad. And to tell the truth, after the 1st match, I thought it would be difficult for an official to get worse but Mazic bottomed out.

  13. Let`s try to judge by serious analysis, not by emotions and prejudices, and if we do so, we recognize that Mazic did some mistakes in a very difficult match, in my view Pepe should see 2 times yellow in a row ` yellowred - first for the foul second for the unfair provocation (FIFA seems to see that the same way, otherwise he would heve been disqualified not only for 1 match),. missed one important and clear "dark" YC against Coentrao - and touched the players too often - but that is it. Not so bad!

  14. pred.: SKO-BEL Doue, ALG-RUS Vera,
    KAM-BRA Rizzoli or Brych, KRO-MEX Irmatov,
    JPN-KOL Gassama, GRI-ELF Shukrallah,
    ITA-URU Rodriguez, CORI-ENG Pitana

  15. Anonymous19/6/14 20:39

    Please, dear fans-anonymous, and even more passionate more to stop referring to the victory of Germany "merit" Mažić. Germany's victory is a victory of superior play, tactics, and collective of a powerful Germany team, which until now, IMO, has left the strongest impression. The trial of Milorad Mažić? He tried what he saw- penalty kick existed, it was Pepe's sent off (instructions Busaca's and FIFA's are clear), and all other decisions are a category of "yes and no". I think most agree that there has not been a referee who did not have the space to do something to correct- points to improve. Why is Argentina vs. Iran "weak" game? I think that Australia is ranked as the worst team (FIFA rang-list) struggled superior Holland team. In the World Cup there are no easy matches!
    Mirza, B&H
    Best regards!

    1. Anonymous19/6/14 22:49

      We don't want to resume the discussion about that referee. He performed so badly that it's not worth rubbing it in. It's over. We have quite different views on that referee's work! One thing is for sure - he's gonna have to prepare himself very well to officiate a Portugal's match in the future.

    2. Anonymous19/6/14 23:22

      Why a potential threat, see and "curse" his children on social networks? Portugal destroyed Mažić, or your desperate game and your opponent, who was defeated in all fields and narcissistic individuals like Ronaldo and Pepe, who seems to have everything except that little eye on the behavior and restrain emotion?! So it was with Anders Frisk- but Milorad Mažić is from Serbia and every el clasico between Crvena Zvezda vs. Partizan fight the "life and death" (and he had judged eight in his career) carries with it some kind of pressure you like Portuguese, or anyone you are not even able to understand if you are not from the Balkans. If I were in your shoes after a humiliating 4-0 I should not take this. But, one note- Serb didn't intend to harm Portugal, nor did it.

    3. Anonymous20/6/14 00:24

      Didn't he harm Portugal?? It didn't in your opinion! I won't discuss it again. The Portuguese coach was very clear in the post-match press conference and now Mazic is really a referee Portugal justly have a deep mistrust of! I don't care about the matches he takes in Serbia. He was given the honour to take control of a POR-GER and he didn't rise to the occasion, tilting the balance in favour of Germany. Nobody will mask Mazic's biased work. The issue has been mentioned in Portugal's press conferences many a time, which is quite a sign of the anger the Portuguese staff feels over Mazic's performance.

    4. Anonymous20/6/14 01:09

      I also do not care attitude to one side, and public opinion in Portugal, but the opinion of neutral experts in the field, objective opinion of the media and the vast majority say you deserved better than defeat, it was fine referee's errors that did not affect the result, all crucial decisions were correct. My recommendation is to improve the atmosphere in the team, to focus on the future and that I'll see it, the players teams of Germany and England, which are real and win, just as in defeat. Niclas is right- you have the report, you get four goals (could have more), don't look for the culprit to referee, but, be a gentleman and go by themselves and their desperate game. Spain is out, England recently, and life goes on. Today all plays a football, but everyone seems to be not realistic. Because if you think Bento something say, whether Bento smarter than the entire foottball-world?! Again, make like the Germans and the English! I'm afraid, if you keep playing like they did against Germany that you will experience the fate of the Spanish!
      Regards from B&H!

    5. Anonymous20/6/14 01:21

      Don't worry about Portugal! It was 4-0 but it got much much easier for Germay from the moment Portugal became a 10-man team! As I've told you, I'll not look into Mazic's errors again. They are pretty clear and the whole world saw them.
      What neutral experts are you referring to? LOL
      I've already said it all.

    6. Anonymous20/6/14 01:33

      Mazic mistakes were only in your mind. His match was excellent and he is now appointed again. Pleae, be objective, after having lost 4-0, what do you want from the referee?

    7. Anonymous20/6/14 01:34

      Germans are winning with nine players (and other representations) and have never so much "weeping" or acted like a spoiled representatives of Portugal. All I can do is the opinion of one Urs Meier, Graham Poll, all the media in Britain (Guardian, etc), my country, Croatia (which was also damaged). Let's go home and Proenca, Brych, Nishimura, Rizzoli, Webb, Haimoudi, Carballo-they are all over me were wrong. Is that realistic?

    8. Anonymous20/6/14 16:12

      Mistakes were not only in my mind. Again, ask the Portuguese staff and everyone who criticized Mazic's performance here. We all know a 4-0 result isn't always convincing. There are some moments in a match that determine the way things develop. I'm not saying Portugal lost against Germany because of Mazic. But the referee played a part in it with his pro-German work. That's the point.

  16. Dear friends and colleagues, we should stop this stupid discussion here, it leeds nowhere. Like after South Korea had eliminated Italy in 2006, you always have some supporters trying to set tales in the world instead of just accepting that the wrong behaviour of their beloved heroes got punished by a referee just judging what happened as correct as he could and - in this case - def. favoured Portugal by his mistakes and not Germany. Be happy that Pepe can come back for the 3rd match and tell all young players NEVER to behave in the way he did
    and, by the way, FIFA will not appoint Mazic for a game of Portugal again the next time, cause too many emotions in the air.
    It is really said, that good sportmanship seems to be some exotic disease, when fans can`t remember that we are still talking about a game and that they should meet with reality again: Pepe got, what he heavily asked for, his behaviour was totally unfair, not at all acceptable - and he should explain the players in the portugese TV why it was right to send him off. Cause he is definitely not as silly as he behaved!
    By the way, the Team Portugal should concentrate on the remaining matches and I aaaam sure, they do, while you are here repeating the tales bout the past.

  17. # Andrasch Neunert - Thank you. Finally somebody said the RIGHT thing. Pepe is guilty because of HIS stupid act. Pepe put referee Mazic in a very difficult position: to send him off (what he did) or to risk to lose control over the mach. That was a red card, because that was not the way how professional player should behave at the field. Kids are watching this game too.

    1. Anonymous20/6/14 16:32

      At least you made me laugh. A slight touch is a headbutt?? LOL

  18. Michael Kempter20/6/14 05:01

    Is this Sandro Ricci really the best brazilian referee? I think his perfomance with the wrong second yellow card for Wilson Palcios (Honduras) was a big shame and mistake. and his additional time with only 3 minutes in the first half was a joke. he should give 5 or 6 minutes.

    by the way: I hate Massimo Busacca!

    1. Anonymous20/6/14 13:05

      Are you real Michael Kempter?

  19. Wow, the Portuguese still can't accept they played poorly (to put it kindly), so the referee is clearly to blame... because the Paulo Bento, the coach says so! Yes, it must be true because coaches never blame the referee for losing a game (/sarcasm)

    The fact that Bento thinks Pepe didn't deserve to be sent off says all one needs to know when weighing the validity of his opinions... straight to the bin!

    1. Anonymous20/6/14 16:36

      Well, at least you made me laugh! By the way, your comment really deserves to go.... straight to the bin!

  20. Milorad Mažić is surely neither capable nor quakified to be a referree. He takes sides. He accepts bribery and involves personal biasis in his judgements.


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