June 24, 2014

World Cup 2014 - Referee Appointments - Matches 45-48

Massimo Busacca and his team have thrown their cubes again: With much delay they have announced the referee appointments for the Group G and H deciders. Ravshan Irmatov and Nawaf Shukralla will attend the open Group G matches, while Benjamin Williams and Cüneyt Çakir have been chosen for Group H. Thus, Bakary Gassama, Peter O'Leary, Yuichi Nishimura and Howard Webb stay with only 1 group stage match. 

GROUP G, Match 45
26 June 2014, 18:00 CET
Arena Pernambuco, Recife
Referee: Ravshan IRMATOV (UZB)
Assistant Referee 1: Abduxamidullo RASULOV (UZB)
Assistant Referee 2: Bakhadyr KOCHKAROV (KGZ)
Fourth Official: ALIOUM (CMR)
Standby Assistant Referee: Djibril CAMARA (SEN)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)

GROUP G, Match 46
26 June 2014, 18:00 CET
Estadio Nacional, Brasilia
Referee: Nawaf SHUKRALLA (BHR)
Assistant Referee 1: Yaser TULERAT (BHR)
Assistant Referee 2: Ebrahim SALEH (BHR)
Fourth Official: Wilmar ROLDÁN (COL)
Standby Assistant Referee: Humberto CLAVIJO (COL)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

GROUP H, Match 47
26 June 2014, 22:00 CET
Arena de São Paulo, São Paulo
Referee: Benjamin WILLIAMS (AUS)
Assistant Referee 1: Matthew CREAM (AUS)
Assistant Referee 2: Hakan ANAZ (AUS)
Fourth Official: Víctor CARRILLO (PER)
Standby Assistant Referee: Rodney AQUINO (PAR)
Blog Referee Observer: Nurudin (ENG)

GROUP H, Match 48
26 June 2014, 22:00 CET
Arena de Baixada, Curitiba
Referee: Cüneyt ÇAKIR (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin DURAN (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik ONGUN (TUR)
Fourth Official: Joel AGUILAR (SLV)
Standby Assistant Referee: William TORRES MEJIA (SLV)
Blog Referee Observer: Marcel (NED)


  1. Really?! Enough those jokes, pls...

  2. Obviously Busacca had the same problems making the appointments for MD 3 like anyone who tried it himself. Now he has to do strange things.
    Do they know, that Australiais AFC member? Shukralla in AUS-SPA and Williams now are the only exceptions from confed neutrality without UEFA referees
    Does Irmatov get this match only because he can stay in Recife? Is this a good-bye present for him or do they want to bring him on a new record?
    Group H appointments are more sensible. Williams deserved a second match and Cakir needs a test before the knockout stage.
    Nishimura and O'Leary are probably out now, Webb maybe is planned for a R16 match at the weekend and then a QF or SF. And I hope, it is the same for Gassama...

  3. Nishimura, Osses, Roldan, O'Leary and Mazic are clearly departing from Brazil!

  4. Btw. Humberto Clavijo is the standby AR in POR-GHA. He was not sent home contrary to many false media reports.

  5. Nishimura was the only ref (with crucial mistakes) without a second chance ..

    1. also webb, but referee in the second round.
      brazil- chile??

    2. His problem was that his mistake was the first news in a lot of newspapers. I don't understand Irmatov, probably Busacca considers the handball very difficult to see. I think this could be Williams and Shukralla's last matches, whereas Gassama will be probably the referee in the round of 16 (MEX-NED?). Webb for BRA-CHI. Kuipers for 1/8. If FIFA would save Irmatov, he could be the referee in 1/4. And also Cakir's appointment would mean that.

  6. Ha. Now we know. It really is a - lottery.

  7. Not underastimating Shukralla but if he got second match, now I am sure Gassama will get a knockout faze match. Webb is also sure for knock out. IMO knock out:
    UEFA: Kuipers, Çakir, Proenca, Rizzoli, Webb, Eriksson
    AFC: Irmatov
    CAF: Haimoudi, Gassama
    CONCACAF: Geiger, Aguilar
    CONMEBOL: Ricci, Vera, Pitana
    Velasco, Doue, Shukralla, Rodriguez could be kept as fourth officials.
    P.S. i was right when I said FIFA will protect Irmatov on his not penalty call.
    Very sorry for Nishimura, great referee punished for one mistake.

    1. I agree. I think FIFA could not send home Irmatov, he's one of the most reliable not UEFA/CONMEBOL referee. There is a more general problem, regarding the rule for referee's choice. Why not Clattenburg, Kassai, Rocchi, Skomina? FIFA's credibility was very low. It seems that for FIFA the geopolitical standards are more important than the cleverness. So that remembers 2002WC: AR Moreno, AAs Tomusange and Ragoonath (for example) made crucial mistakes. That doesn't teach anything and this is a pity. Another problem, where's Webb? But for example Roldan made two matches. The real problem is that outside UEFA, there are few reliable referees: Ricci and Pitana (but their national teams will stop them, probably), Geiger and Irmatov (he's not the referee of 2010 ok, but he's one of the fitter. And in Brasil it's important).

  8. Is Humberto Clavijo od Diaz the standby AR?

  9. My predictions for Saturday:
    BRA-CHI: Webb
    COL-URU: Aguilar
    For Sunday, I wait for tonight's performances, because I have Pitana and Doue on my shortlist.

    1. I'd go for:

      BRA - CHI: WEBB

    2. NED-MEX: Osses or Brych
      CRC-GRE: Doue or Gassama

  10. IMHO:
    BRA-CHI: UEFA referee, Proenca or Webb
    COL-URU: I think it could be a difficult match to referee. So I see Kuipers or Eriksson, but I think Busacca will choice the experience of Kuipers.
    NED-MEX: It seems not very difficult, so Gassama, Doue or Ricci
    CRC-GRE: Probably like NED-MEX, the Confederations are the same.

  11. BRA-CHI: Kuipers
    COL-URU: Eriksson
    NED-MEX: Ricci
    CRC-GRE: Gassama

  12. My predictions:

    BRA-CHI: Eriksson
    COL-URU: Kuipers
    NED-MEX: Ricci
    CRC-GRE: Osses

  13. The most obvious prediction for semifinals would suggest that the four team will be Brazil, Germany or France, Netherlands and Argentina. In this case, the final's referee (chosen before the semifinals, I think) will not be Kuipers, Pitana or Ricci. So, in this case, FIFA probably will choice between Cakir, Proenca and Irmatov (appreciated in FIFA although his mistakes), with Geiger as outsider. I also think the experience will be a decisive parameter: as regards international matches, Irmatov referees them 111 times, Proenca 84, Cakir 74, Geiger 32. What do you think?

  14. Brazil vs. Chile:

    Referee: Howard WEBB (ENG)
    Assistant Referee 1: Michael MULLARKEY (ENG)
    Assistant Referee 2: Darren CANN (ENG)
    Fourth Official: Felix BRYCH (GER)

    Columbia vs. Uruguay:

    Referee: Bjorn KUIPERS (NED)
    Assistant Referee 1: Sander VAN ROEKEL (NED)
    Assistant Referee 2: Erwin ZEINSTRA (NED)
    Fourth Official: Svein Oddvar MOEN (NOR)


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