July 29, 2014

Javier Estrada Fernández appointed for U-19 EURO 2014 Final

Spanish referee Javier Estrada Fernández has been selected by UEFA  to handle the final of the 2014 U19 Euro Tournament in Hungary, to be played between Portugal and Germany. He will be assisted  by Darren England (ENG) and Evgeni Belski (KAZ). Albanian Enea Jorgji will take the duties of fourth official.

A referee in Spanish Primera División since 2009 and FIFA listed since 2013, Estrada Fernández attended in Hungary his first important tournament at UEFA level.  He officiated two matches in group stage, then working as fourth official in one semifinal.
With regard to the rest of the appointment, it will be the first time ever in a final of a UEFA tournament for a official from Kazakhstan. Evgeni Belski will have the honor to represent his country. The performance of the whole trio will be assessed by Jozef Marko, member of UEFA Referees Committee.

31/07/2014, 19:00 CET, Budapest
Portugal - Germany (Final)
Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández (ESP)
Assistant referee 1: Darren England (ENG)
Assistant referee 2: Evgeni Belski (KAZ)
Fourth official: Enea Jorgj (ALB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Matthias Voigt (LIE)
Blog Observer: Chefren (ITA)


  1. I would prefer the appointment to be the other way around.

    Good luck to the whole team.

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      (dsǝ) zǝpuɐuɹǝɟ ɐpɐɹʇsǝ ɹǝıʌɐظ :ǝǝɹǝɟǝɹ

    2. Your sense for humour is really amazing.

    3. Btw Congrats to all appointed officials.

      It is obvious that UEFA is desperately looking for alternatives from Spain. Undiano and Velasco are basically finished, there is little space to develop for both. Fernández' promotion is still a bit odd with hindsight given the performances he partly showed and the circumstance that he only got 1 KO match after it. Mateu Lahoz obviously disappointed but has charisma and shows empathy for the game, so I think UEFA won't give him up. Estrada, being born in 1976, could be a candidate for a fast-track promotion before or after EURO 2016; otherwise I cannot explain this U19 assignment and his observers in the past and coming games (next week: Trnava-St Johnstone with Horst Brummeier). Jozef Marko will observe Estrada on Thursday and a few days later Jesus Gil Manzano in Odessa in UEL. So there seems to be a testing phase for Spanish Cat 1 / 2 officials (btw Gil Manzano is the only referee with a committee member next week).

    4. If your theory is correct Niklas (and I believe that it is) I find it weird for UEFA to seek a promotion for Estrada. He is basically 38 which means that if he will be promoted now, the next possible promotion to Elite will come at the age of 40 years old. Sounds like a little like Borbalan's case.

      On the other hand Manzano is 30. So there is plenty of time to prepare him for Elite.

    5. Hi everybody, now I am back here (after WC regulations - with profile only).

      The other name besides Estrada is Del Cerro Grande (oberserver and mentor Frank De Bleeckere / other important observers, I think). Of course, Marko is a big name (ref. commssion) for Gil Manzano (who should be the future name) but Marko (SVK) can easily observe him in Trnava (Slovakia).

    6. Gil and Marko are in Odessa, not in Trnava :)

      Well absolutely, it would be strange. The next season will show what UEFA plans to do with Fernández Borbalán and this could be decisive.

    7. Mixed the names, sorry. Than, the name of Marko is a big surprise. Other observations that are remarkable: Ante Vucemilovic (Zuev), Kenn Hansen (Vassaras), maybe Boiko (Sarvan). What's about Makkelie (Kos)? Do you know the observers for the second games (e.g. Zwayer and other future / talent group referees)?

      The promotion of Fernandez Borbalan I could not understand ab initio, by the way. Than, a promotion of Gräfe would have been indicated as well.

      There will be many changes in Elite and First Group for/in 2015 (Webb, Eriksson, Proenca? / Benquerenca, Lannoy, Stark / Atkinson, Tagliavento, Thomson, Undiano, Velasco, Borbalan / Rizzoli, Rocchi? / resp. Bebek, Karasev, Aytekin / Gräfe, Hategan, Jug, Mateu Lahoz, Marciniak, Turpin, Orsato?), I suppose. And the spanish names, we discuss here...?
      Do you have new info about the categories? We all are in exciting tension;)

    8. No changes in the categories so far. No update. I hope on 1 August they will do so.

      Zwayer will be observed by Vasily Melnychuk of the Ukraine. I could however guess that, as the match is played in Istanbul and the opposite team is from the Netherlands, Jaap Uilenberg maybe sits in the stadium considering he is an instructor of the TFF. But that is only a presumption.

      Nice that you are back with a profile btw :)

  2. The only viable candidate for being Spain's no 1 internationally is Mateu Lahoz in my opinion. His personality and match control is outstanding. He is not the most faultless referee, but his style and personality is one of the best in the world. I have difficulty naming a referee that is better in this aspect, which in my opinion is the most crucial skill for a referee to possess.

    Not to mention that Mateu Lahoz draws very little controversy. He has received a lot of praise in the media, probably he has been praised more than he has been criticised. Even Jose Mourinho has been vocal in his "love affair" with him, and I can't think of another referee he has ever praised this way...

    Maybe it's that he's not "Spanish" enough for UEFA and FIFA...? (good foul detection, strict LOTG application, but lacking in personality)

    1. The problem is that your last sentence does not account for his UEFA matches. In his UCL matches, he had a very good personality, calm and empathic approach, but was not strict enough and committed a lot of crucial mistakes.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24ObLMjmthc
    Some interesting situations from Slovan Bratislava - Sheriff today in CL.
    Referee: Studer(SUI)
    00:05 penalty for handball and YC
    01:20 penalty and RC for DOGSO
    Both decisions are in my opinion absolutely correct, even thought quite blatant and not that difficult to detect.

    Now looking for the penalty given by Marciniak in Debrecen - BATE, it seems more difficult to find.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lixOuu4Kwiw
      Absolutely correct decision. Well done, no card it's still ok.

    2. All 3 decisions are absolutely correct and very clear. Well done.

  4. Hugh Dallas is the new Head of Refereeing in Greece. He will be in charge of the appointments and selection of referees in both Superleague and Football League.

  5. Overall a good performance shown by Estrada and his team. The first YC was given quite late and was already orange: high studs-up foul by German Kempf (73'), who was very fortunate to stay on the pitch after a reckless tackle in 79' - AR2 flagged with much agitation and intensity so that I guess he advised Estrada to send him off with the 2nd YC, but the Spaniard did not do so. In 80'/81' he missed one further YC against Balde. For me 7.9 (8.3/8.4).


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