July 27, 2014

Kevin Clancy and István Kovács in charge of U-19 EURO 2014 semifinals

UEFA has appointed Scottish referee Kevin Clancy to handle the semifinal between Germany and Austria, while the Romanian István Kovács has been assigned to Portugal - Serbia. 

28/07/2014, 18:00 CET, Budapest
Germany - Austria (Semifinal)
Referee: Kevin Clancy (SCO)
Assistant referee 1: Darren England (ENG)
Assistant referee 2: Evgeni Belski (KAZ)
Fourth official: Javier Estrada (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Nikolay Levnikov (RUS)
UEFA Delegate: Maurizio Montironi (SMR)

28/07/2014, 21:00 CET, Felcsut
Portugal - Serbia (Semifinal)
Referee: István Kovács (ROU)
Assistant referee 1: Henrik Larsen (DEN) 
Assistant referee 2: Laurent Conotte (BEL)
Fourth official: Enea Jorgji (ALB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Matthias Voigt (LIE)


  1. As used in these tournaments the referee should be one between Jorgji and Estrada (appointed as fourth officials in the semifinals), I guess the latter.

    1. At UEFA Women's U-19 European Championship the referee of the final is Zuzana Kovacova from Slovakia who handled a semi. Fourth officials in semis were Pustovoytova and Radzik-Johan. Fourth official in the final is Marija Kurtes from Germany. Strange.

  2. I hope for Hansen in the final. Would be amazing.

    1. Hansen must be already home. Only 4 referees + 4 assistants are retained.

  3. Where are the Hungarian fourth officials? Bognár and Fábián? Bognár has a Hungarian I.Division match today and Fábián as an addittional referee.

    1. Fourth officials from the hosting nation are staying for the group stage only. Fabian missed MD3 due to a UEL assignment.

  4. OT: Alan Kelly is no longer listed as MLS PRO's "Assistant training manager" anymore and is now on the roster as a 'normal' referee (http://www.proreferees.com/roster-alan-kelly.php). He has been refereeing regularly in MLS and NASL as referee and fourth official, with mixed results. He started his MLS career in the first two weeks as a replacement referee, during the referee lock-out, and kept on refereeing afterwards.

    Three things stand out:
    1) Starting one's career by replacing the referees he was supposed to coach while they are striking is not an ideal way to gain respect.
    2) It seems that this might be what Alan Kelly intended all along, and that he may intend to compete with Mark Geiger and others for the 2018 World Cup: http://www.eveningecho.ie/2013/12/20/kelly-aiming-world-cup-spot/
    3) His level of refereeing, overall, was not stronger than that of American and Canadian officials.

  5. Anyone here who wants to analyse some situations from the Norwegian Premier Division? Excuse the poor quality of the videos, I'll try to find a way or a program that is better..

    Challenging match for Omar Rafiq.

    1: https://www.youtu.be/YQZk-h1TgI4
    2: http://youtu.be/WnnJx-w52c8
    3: http://youtu.be/xUSS9peprc8
    4: http://youtu.be/OgszCHUyI2o
    5: http://youtu.be/8-Qh-VQ6JE4
    6: http://youtu.be/bvxsvCo7Hrc

    And finally, a little "extra" clip that shows a good way to handle such a situation :)


    1. 1) Very nice advantage. Wait-and-see technique used.
      2) Yellow card.
      3) No penalty. Totally undeliberate handball.
      4) Excellent no-flag. Even if there was an offside position, defender annulled it by deliberate play. I can't see a foul then. In dubio pro ref.
      5) I would go with yellow card here. Maybe the ball direction was to an opponent, but taking into account a style of the foul and dynamic of the action, it should've been punished.
      6) Very difficult. I think both penalty and play on would be acceptable. Strictly interpreting this situation, it was rather ball and legs at the same time, so a penalty.

      This tactic was used at WC 2014. Very nice.

    2. 1) Good advantage, perhaps just a bit late in making the gesture.
      2) Yellow card was mandatory.
      3) Absolutely unintentional handball, after a rebound on the body.
      4) As Hubert wrote, good NO FLAG, and then I agree, I don't see a foul. So ok decision to play on. Quite difficult situation to read, anyway.
      5) Mandatory YC is missing.
      6) I evaluate this tackle as very risky but still fair on the ball. So I can accept referee decision.

      Very nice :) excellent..

  6. And two awarded penalties, plus one penalty appeal from Bodø/Glimt-Sarpsborg 08. Referee is Kristoffer Helgerud.


    1. All three decisions are correct, however it's at least yellow card at the first pen. Very reckless tackle, borderline to using excessive force.

    2. Both penalties given are correct decisions.
      The penalty appeal was well solved, too. The contact was not punishable in my opinion.
      Perhaps a card is missing, but very good in crucial situations.

  7. Hello I have noticed at 2014 World Cup the referees do something after counting out 10 yards for ceremonial free kicks. They lift up their arm in front of their face and say something? What is the purpose of this? Does it have something to do with handball?

    1. Yes, they remind the player that their hands must remain static and close to the body. Just a final reminder, so that they can pull a "I told you so" five seconds later.

  8. One more clip from the Norwegian Premier League and a chance to see Martin Ødegaard, 15 years old and dubbed the "Norwegian Messi" in action.

    Match is Sandnes Ulf-Strømsgodset, referee is Trond Ivar Døvle.



    1. Perfect call. I was nearly sure that there was an infringement, then I had strong doubts seeing close replays, but finally I caught this: http://i.snag.gy/OkVfS.jpg

    2. Yes I agree with Hubert 100%. The infringment is difficult to detect but the frame posted solves our doubts.
      So, excellent decision to give at first an advantage, and then punishing the foul inside the box. I think that the YC given is shown for the previous foul? Referee anyway might have booked both players at the same time.
      Very good reading!

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUaK48HhNiw What do you think ? from 02:18

    1. I don't see a DOGSO here, there was another defender...

    2. One can argue that taking into account the high speed of attacker, a defender would have had no chances to succesfully fight for the ball. Nonetheless, more yellow than red for me.

  10. Thank you for your insight! Fantastic to have interest in Norwegian refereeing. These clips were handled by our Non-FIFA refs, who are of very high quality. I would say that as good as all referees in the Norwegian Premier League are at a very good European level, and would be able to handle most qualifiers and even EL group stage matches with little difficulty (maybe 1 or 2 exceptions)

    I will try to upload some clips from the Norwegian 1st and 2nd division as well, where the level of refereeing is unfortunately quite significantly lower. However, there are some quite interesting styles and personalities there that I would love to show.


    I'll do my very best to make clips og all these referees.

    Would you like me to focus on the FIFA refs, or the lesser-known non-FIFA ones?

    1. No problem! I don't care who has a FIFA badge or not. If the situation is interesting enough, don't hesitate and post it pls :)

      I always liked Espen Bertsen in UEFA competitions. From the other side, I had a chance to see Ken Henry Johnsen in Poland - San Marino and it was unfortunately a very poor performance. :)

    2. Berntsen is a very good referee, however he seems to have had a little drop in concentration and he seems sometimes unmotivated on the pitch after his mandatory international retirement a couple of years ago, but this is somewhat understandable.

      Johnsen is a referee I like, I will try to post some videos of him soon :)

  11. Hope I'm not posting too quickly for you guys!

    This is a 1st division match and the referee is Kjetil Hansen.

    1: http://youtu.be/YwG3pWKPxUw - Is this an illegal blocking action?
    2: http://youtu.be/7VXlJrEorQo - Same player - two fouls and one possible dissent?
    3: http://youtu.be/dJHw8lyphQ0 - Penalty or not?

    1. 1) It seems so. It's always a safer option to whistle it.
      2) Correct YC for SPA, correct no card in second situation - there was a dangerous play, but realy nothing more. Behaviour of the player is still acceptable.
      3) Soft, but acceptable one. No mistake for sure.

  12. Clancy with a really good performance.

  13. Another day, more interesting clips!

    This is a 1st division match between Sandefjord and Ham Kam. The referee is Mads Ahlsen, one of the best and most consistent in the league.

    1: http://youtu.be/2uMDIFuz6kU (Evaluation of holding)
    2: http://youtu.be/2uMDIFuz6kU (Foul detection + dissent)

    And this is another 1st division match, this time between Nest Sotra and Hønefoss. The referee is Sigurd Kringstad, one of the more talented referees in the division.

    1: http://youtu.be/-WWXJH4KDp0 (foul detection + whistling at the right moment)
    2: http://youtu.be/LkN3W2pXHwA (penalty appeal, barge/push)
    3: http://youtu.be/F4GatoOtpOI (penalty appeal, handball)
    4: http://youtu.be/WPOVmzpSGoQ (awarded penalty + DOGSO?)

    1. Correction: Ahlsen clip 2 is found here: http://youtu.be/dRHHE_O_8_I

    2. I can't see fouls in Ahlsen's situations. Obvious card for unsporting behaviour.

      1) private video
      2) penalty could've been given, but many refs keep eyes closed for such kind of fouls inside the penalty area
      3) there are arguments pro and against whistle: if the player wants to block a shot, it's a penalty, if he only fights for the ball (very incompetently) - play on
      4) DOGSO: http://i.snag.gy/PvPdU.jpg

    3. I agree with Hubert on Ahlsen's situations.
      2) I don't think the push is strong enough. The attacker does not go up with full determination and a clear push with both hands into the back is not visible. I agree with the referee.
      3) Ball -> hand, a player-typical / natural hand position and small distance, therefore good call.
      4) SPA. If the foul had not happened the ball would have been very close to the goalline with an angle rather towards the corner flag than towards the goal. That's why the screenshot is very helpful for the position of the player and ball, but it does not tell us anything about other considerations the referee must make in the DOGSO evaluation process (speed, likelihood of controlling it and so on). I would not go so far to call a red card a clear mistake but my choice is a YC.

      We are going to install a separate site for video clip discussions during the next days and would ask you to continue posting these situations on that site then.

  14. Missed the part that shows the yellow card in Ahlsen's first clip.

    The Kringstad clip has now been made public.

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