August 6, 2014

No UEFA Referee Category Changes for Summer 2014

Upon request, UEFA's media department and further sources have confirmed that there will not be any changes in the UEFA referee categories this summer except the removal of Russian officials Maksim Layushkin and Vladimir Kazmenko, who were suspended by the Russian FA's referee department some months ago. 

4 of them have become mentors for UEFA & 1 even made it to Brazil - unfortunately
The first half-year period without any changes for years is maybe caused by the World Cup and the enduring incertainty whether Jonas Eriksson, Pedro Proença and Howard Webb will finish their international careers or not.

In the context of UEFA's First Group, the following referees will be closely monitored during the next months and must be considered as strong candidates for a promotion to the Elite Group and, as a logical consequence, for EURO 2016.

Talent Program:

Ivan Bebek (Croatia) - mentor: Bertrand Layec (France)
Ovidiu Alin Hategan (Romania) - mentor: Vítor Melo Pereira (Portugal)
Matej Jug (Slovenia) - mentor:  Jan Wegereef (Netherlands)
Sergei Karasev (Russia) - mentor: Manuel Mejuto González (Spain)
Szymon Marciniak (Poland) - mentor: Frank de Bleeckere (Belgium)
Tasos Sidiropoulos (Greece) - mentor: Peter Fröjdfeldt (Sweden)
Clément Turpin (France) - mentor: Roberto Rosetti (Italy)

From 13 to 15 August 2014, these referees and all other UEFA Elite and First Group referees will gather at the annual summer seminar in UEFA's headquarters: Nyon.


  1. And now for something completely different: CONCACAF Champions League
    Referee: David Gantar (USA)
    0:25 Ellbow offence?
    1:30 Handball penalty.
    2:24 Offside?

    1. 1) If you want to punish that, a YC is in my opinion enough. Reckless action but not deliberate use of the elbow as weapon.
      2) Penalty is a correct decision, I would also book the player here, for having stopped a promising action. The arm in that position clearly increased body's volume.
      3) I think NO FLAG is ok. The right leg of the defender seems to keep onside the player, in this case the offside line must be drawn from the tip of the foot. Correct decision in my opinion, or anyway no mistake in case of extremely tight offside. It is ok to stay down, having at least a doubt. See pic.

    2. 3) Eagle eye. Great onside call.

    3. Agree with you both. 1) is a YC, 2) penalty + YC and 3) is onside. Great call from the AR, I think it was Biere.

    4. For what it's worth David Gantar is Canadian :)

    5. Not that you say it. A thousand apologies....

  2. There's more:
    Referee: Hugo Cruz (CRC)
    0:50 Onside?
    1:24 RC for use of excessive force/SFP

    And while I'm into CONCACAF: What do you think of this game/group-deciding penalty call from the Gold Cup 2013 (SLV-HTI): Referee Javier Santos (Puerto Rico): (1:26)

    1. 1)Tough to tell without a replay but I think it was a close one. I will give the AR the benefit of the doubt.
      2)I think RC is correct call as it was obvious he wasn't going to get possession of the ball as the red players was already on the ground. He also goes in with studs up and at high intensity showing no consideration for his opponent.

  3. Webb RETIRES!

  4. What a surprise that there are no category changes, now the first announcement of retirement. Maybe Proenca (and Eriksson) will follow, then Benquerenca, Lannoy and Stark. Others who could have been demoted (e.g. Atkinson, Thomson, Tagliavento and a spaniard) can now stay on the list for at least one year, right?.
    So there will be big changes in winter - testing more first group referees (talent group) in the CL-group stage.

    1. Well for now there are no changes. But I guess UEFA would be flexible if Eriksson and Proenca leave as well. Let's wait-and-see :)

    2. Yes, this has to be our technique as well this summer :)
      Then the changes inside of the referee's committee and new tasks for them and former referees (Vassaras, Dallas etc.) will influence the winter changes, too, I think.


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