August 5, 2014

Weekly News: Hugh Dallas, Spray, Super Cup and the death of an Iconic Referee

Today we start our new section "Weekly News" which is supposed to cover and strengthen the news section in the blog. We will provide you with the most important headlines of the last week, what you should notice and what you maybe have not noticed so far.

Iconic referee Ahlenfelder has passed away

"The Highlander of Refereeing"

That's how UEFA Vice Refereeing Officer Hugh Dallas is called in Greek newspapers. The former World Cup referee from Scotland has been appointed to coordinate the refereeing department in the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF). If Dallas had not agreed to take the post, sources confirm that José García-Aranda would have been the second on the recruitment list.

Equipped with a £250,000-per-year-salary, Dallas cannot wait until his new duty begins: "I love this profession and money comes second to me. I know about some of the issues in Greece and my biggest worry in football is players who cheat by diving. They are getting increasingly sophisticated at doing this and some clubs even practice it in training. It's extremely difficult to control. I've refereed Greek teams 12 times in my career and, although I don't remember all the results, I remember the weather in all of them. I know this job will be a lot of work, but I am looking forward to it immensely."

For sure, Dallas' nomination also boosts the chances of Greek Tasos Sidiropoulos, who is currently monitored by UEFA as part of their Talent Program in the First Group of referees with Peter Fröjdfeldt as his mentor, to move up to Elite Group in future. Some days earlier, it became public that Kyros Vassaras has become the new head of Romania's referee department.

"Vanishing spray implemented in Premier League"

Last week the FA has decided to implement the vanishing spray in the Premier League, whose boss R. Scudamore affirmed that "they were open for developments that improve the game". In Germany, DFL and DFB are currently thinking about establishing it as well, even though the majority of referees have resisted it last season. The impressions Felix Brych collected during the World Cup will be integrated into the decision whether to or not to implement it.

"British Super Cup Officials"

The all-Spanish UEFA Super Cup between Real Madrid and Sevilla CF, kicked off next Tuesday evening in Cardiff, Wales, will be under completely British supervision. The match will be refereed by English Mark Clattenburg, assisted by Simon Beck and Stuart Burt on the sidelines, Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor on the goallines and Darren England at the benches. They will be observed by Scottish Donald McVicar, whose countryman Campbell Ogilvie will delegate the match. Raymond Ellingham and Rodger Gifford will welcome the officials as the UEFA liaison officers.

"Legendary Wolf-Dieter Ahlenfelder has died"

The German football community is mourning the death of Wolf-Dieter Ahlenfelder, who has passed away at the age of 70. In 1975, he became quite famous when he drunkenly handled a Bundesliga match between Bremen and Hannover, finished the first half after 32 minutes, re-started play after the advice of the linesman and ultimately finished the first half 90 seconds too early in the 44th minute. His dialogue with Bayern legend Paul Breitner also went into German football history books: "Breitner: Ahlenfelder, you whistle like an ass! - Ahlenfelder: Breitner, you also play like an ass!"


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