September 24, 2014

Weekly News: UEFA directive on head injuries, Massimo Busacca speaking from Panama and UEFA Course for AAR's

These are the latest news we have gathered from the Refereeing's point of view: UEFA has issued a directive for head injuries that will apply on all UEFA competitions. Moreover Massimo Busacca talked about the Refereeing part in the World Cup 2014 at a FIFA Technical Conference in Panama. Finally UEFA has organised a Course for Additional Assistant Referees from 24 to 26 September in Nyon.

UEFA's directive on Head Injuries
Referees have been given the power to stop matches in European competitions for three minutes to fully assess head injuries.
The proposal by FIFA medical committee chairman Michel D'Hooghe in response to concerns about the treatment of concussions in high-profile matches, was approved by the UEFA executive committee on Thursday.
"In the event of a suspected concussion, the referee will stop the game for up to three minutes, to allow the injured player to be assessed by the team doctor," UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said. "A player will only be allowed to continue playing on specific confirmation by the team doctor to the referee of the player's fitness to do so."
D'Hooghe said last week that a concussion case occurs on average once in every 20 games.

Massimo Busacca from Panama. "We seek to eliminate errors but we know that there will be some and we ask forgiveness."
Busacca gave an overview of the task by management noting that "the Referees Commission of FIFA assigned 25 three person referee teams and 8 support teams from 43 countries. Training and monitoring of these referees began in 2012 under the project entitled "Road to Brazil." He highlighted in this regard that "the technical and physical activities were supported by strict medical supervision." He cited as a high point "the meetings with coaches and representatives of all the selections in Florianópolis. We seek to clarify several key points and it seems important that players, coaches and referees can talk about sportsmanship. In Brazil these meetings were repeated with each of the teams with a full squad of players and coaching staff. These meetings were important not only from a technical point of view but also to have direct communication. It is good to develop a relationship of mutual respect on and off the field."

 "We are the 33rd team and we also try to have the best 'players'"
Busacca went on to say that "we (referees) are the 33rd team and what we want is the same as the coaches of the other 32 teams. We also want to have the best on our team and for that we work on all aspects. The same as on any team not all are at the same level not all are 'number 10'. There are some with higher skills and others who don't have that. If a referee naturally has these skills everything is easier but if not you have to work more."
About a referees preparation for a World Cup he said that "today it's not enough just the technical, physical and medical preparation. Today a referee requires much knowledge of the game, the characteristics of the teams, players, and tactics. It is very important that the referee reads the game which allows him to anticipate what might happen and that requires a lot of concentration and a lot of knowledge of the game and the teams that are playing. In the physical part it doesn't matter that he runs a lot but that he runs well."

"It is essential that a referee has a football mentality"
Referring to the practical part of arbitration Busacca said "it is essential that the referee has a football mentality. That he really knows the game and not just the rules, that he understands what happens, why it happens and how it happens, that he can interpret every action of the game and here we return to what we have already said, there are referees who have that gift, who have that knowledge, that feel the game that way and others that don't. We often say that the referee should have a nose for football, he must "smell" the game, have that "feeling" that lets him know how to act at all times."
"We look for the ref to do everything as simply as possible, with plenty of communication, a good relationship, trying to prevent what can be prevented and to avoid what can be avoided. We seek to protect the players and the image of the game, sportsmanship, fair play and respect."

UEFA Course on Additional Assistant Referees
According to an official announcement by the Scottish Football Association UEFA has invited a number of International Referees to the 1st Course on Additional Assistant Referees. The 2 Scottish representatives will be John Beaton and Bobby Madden.
The course will take place in UEFA headquarters in Nyon and will last from Wednesday 24 September until Friday 26 September. The structure of the course will primarily focus on additional assistant refereeing, practical exercises, decision-making and Additional Assistant Referee exercises.

Massimo Busacca: "We seek to eliminate errors but we know that there will be some and we ask forgiveness." - See more at: file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/
FIFA Technical Conference held in Panama
FIFA Technical Conference held in Panama
FIFA Technical Conference held in Panama
FIFA Technical Conference held in Panama
FIFA Technical Conference held in Panama


  1. Anonymous24/9/14 17:44

    Dominik Ouschan (30 years) will replace René Eisner (second category) at the Austrian FIFA-list in January.

    1. Thanks for this info.

    2. Anonymous24/9/14 22:05

      when is the deadline for nominations for the 2015 list ?

    3. Anonymous25/9/14 13:14

      It will be decided this weekend at the FIFA ExCo meeting.

    4. So early ????! I though that nomination would be decided in november. What about the activity extention for the erasing of the age limits ? Will Benquerence, Stark and Lannoy continue in 2015 ? Any another names that will change at teh end of the year ? Thanks

    5. Anonymous25/9/14 14:24

      So you say the names for next years list will be named this weekend?

    6. Anonymous25/9/14 14:56

      The deadline will be decided this weekend, when the removal of the age limit will be officially approved.

  2. Some controversial situations in Real Madrid - Elche yesterday.
    Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez

    In this video you can find both penalties whistled in favor of Real Madrid:

    Here, the one at the beginning of the match, in favor of Elche:

    1. Only the second penalty for Madrid is correct.

      The Elche player fouls Ronaldo first before he hits him...

  3. Anonymous25/9/14 14:43

    Hey there, I really appreciate your work you all do on this blog. I don't mean to moan or something, but I just ask out of curiosity: I noticed that not all the reports from the World Cup have yet been uploaded, for instance the report on Cakir's semifinal. Will the remaining reports still become available? Thanks in advance!

  4. Someone knows why Yuste Jiménez has letf Velasco,s team? He runs with Del Cerro Grande now in spanish league and he has replaced Cabañero in Undiano,s uefa matches since the end of last season.

  5. Qatar Stars League - 5th matchday (25-26 September) - foreign trios:

    Pavel Cristian Balaj, Vladimir Urzică, Octavian Șovre (ROU)
    Cüneyt Çakır, Tarık Ongun, Bahattin Duran (TUR)
    Milorad Mažić, Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević (SRB)


    4th matchday (18-19 September)
    Constantin Sebastian Colțescu, Radu Adrian Stefan Gînguleac (ROU)
    Mihály Fábián, Gábor Erős, Róbert Kispál (HUN)
    Richard Trutz, Tomáš Somoláni, Tomáš Mókoš (SVK)
    Bakary Papa Gassama, Évarist Menkouandé, Jean-Claude Birumushahu (GAM/CMR/BDI)

    3rd matchday (12-13 September)
    Ionuț Marius Avram, Valentin Gabriel Avram, Mircea Cristian Orbuleț (ROU)
    Jonas Eriksson, Matthias Klasenius, Daniel Gustavsson (SWE)
    Pavel Královec, Martin Wilczek, Antonín Kordula (CZE)
    Damir Skomina, Jure Praprotnik, Robert Vukan (SVN)
    Sándor Andó-Szabó, Oszkár Lémon, Zsolt Varga (HUN)
    Carlos Velasco Carballo, Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez, Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
    Bakary Papa Gassama, Évarist Menkouandé, Jean-Claude Birumushahu (GAM/CMR/BDI)

    2nd matchday (27-29 August)
    István Kovács, Vasile Florin Marinescu, Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (ROU)
    Craig Thomson, Alan Mulvanny, David McGeachie (SCO)
    Richard Trutz, Ondrej Brendza, Miroslav Benko (SVK)
    István Vad, István Albert, Péter Berettyán (HUN)

    1st matchday (21-22 August)
    Cüneyt Çakır, Tarık Ongun, Bahattin Duran (TUR)
    Viktor Kassai, Gábor Erős, Róbert Kispál (HUN)
    Milorad Mažić, Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević (SRB)
    Richard Trutz, Ondrej Brendza, Miroslav Benko (SVK)

    1. Well, it would be nice to know what Qatari referees association thinks about that, it seems as the teams don't trust in the local referees and at the same time, they miss important occasions for improvement, assigning these matches to foreign officials.

  6. CL predictions:
    If I counted correctly, we have 15 Elite referees + 2 Talent Group members without match on MD1. It is unclear, whether Kassai is fit again and whether Mazic will be appointed again. If both are available, I guess, Velasco is a candidate for EL after his play-off performance. Therefore my predictions are:
    CSKA - Bayern: Lannoy
    ManCity - Roma: Kassai / Cakir
    APOEL - Ajax: Tagliavento
    Paris - Barcelona: Mazic / Cakir
    Sporting - Chelsea: Rocchi
    Schalke - Maribor: Karasev
    Borisov Bilbao: Atkinson
    Donetsk - Porto: Eriksson
    Atletico - Juventus: Clattenburg
    Malmö - Olympiacos: Thomson
    Basel -Liverpool: Brych
    Ludogorets - Real: Hategan
    Zenit - Monaco: Cakir / Velasco
    Leverkusen - Benfica: Kuipers
    Arsenal - Galatasaray: Rizzoli
    Anderlecht - Dortmund: Collum

    1. these are mine:
      CSKA - Bayern: Collum
      ManCity - Roma: Kuipers
      APOEL - Ajax: Rocchi
      Paris - Barcelona: Rizzoli
      Sporting - Chelsea: Kassai (if not injured)
      Schalke - Maribor: Hategan
      Borisov Bilbao: Atkinson
      Donetsk - Porto: Clattenburg
      Atletico - Juventus: Brych
      Malmö - Olympiacos: Lannoy
      Basel -Liverpool: Cakir
      Ludogorets - Real: Karasev
      Zenit - Monaco: Thomson
      Leverkusen - Benfica: Mazic
      Arsenal - Galatasaray: Eriksson
      Anderlecht - Dortmund: Tagliavento

  7. AND these are mine:

    CSKA - Bayern: ERIKSSON
    ManCity - Roma: VELASCO CARBALLO
    APOEL - Ajax: OLIVER
    Paris - Barcelona: KASSAI (if not yet injuried)
    Sporting - Chelsea: KARASEV
    Schalke - Maribor: HATEGAN
    Borisov Bilbao: COLLUM
    Donetsk - Porto: THOMSON
    Atletico - Juventus: CAKIR
    Malmö - Olympiacos: LANNOY
    Basel -Liverpool: STRAHONJA
    Ludogorets - Real: BUQUET
    Zenit - Monaco: MATEU LAHOZ
    Leverkusen - Benfica: MAZIC
    Arsenal - Galatasaray: RIZZOLI
    Anderlecht - Dortmund: ROCCHI

    In this way I'll leave KUIPERS, BRYCH, CLATTEMBURG, TAGLIAVENTO and ATKINSON available for 3rd matchday and I would launch in the CL arena some new talents to test.


    1. Anonymous26/9/14 15:07

      Björn Kuipers and his team Will definitely appear in this matchday.

    2. Furthermore it is necessary to know that UEFA appoints officials for a package of 2 matchdays each. This means that the same referee can only have 1 match either at MD1 or MD2 in the UEFA club competitions. If a referee has UEL on MD1, he cannot have UCL on MD2. So Buquet and Oliver will definitely not appear in UCL.

    3. Anonymous26/9/14 16:34

      Kuipers with his regular assistant in the Dutch League on saturday, so he will probably have a CL match.

      Makkelie with a match on sunday with two FIFA assistants, so i guess he have a EL match on thursday.

      Do you know something about observers Niclas?

    4. They will be ready in an hour.

  8. Mine:
    CSKA-Bayern: Eriksson
    ManCity-Roma: Kuipers
    APOEL-Ajax: Rocchi
    Paris-Barcelona: Clattenburg
    Sporting-Chelsea: Cakir
    Schalke-Maribor: Atkinson
    Borisov-Bilbao: Hategan
    Donetsk-Porto: Lannoy
    Atletico-Juventus: Brych
    Malmö-Olimpiacos: Mazic
    Basel-Liverpool: Karasev
    Ludogorets-Real: Collum
    Zenit-Monaco: Mateu Lahoz
    Leverkusen-Benfica: Thomson
    Arsenal-Galatasaray: Rizzoli
    Anderlecht-Dortmund: Kassai

    1. Atkinson can't be in Schalke - Maribor, Chelsea is in the same group.

    2. of course, then I switch Atkinson and Lannoy.

    3. Lannoy would be the second French referee in a row for Maribor (after Turpin), I don't think that it will happen...

  9. Back on topic, Hüseyin Göçek and Barış Şimşek were the Turkish officials at the course for AARs.


    1. Anonymous26/9/14 16:31

      Is there a list with all the attendees?

    2. Ilias Spathas and Stavros Tritsonis were the Greek officials.

    3. Anonymous26/9/14 23:30

      Ken Henry Johnsen and Svein-Erik Edvartsen from Norway

    4. Anonymous28/9/14 08:52

      Vincic and Ponis from Slovenia.

  10. Interesting article in today's Guardian, Re Vanishing Spray:

    1. Will be a topic today, too ;) It's almost satirical or at least ironic, but that's German reality.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


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