May 14, 2015

U-17 EURO 2015: Quarterfinals appointments

UEFA has revealed the referees appointed for Quarterfinals matches of 2015 Under-17 European Championship in Bulgaria. Serbian Danilo Grujić will officiate the encounter between England and Italy, two days after having worked as AAR in Europa League's semifinal Dnipro - SSC Napoli. Maltese referee Alan Mario Saint will take control of England - Russia, while Israeli Roi Reinshreiber will be in the middle for the sonorous clash Germany - Spain. To complete the appointments, Roumanian Marius Avram will be in charge of Croatia - Belgium. 
15/05/2015, 15:00 CET, Burgas
Croatia - Belgium
Referee: Ionut Marius Avram (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Nuno Pereira (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Sten Klaasen (EST)
Fourth official: Mads-Kristoffer Kristoffersen (DEN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stefan Ormandjiev (BUL)
UEFA Delegate:
15/05/2015, 18:00 CET, Stara Zagora
Germany - Spain
Referee: Roi Reinshreiber (ISR)
Assistant Referee 1: Erik Weiss (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Gareth Wyn Jones (WAL)
Fourth official: Adrien Jaccottet (SUI)
UEFA Referee observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate:

16/05/2015, 15:00 CET, Burgas
England - Russia
Referee: Alan Mario Sant (MLT)
Assistant Referee 1: Dovydas Sužiedėlis (LTU)
Assistant Referee 2: Ville Koskiniemi (FIN)
Fourth official: Paweł Raczkowski (POL)
UEFA Referee observer: Marc Batta (FRA)
UEFA Delegate:

16/05/2015, 18:00 CET, Stara Zagora
France - Italy
Referee: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Oleg Maslyanko (BLR)
Assistant Referee 2: Mehmet Culum (SWE)
Fourth official: Dumitri Muntean (MDA)
UEFA Referee observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate:


  1. Anonymous14/5/15 14:21

    A week with a lot of journeys for Grujic!

  2. Hüseyin Göçek and Halis Özkahya have been appointed for a match of EURO 2016 Qualifiers, MD 6 (12, 13 or 14 June):


    1. Predictions
      KAZ-TUR: Schörgenhofer
      LAT-NED: Buquet
      ICE-CZE: Tagliavento
      AND-CYP: Oliver
      BIH-ISR: Stavrev
      WAL-BEL: Rizzoli
      UKR-LUX: Sousa
      BLR-SPA: Collum
      SVK-MAZ: Skomina
      POL-GEO: Rocchi
      IRL-SCO: Velasco
      GIB-GER: Göcek
      EST-SMR: Pisani
      SVN-ENG: Kuipers
      LTU-SUI: Undiano
      FIN-HUN: Gräfe
      FAR-GRI: Johannesson
      RUM-NIR: Moen
      LIE-MOL: Özkahya
      RUS-AUT: Thomson
      SWE-MON: Borbalan
      MAL-BUL: Nijhuis
      NOR-AZE: Makkelie
      CRO-ITA: Atkinson
      ARM-POR: Aytekin
      DEN-SER: Clattenburg
      ALB-FRA: Trattou

    2. Anonymous15/5/15 23:04

      Referee from Macedonia IMO can't whistle Bosnian team. So it could be Karasev or Marciniak instead...

    3. That's probably true.
      I think, the U21 Euro referees will not be available on this matchday, because they are already prepating for the tournament. Therefore Makkelie was another mistake by me.
      BIH-ISR: Borski
      NOR-AZE: Stavrev

    4. Anonymous16/5/15 09:25

      BIH-ISR seems to be too important and challenging match. I think Elite referee needed here. Mateu Lahoz whistled the game in Israel, so Kralovec can be a better choice.

  3. Anonymous15/5/15 20:35

    Strahonja, Premuzaj, Krmar will do friendly France-Belgium next month. Also Croatian trio will officiate Spain-Costa Rica. Croatian referee committee was asked to appoint trio for that match still not decided but I guess Strahonja or Jovic.


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