June 25, 2015

UEFA U19 EURO 2015: Selected Officials

These are the officials appointed by UEFA's Referee Committee for the Final Tournament of UEFA U19 Championship which will take place in Greece from 6 to 19 July.

Tamas Bognar one of the selected Referees

Referees (6)

Bognar, Tamás (HUN, 1978)
Ekberg, Andreas (SWE, 1985)
Guida, Marco (ITA, 1981)
Kabakov, Georgi (BUL, 1986)
Taylor, Anthony (ENG, 1978)
Treimanis, Andris (LVA, 1985)

Assistants (8)

Blazej, Petr (CZE, 1983)
Fernandes Morais, Ricardo (LUX, 1983) 
Jobin, Vital (SUI, 1986)
Klančnik Tomaz (SVN, 1982)
Nedelkoski, Dejan (MKD, 1980)
Neemlaid, Neeme (EST, 1985)
Petrovic, Nemanja (SRB, 1980)
Rasmussen, Dennis (DEN, 1979)

Fourth Officials (2)

Giahos, Athanasios (GRE, 1976)
Pappas, Andreas (GRE, 1978)

UEFA Referee Observers (4)

Alexandru Deaconu (ROU)
Murat Ilgaz (TUR)
Konrad Plautz (AUT)
Jaap Uilenberg (NED)

The Third Team congratulates the selected offcials and wishes them Good Luck!


  1. Anonymous25/6/15 21:11


    1. Anonymous25/6/15 23:55

      Following this (correct) path, also: Petr Blažej, Tomaž Klančnik, Dejan Nedelkovski, Nemanja Petrović and Athanassios Giachos. UEFA is inconsistent in using diacritics. This blog unfortunately copy their 'style'.

      Of course, congratulations to all the selected officials!!!

  2. Anonymous25/6/15 22:06

    Do you know observers for this tournament?

    1. Not yet. Hopefully we will know them in a few days.

    2. Anonymous1/7/15 10:52

      Any news?

  3. Anonymous30/6/15 10:59

    My predection for MD1
    Group A: GRE-UKR Bognár (HUN) 4th: Ekkberg (SWE)
    Group A: AUT-FRA Guida (ITA) 4th: Kabakov (BUL)
    Group B: NED-RUS Treimanis (LVA) 4th: Pappas (GRE)
    Group B: GER-ESP Taylor (ENG) 4th: Giahos (GRE)

    1. Mine
      Group A: GRE-UKR Treimanis (LVA) 4th: Kabakov (BUL)
      Group A: AUT-FRA Ekberg (SWE) 4th: Bognar (HUN)
      Group B: NED-RUS Guida (ITA) 4th: Pappas (GRE)
      Group B: GER-ESP Taylor (ENG) 4th: Giahos (GRE)

    2. Group A: GRE-UKR Taylor (ENG), 4th: Ekberg (SWE)
      Group A: AUT-FRA Treimanis (LVA), 4th: Kabakov (BUL)
      Group B: NED-RUS Bognar (HUN), 4th: Giahos (GRE)
      Group B: GER-ESP Guida (ITA), 4th: Pappas (GRE)
      Group A: UKR-FRA Kabakov (BUL), 4th: Guida (ITA)
      Group A: GRE-AUT Ekberg (SWE), 4th: Bognar (HUN)

  4. UEFA.com has confirmed the names:

  5. Anonymous1/7/15 20:54

    UEFA Observers

    Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
    Konrad Plautz (AUT)
    Mehmet Murat Ilgaz (TUR)
    Alexandru Deaconu (ROU)


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