December 15, 2015

Referees appointed for UEFA EURO 2016 France

UEFA has revealed the eighteen referees who will take charge of matches at EURO 2016 in France. Congratulations!
The List of Referees who have been selected:

- Martin Atkinson (England)
- Felix Brych (Germany)
- Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)
- Mark Clattenburg (England)
- William Collum (Scotland)
- Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
- Ovidiu Alin Hategan (Romania)
- Sergei Karasev (Russia)
- Viktor Kassai (Hungary)
- Pavel Královec (Czech Republic)
- Björn Kuipers (Netherlands)
- Szymon Marciniak (Poland)
- Milorad Mažić (Serbia)
- Svein Oddvar Moen (Norway)
- Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)
- Damir Skomina (Slovenia)
- Clément Turpin (France)
- Carlos Velasco Carballo (Spain)


  1. Guys, thanks for your work at this blog!
    It is really fantastic! thanks for you,refeereeing became an important part of my life:)
    i hope, UEFA EURO 2016 will be our great RENDEZ-VOUS
    Good luck for referees next summer!

  2. Some first thoughts:
    The majoritiy of names was very much as expected.
    18 instead of 16 referees to provide more flexibility in appointments.
    Same argument goes for the diversity of nationalities.
    English FA the only country with two referees at EURO 2016, but fully deserved!
    The real suprise from my point of view is Ovidiu Hategan. But nonetheless, a deserved call, I've seen him in Malmö against Shakthar and he was actually really good there.

  3. Turpin, Marciniak, Karasev and especially Hategan were not so safe bets - all the other names were expected (maybe there was a little question mark behind Kassai and Collum). The nomination of the 4 mentioned referees is also a signal to Bebek and Sidiropoulos.

    But I wonder if for example Hategan is really better than Mateu Lahoz, Aytekin or Rocchi? But they three are from a 'big' nation, sometimes this could be a disadvantage too...

    All in all 18 deserved nominations. 18 teams with 5 referees = 90 men. With some fourth officials too they need a big hotel... :)

    36 games in Group Stage, so it would be ovious that every referee is appointed twice.

    1. It seems as if no fourth officials will be appointed if I am not wrong.

    2. I can imagine that they will appoint fourth officials like in 2012. So the 5th and 6th officials will probably also be fourth official in some matches. With 18 teams, there are 36 referees, and most of them (all of them) are very capable to be fourth official.

  4. Hategan and Karasev surprised me. If they are on the list, why not Sidiropoulos? Turpin... no comment. In my opinion, Mateu Lahoz should be appointed but probably too many crucial mistakes from him. I'm really sorry for Rocchi. The rest as expected.

    1. I totally agree, Ref1. Why no Sidiropoulos? And why Turpin? So many why!!!

  5. Here you can find a first analysis by Kenn Hansen:

    It is Danish, so most of you have to translate it by the help of Google, I think. He writes some critical words on Turpin's nomination and lauds especially the nomination of Marciniak.

    1. I would like to appeal to Mr. Hansen to start with texts in English , I am very interesed to his blog :)

  6. Congratulations to all referee teams.
    I'm very happy to see Kassai and Marciniak among selected officials, and both top referees from England! Really deserved.. If you choose between two top officials, select them both if you can.
    Of course, congratulations to my compatriot Mažić and his team!

  7. I will try to summarize my opinion, sorry if this post will be too long. :)
    First thing to say: a wise decision to announce the selected referees without indicating fourth officials. With so many matches, flexibility is much needed. In case of unexpected performances, problems, or something like that, I guess we could see even all the 18 officials on the pitch.
    Flexibility is the word which can be used to introduce the next topic of my analysis: referees from the same country. I think that, at the end, committee has made the right choice. Before the announcement, I was sure about the fact that both Atkinson and Clattenburg were sure to be there, indeed, they will be the only exception. I think that it was not possible to make the same for other federations (of course Italy with Rocchi and Spain with Mateu Lahoz first of all) because there is the need to have many options, in terms of nationality. Atkinson and Clattenburg was really a particular case, we discussed it very often on the blog. Both deserved this call. So I understand if one says: "Rocchi and/or Mateu would have deserved more the call than names like Turpin or Hategan". But it wasn't possible to have more than two referees from the same country. This is my reading about the choices.
    So now, a few words about some names. I will start with the "young" and "New Elite". Absolutely deserved call for Marciniak, and I would say also Karasev. I didn't expect Hategan, to be honest but very likely, among the new Elite officials, he is at moment ahead. This leads me to a consideration: Bebek and Sidiropoulos are the only Elite referees from a country not represented in this tournament. We must argue that for both something went wrong in the last appearances. And yes, less or more, it is true. But... there is of course a particular case. Turpin. He wiill be there just because from France. No more, no less than that. He didn't deserve this call. One must be honest. The wish is that he could act only as fourth official, but the feeling is that he will handle matches.
    So, it would have been fair to leave him at home, but given his presence, Bebek and Sidiropoulos can surely complain a bit.
    Kassai and Skomina are two particular cases: I think that the Hungarian never recovered after EURO 2012, nevertheless committee called him, I think first of all for his experience. After a missed WC, this would have been another failure in his international career. But, and let me say that, he surely deserves this call more than Turpin, of course.
    Skomina was a bit better than Kassai in recent times, but as said, one can easily say the same things about him. Hope that for both this tournament will be a new beginning, they need that.
    All the other names are less or more expected, nothing to add.

  8. By selecting 18 instead of 16 referees, UEFA avoided some hard decisions.
    For me, the only surprise is, that Rocchi is missing, but maybe he will at least participate as 4th official. Mateu and Aytekin were not strong enough / are not experienced enough to claim a second place for their country as well. Hategan and Karasev chosen over Bebek and Sidiropoulus is a good decision IMO, because the latter two performed worse (Bebek) or are less experienced (Sidiropoulus). Turpin obviously is a special case.
    We have to wait, whether there will be additional 4th officials, but it probably would be possible to work with those 18 and some of their AARs as 4ths.

    1. The question is: How do you can argument that Mateu Lahoz and Aytekin were not strong enough and especially are not expierenced enough but Hategan (!), Karasev, Turpin and Marciniak are?

    2. For me Hategan and Karasev chosen over Sidiropoulos is way unfair. That's the definition of politics. Plus HFF's decision to take FIFA's badge by Koukoulakis and Tritsonis without a reason. That cost too much.

    3. Karasev has 11 CL matches, Hategan has 10, Aytekin and Mateu have 9 each, Sidiropolous has 6. Therefore Karasev and Hategan are not less experienced (on international level). And I think, Aytekin and Mateu would have to be quite a bit better than their "rivals", because they are only the number 2 in their country. In case of doubt, who is better, IMO it's ok to consider the origin and have more country diversity.
      Turpin obviously is a political choice and cannot really be compared with the others.
      Marciniak was so convincing in the last two years, that his participation was nearly clear and his small experience plays a smaller role.

  9. "The majority of assistants and additional assistants will come from the same country as the referee." (from the UEFA article)
    So, e.g. Bebek as Mazic's AAR or Kulbakov as Karasev's AAR is possible?
    Or do they only refer to Kralovec/Slysko and Collum/MacGraith?

  10. Thanks a lot for the post and the information you share in the blog; it's fantastic as usual. Great post the comment by Niclas on potential referees for Euro 2016 and now we have the official names.
    Let me say that England fully deserve nomination or two members Atkinson and Clattemburg since they are at very top level, but I'm surprised about Italy and Spain; I was expecting two names also form these country for the performances and the experiences of their official and for the politic weight of these countries. So I was convinced that Rocchi and mateu Lahoz (or undiano mallenco) were in the list in spite of karasev and Hategan. very strange. On other hand Karasev must be present at next FIFA world cup in Russia, while for Hategan it seems that Vassaras won respect to Collina and Villar.......
    Really happy for Kassai; he deserve this nomination ! exclusion should be too harsh. Turpin was expected for political reason even if he is not so reliable.
    18 official is the right number, because they could be potentially eligible to officiate two games each one in the group stage and at the same act as fourth official too.
    On summary in my opinion Uefa has really selected the best referees at European level, except (in my opinion) for Undiano Mallenco, Mateu Lahoz and Rocchi in spite of Hategan and karasev. I hope that on of the three will be compensated with Europe League final cup.

  11. As happened for EURO 2012, in addition to assistant referees and additional assistant referees, each referee will get a third (reserve) assistant referee, in case of needed replacement. My prediction about Rizzoli's full team:
    Di Liberatore, Tonolini
    Banti, Damato
    Standby AR: Cariolato (by the way, I hope he will recover soon from the injury).

  12. Great news for Bjorn Kuipers. First referee from The Netherlands who will be present for the second time as referee at the Europen Championships.

  13. Congratulations to all selected referees. Delighted that both Atkinson and Clattenburg have been included in the traveling party.

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