June 4, 2016

EURO 2016 Referee Portrait: Carlos Velasco's Team from Spain


Full Name: Carlos Velasco Carballo
Nation: Spain
Residence: Madrid
Date of Birth: 16/03/1971
Age: 45
Occupation: Professional Referee (former Engineer)
Hobbies: Reading, Sports (Tennis, Paddle, Fishing)
Referee since: 1988
International since: 2008
UEFA Elite Category since: 01/2011
Champions League Matches: 28
Europa League Matches: 11
International Matches (Total): 76
Yellow Card Average (Int.): 3,66 per match
2nd Yellow Card Average (Int.): 0,05 per match
Red Card Average (Int.): 0,03 per match
Domestic First Division Matches: 220
Biggest Achievements: Europa League Final 2011, Champions League Final 2012 as 4th Official, EURO 2012 (opener game), Club World Cup 2013 (Semifinal), World Cup 2014 (Quarterfinal), selected for EURO 2016

What you should know

Carlos Velasco Carballo was a rising star back in 2010/11. In his first season in UEFA Champions League, he refereed his first semifinal (Schalke v ManU) and then handled the Europa League 2011 final (Porto v Braga). Undoubtfully, he was the quick solution found by UEFA to replace Alberto Undiano as Spain's no.1, who lost credit at World Cup 2010.

Velasco is a notoriously lenient referee, letting the players on the long lead and refraining from taking disciplinary measures at times. Therefore he got into the spotlight after his unacceptable performance in the World Cup 2014 Quarterfinal between Brazil and Colombia - with his missing prevention being a main reason for Neymar's later injury in the view of many. And in fact: He is the EURO Referee with the lowest sending-off ratio of all (only 0,08 sending-offs per match, the EURO Referee squad's average is 0,19).

In the last months, he made a very good and motivated impression. Specially with his two excellent assistant referees, he has huge chances to reach more than at EURO 2012. Whatever he will reach in France, it will be his last big gig: Last month, he officiated his personal La Liga final and will retire after the tournament having reached the Spanish age limit.

Refereeing Style 

Lenient. As indicated, he is the perfect man if you want to have football in focus and the players being on the long lead paired with a low amount of cards. Exception: Last EURO's opening game between Poland and Greece...

His signs of recognition. A low card average, very short whistles and - when facing protests - wild gestures with arms stretched into every possible direction (mostly towards the stadium's roof).

His Strengths*

1| Calmness, Authority.
2| Tactical Approach.
3| Physical Condition, Positioning, Movement.
4| Application of the Advantage Rule.
5| Co-operation and Teamwork.

His Points for Improvement* 

1| Sometimes making an unmotivated impression.
2| Prevention - always remember: The players' safety comes first!
3| Player Management, Communication, Theatralic / Hectical Body Language.
4| Presence when needed.
5| Verbal Warnings.

*based on our Referee Observation Reports since 2012

His Team (> photo)

Assistant Referees

Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández
Nation: Spain
Residence: Madrid
Date of Birth: 18/09/1976
Age: 39 yo
Occupation: ---
Hobbies: ---
International since: 2007
Champions League Matches: 35
Europa League Matches: 15
International Matches (Total): 96
Domestic First Division Matches: 226
Biggest Achievements: Europa League Final 2011, EURO 2012 (opener game), Club World Cup 2013 (Semifinal), World Cup 2014 (Quarterfinal), selected for EURO 2016

Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez
Nation: Spain
Residence: Madrid
Date of Birth: 25/09/1975
Age: 40 yo
Occupation: ---
Hobbies: ---
International since: 2004
Champions League Matches: 54
Europa League Matches: 24
International Matches (Total): 158
Domestic First Division Matches: 256
Biggest Achievements: U-20 World Cup 2007 (Final), EURO 2008, Club World Cup 2008 (Semifinal), U-20 World Cup 2009 (Semifinal), World Cup 2010 (Round of 16), EURO 2012 (opener game), Club World Cup 2013 (Semifinal), World Cup 2014 (Quarterfinal), selected for EURO 2016

Additional Assistant Referees

Additional AR 1: Jesús Gil Manzano
Nation: Spain
Residence: Badajoz
Date of Birth: 04/02/1984
Age: 32 yo
Matches as AAR: 37
International himself? Yes. (First Group)

Additional AR 2: Carlos Del Cerro Grande
Nation: Spain
Residence: Madrid
Date of Birth: 13/03/1976
Age: 40 yo
Matches as AAR: 48
International himself? Yes. (Second Group)

Reserve Assistant Referee

Reserve AR: Raúl Cabañero Martínez
Nation: Spain
Residence: Murcia
Date of Birth: 28/08/1981
Age: 34 yo

Chances at EURO 2016

Carlos Velasco has good chances to play an important role at the final tournament considering how much he is appreciated by UEFA. Same story like for Brych and co. - it also depends on how far the national team will proceed.

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  1. Velasco, the best referee in 2016.

    1. Yes, we know that. Saying it 4 times in this blog does not make it more true or relevant.


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