June 10, 2016

In order to get attuned...

Five hours to go - enough time to prepare yourself for 4 weeks of refereeing. 

Let's hope that it won't rain in Paris tonight...


  1. ...
    It's raining in the city,city rain!
    So maybe it will come here.
    -It's not my problem,shut up.
    Ok,just to be prepared..
    -Ssshhhhhhh,concentrate,concentrate Ivan, please,please,don't talk for nothing!

    1. Well, Kuipers (fourth official this evening) has a certain experience with thunderstorms during EURO...

    2. I am indeed wondering whether Tom Hagen, 4th official back then, dared to inform Kuipers about what would come about Donbass Arena :P

    3. I was quite amazed how panicked and lost Busacca sounded in the film, in comparison to the other referees. It was as if he was in way over his head. And, needless to say, communication with his 4th official was far from optimal, both in content and tone.


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