June 7, 2016

EURO 2016 Referee Portrait: William Collum's Scottish-Irish Team


Full Name: William ("Willie") S. Collum
Nation: Scotland
Residence: Motherwell
Date of Birth: 18/01/1979
Age: 37 yo
Occupation: RE Teacher
Hobbies: Fitness, Running
Referee since: 1993
International since: 2006
UEFA Elite Category since: 06/2012
Champions League Matches: 21
Europa League Matches: 17
International Matches (Total): 87
Yellow Card Average (Int.): 3,98 per match
2nd Yellow Card Average (Int.): 0,15 per match
Red Card Average (Int.): 0,13 per match
Domestic First Division Matches: 209
Biggest Achievements: UEFA Under-19 EURO 2008 Final, FIFA Under-20 World Cup 2011 (Group Stage), UEFA Super Cup 2015 Final, selected for UEFA EURO 2016

What you should know

The 37-year old official residing in Motherwell heads one of two mixed teams at the EURO: Apart from several Scottish match officials, his first Assistant Referee Damien Macgraith is waiving the Republic of Ireland's flag within the referee roster.

Collum, considered a "young talent" inside UEFA some seasons ago, took charge of last season's UEFA Super Cup Final between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC (5:4). His performance was weak, which cost him some credit and trust in the UEFA Referee Committee. But with Hugh Dallas from Scotland being the UEFA Vice Refereeing Officer, there are some chances to see Collum in interesting ties.

William Collum works as an RE teacher in his personal life. One of his pupils once told me that he had a special interest in narrating murder mystery stories in the classroom - no idea how much truth is in that ;)

Refereeing Style 

Decision-Taker. William Collum conveys the impression of an extremely eager and motivated decision-taker on the field of play, displaying a firm image being full of integrity. Given his relative small body size and narrow shoulders, one could easily think that he has no authority. Maybe even because of that he usually expresses much self-confidence and sternness (0,28 sending-offs per game, one of the highest rations of all officials). What is sure is that he will never be the biggest communicator or game-manager.

His sign of recognition. Small shoulders and steps on the pitch.

His Strengths*

1| Foul detection and selection.
2| Fitness, Stamina, Positioning, Movement.
3| Eager, motivated and modest Personality / Self-Presentation / Communication.
4| Application of the Advantage Rule.
5| Co-operation with the teammates.

His Points for Improvement* 

1| Assessing the Level of Punishment (specially stud-up tackles).
2| Identification and Punishment of the Illegal Use of Arms.
3| Reading the Game, Tactical Approach, finding the in-time moment for the 1st YC
4| Doing more to defend the own authority against protests and dissent.
5| Management of throw-ins, corner-kicks etc. (also positioning at set pieces).

*based on our Referee Observation Reports since 2012

His Team

Assistant Referees

Assistant Referee 1: Damien Macgraith
Nation: Republic of Ireland
Residence: ---
Date of Birth: 12/10/1980
Age: 35 yo
Occupation: ---
Hobbies: ---
International since: 2007
Champions League Matches: 12
Europa League Matches: 20
International Matches (Total): 69
Domestic First Division Matches: ---
Biggest Achievements: UEFA Under-21 EURO 2011 Final, UEFA Super Cup 2015 Final, selected for UEFA EURO 2016

Assistant Referee 2: Francis ("Frankie") Connor
Nation: Scotland
Residence: ---
Date of Birth: 30/12/1981
Age: 34 yo
Occupation: ---
Hobbies: ---
International since: 2015
Champions League Matches: 3
Europa League Matches: 6
International Matches (Total): 18
Domestic First Division Matches: 62
Biggest Achievements: UEFA Super Cup 2015 Final, selected for UEFA EURO 2016

Additional Assistant Referees

Additional AR 1: Robert ("Bobby") A. Madden
Nation: Scotland
Residence: East Kilbride
Date of Birth: 25/10/1978
Age: 37 yo
Matches as AAR: 32
International himself? Yes. (First Group)

Additional AR 2: John A. Beaton
Nation: Scotland
Residence: Motherwell
Date of Birth: 29/01/1982
Age: 34 yo
Matches as AAR: 29
International himself? Yes. (Second Group)

Reserve Assistant Referee

Reserve AR: Douglas G. Ross
Nation: Scotland
Residence: ---
Date of Birth: 27/01/1983
Age: 33 yo

Chances at EURO 2016

They are definitely not that huge - UEFA did not appoint Collum that often in the past season, maybe also due to his rather weak Super Cup final. Against the background that Team Collum is - along with Team Marciniak - the youngest referee team at this tournament, they can collect valuable experiences in France. It is hard to imagine that they have a realistic chance for the K.O. phase - but ... always expect the unexpected.

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