September 19, 2016

Guess The Referee: Predict & Win (UCL Matchday 2)

Second matchday of UEFA Champions League means that our prediction game "Guess The Referee" is going into its second matchday, too. Our partners from Refsworld UK are offering you some goodies from their store.

All you have to do to win some useful refereeing equipment for your own games is making predictions at a more or less regular basis. If you are not interested in winning refereeing equipment, no problem - then you can simply fill the forms out and compete with the others at your pleasure.

The "Guess The Referee" games will be posted regularly from now on. The forms will be always open from Monday 17:00 CET to Thursday 10:00 CET a week before the Champions League matches are kicked off.

FormerRefCvS 24
Jekl 17
xabi 17
david02 15
referee_pol 14
steen 13
markoni40 12
MartG 12
Marvin Becker 12
majo.scheffler 12
wmu 12
mijagi31 11
Soham_M 10
Loref 10
Ethyl 10
Lo Sparviero 10
Iuri Lucitchi 10
sven300590 10
Lukas 9
paul 9
Frikandel98 9
Xavialzina 9
edward 9
Chefren 9
ref_ref 9
mithatakcay 9
Ref Copenhagen 9
Lucco81 8
Philipp S 7
Neculai 7
bastien60 7
Etm 7
roanvm 7
Mariusz Olszewski 7
manosd 7
Artur 7
Oscar23 7
juhasz19958 6
CristiRef 6
robo 6
Shabhan 6
Pfieffer Latsch 5
makmak 5
vadim 5
tt 4
RFoget 4
mlykke2000 4
Ref_1707 4
tobi7895 4
Niclas 3
Kohagen 3
George 3
Flavio D'Aloisio 3
RayHD 3
Andreja 3
nixon 3
Tomaž Hohler 3
RikB 3
nat 3
f 3
ayomaju 2
Mates 1
referee93 0
kierangreen53 0
Referee from Austria 0

Total Points (Matchdays 1 & 2):

User Points
FormerRefCvS 30
xabi 23
Jekl 19
david02 18
K. S. 17
mithatakcay 16
Lucco81 15
majo.scheffler 15
markoni40 15
referee_pol 15
mijagi31 14
Etm 13
Mariusz Olszewski 13
Steen 13
Shabhan 12
roanvm 12
paul 12
Ref Copenhagen 12
ref_ref 12
Ethyl 12
marvinbecker 12
wmu 12
sven300590 11
tobi7895 10
CristiRef 10
manosd 10
Neculai 10
Philipp S 10
Soham_M 10
Lo Sparviero 10
luri Lucitchi 10
RikB 9
Chefren 9
edward 9
Frikandel98 9
Lukas 9
Xavialzina 9
Flavio D'Aloisio 8
RFoget 8
bl1008 7
bastien60 7
Artur 7
Oscar23 7
Franz93 6
harti23 6
john 6
makmak 6
juhasz19958 6
robo 6
ayomaju 5
nixon 5
Pfieffer Latsch 5
vadim 5
jan_16 4
Kieran Green E1252 4
Niclas 4
Tomaž Hohler 4
Ref_1707 4
tt 4
mlykke2000 4
claretspete 3
Double Wassup 3
gellerthood 3
HarryM 3
Iuri Lucitchi 3
juhasz0221 3
Karel Chromý 3
referee93 3
Thomas 3
Andreja 3
Kohagen 3
George 3
RayHD 3
nat 3
f 3
Mates 2
burakkaraaslan88 1
ericWB 1
Giovanni Platto 1
ktrayner 1
MartG 1
Okobuki 1
Referee from Austria 1
Silver 1
Stackpole0 1
andrevianacarvalho 0
barathzoltan 0
cesena01 0
ff 0
filip13 0
hori98 0
laurentiu.ciuchita 0
makmak 0
Micha 0
mirza 0
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Pascal 0
pierredufcmv 0
smartguy 0
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Visar Kastrati 0



    Game of the Portuguese league, this Monday
    Benfica vs Braga (Ref: De Sousa)
    1) 3:25 '(see replay), Benfica player falls in the area. Sousa no whistles. Yours opinions?
    2) 4:03' gets the ball after this table on opponent, AAR Mesquita validated the goal. Yours opinions?


    1. 1) For me not enough and no clear careless action. Both more or less cross their legs with each other, common sense favours no penalty here, in my view.

      2) Clear offside offence. The "pass" by the defender was an intuitive reaction and therefore a deflection (!), no deliberate play. Offside should have been given - for me this is not only Mesquita's fault, but specially de Sousa's (teamwork needed).

    2. 1) No penalty, definitely not enough for a whistle.
      2) Offside. The touch by defender is not a deliberate play, ball comes absolutely unexpected. I think AR was not ready to read this situation.

    3. yes but the pass from the attacker goes

    4. @Toddy: Right but that does not matter.

  2. Interesting: Oguz Sarvan seems to be UEFA's man for Dortmund-Real duels.

    2012: BVB 2:1 Real (group stage), ref Kassai, observer Sarvan
    2014: Real 3:0 BVB (quarterfinals), ref Clattenburg, observer Sarvan
    2016: ?

    1. Eriksson this time? :)

    2. Wouldn't be deserved, in my opinion.

    3. I bet on Rizzoli, who never was in Dortmund save Germany-Romania once - but Eriksson is also more than possible. Referee-Observer-Relation would suit for him, too.

    4. I would say Rizzoli.

    5. I would have said Skomina, but the delegate makes that unlikely.
      I thought, Rizzoli would be a quite safe bet for Atletico-Bayern (who else?), but BVB-Real is surely possible as well.
      Eriksson (and also Cakir) should IMO start with a smaller match (e.g. in group C or E) after their recent performances.
      Therefore I decided for Clattenburg in Dortmund, although there are also arguments against it.
      Will be interesting to see the results of our game (and then the real appointments...).

    6. For Atletico - Bayern, Marciniak is an option.
      Rizzoli with Atletico is very difficult if not impossible, after mistakes made on last season.

    7. I have guessed Skomina for Atlético-Bayern - if Rizzoli has BVB-Real, Eriksson could have it as well, though.

    8. You are right about Rizzoli/Atletico, I did not consider that.
      Then Skomina in Madrid and Rizzoli in Dortmund seems to be the best solution for me as well.
      I guess, Marciniak would have got a more important observer for Atletico-Bayern.

    9. I agree Philipp. In that case, I think, someone of the sort Fröjdfeldt/Brummeier/Reijgwart/Snoddy or a committee member would have been there.

    10. I predicted Mark Clattenburg for Atletico -Bayern... Any chances of that happening??

  3. Niclas, Chefren, can you kindly check you e-mail inbox please ?

  4. Some intresting situations from Greek SL first goal check video staring 0'20''
    offside or not? goal check video starting 0'45''
    referee Kalogeropoulos
    offide or not? two situations penalty or not 0'25'' and offside or not 1'35'' referee sidiropoulos two situations :advantage or ...
    penalty or not 2'20''

    Glad to hear your thoughts...

    1. I cannot watch the videos, unfortunately. Maybe Edward or another Greek can watch them?

    2. Platanias-Levadiakos
      00:20 Very tricky situation! Quite difficult to understand who touched the ball for the last time, the attacker was then in a clear offside position. For what I can see: blue player is in control of the ball, then there is a touch by a white/red player (this should be taken into account for the offfside), thin still after that, there is very likely a rebound (no deliberate play). At any rate, considering the touch by white/red player, I think the flag had to be raised, despite of the fact that (and perhaps this was the reason for which AR stayed down) the real last touch was from a blue player (but surely not a deliberate play).

      Veria - AEK
      00:45 The replay behind the net can help us, I think that at the moment of the kick, keeper view was obstructed also by the player in offside, so very likely goal to be disallowed. Then, there is also this movement by head, trying to avoid the ball. However, quite difficult to detect and there are perhaps room for considering it as regular.

      00:25 The tackle by defender doesn't reach the ball, and that's clear, but the contact with opponent is minimal and perhaps also sought. I think, a penalty that you can give without considering it a mistake.

      01:45 no offside when AR raises the flag, player who touches the ball is ONSIDE, even though in a very close position, however the sensation is that, without AR call, the other player from White team, #51 if I read correctly his number, (returning back from offside position) would have touched the ball, after the first attempt by the player ONSIDE (wrongly punished), so at any rate, AR2 would have had to raise the flag.

      00:15 of course advantage is the most convenient decision in this situation, I guess referee did that.
      02:20 I'm reluctant in assessing this touch as deliberate handball, but probably referee can be backed due to the position of the arm, not close to body. I think not a black or white situation.

  5. Hugh Dallas observing Arsenal-Basel. The game sounds like one for a first group referee, I think. Same counts for Fandel in Lisbon.

    1. I can't really see a first group referee there. My thought was Turpin. Suitable game, with a high-profile observer for a referee who needs some support.

    2. I have chosen Mateu as a test after his (many) controversial performances in the past - or Fernández, as a last test before a possible demotion (Gil Manzano seems to be making pressure performance-wise). At any rate, I expect a Spaniard here. We'll see.

    3. Me too one Spanish, so I put Estrada Fenandez as potential promoted from first group

    AIA posted this pic on Twitter a few ago. You can see that, apart from Rizzoli and Rocchi, Orsato is there as well. That is particular and unexpected, since he was out from the list of preselected referees, due to Rizzoli and Rocchi calls. It is possible he was called there just as guest, but now I would not exclude that other referees, from the previous preselection, are at moment attending this meeting.
    You can also see Stefani, perhaps he became FIFA instructor, I don't know that, I will investigate.
    On another note, TFF published this news:
    Talking about 20 selected officials, and this number would match with our list:
    Felix Brych - Germany - 1975 (FIFA since 2007)
    Cüneyt Çakır - Turkey - 1976 (FIFA since 2006)
    Mark Clattenburg - England - 1975 (FIFA since 2006)
    William Collum - Scotland - 1979 (FIFA since 2006)
    Jonas Eriksson - Sweden - 1974 (FIFA since 2002)
    Ovidiu Alin Hațegan - Romania - 1980 (FIFA since 2008)
    Sergei Karasev - Russia - 1979 (FIFA since 2010)
    Viktor Kassai - Hungary - 1975 (FIFA since 2003)
    Pavel Královec - Czech Republic - 1977 (FIFA since 2005)
    Björn Kuipers - Netherlands - 1973 (FIFA since 2006)
    Antonio Mateu Lahoz - Spain - 1977 (FIFA since 2011)
    Szymon Marciniak - Poland - 1981 (FIFA since 2011)
    Milorad Mažić - Serbia - 1973 (FIFA since 2009)
    Svein Oddvar Moen - Norway - 1979 (FIFA since 2005)
    Nicola Rizzoli - Italy - 1971 (FIFA since 2007)
    Gianluca Rocchi - Italy - 1973 (FIFA since 2008)
    Tasos Sidiropoulos - Greece - 1979 (FIFA since 2011)
    Damir Skomina - Slovenia - 1976 (FIFA since 2003)
    Artur Soares Dias - Portugal - 1979 (FIFA since 2010)
    Clément Turpin - France - 1982 (FIFA since 2010)

    1. Chefren,

      In Italy is the referees association that makes the appointments?
      What are the functions of the Italian federation?

    2. Yes, AIA is independent from FIGC and they are absolutely proud of that. If you work for AIA, you can't have a role in FIGC, it is forbidden.
      There are many committees, starting from serie A, until lower categories at regional and amateur level. AIA has a president.

      FIGC organizes the leagues, works for the teams and the national team, in addition they promote youth tournaments and so on.

  7. ARs are attending the seminar too. According to the notice by the Slovenian Referee Assoc. few days ago Skomina & his AR team Vukan and Praprotnik are attending the seminar.

  8. Ok, I managed to get important info. Rizzoli is not at FIFA meeting, Orsato is replacing him. Rizzoli is at moment in Spain because it's finally the time for marriage, after many years spent with his woman, a very important event in his life :)
    The other 19 referees are confirmed.
    In addition, they are making very detailed tests with Busacca about VAR, they are analyzing games and watching videos, trying to understand where the VAR can help and all that stuff. Busacca seems to be very proud.
    About Rizzoli, I don't know whether he will be appointed on next week for CL, but I guess so, a week should be enough as honeymoon :D

  9. I'm surprised by Rizzoli's marriage. I red his book ("Che gusto c'e' a fare l' arbitro") in which he talk a lot about his current and previous girlfriend but I felt that he never been married. His feeling was to be as much "free" as possible. I think he got a yellow card from his girlfriend, so to avoid a red card he was "obliged" to get married. BEST WHISHES TO HIM !!!!!!! But in this case at least 3 weeks as honeymoon, it is the best period !

    It's really a pity that news from Uefa gathering are not public: agenda, attendees, program should be deployed. It doesn't make sense.

    Chefren, Niclas can you check your inbox mail? My browser is not working and I don't know why. If Rizzoli will survive to honeymoon, he could be a strong option for Dortmund, even if Real has already got an Italian last match. So Skomina fits perfectly in Madrid while Cakir can manage Celtic-Manchester. I expect again 5 or 6 first class

  10. i think i am too late to make the guess now...

  11. Results will be posted on Wednesday.


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