January 30, 2017

AFCON 2017 - Referee Appointments for Semifinals

CAF Referees Committee has appointed the following officials to handle AFCON 2017 semifinals. 

01/02/2017, 20:00 CET, Libreville
Burkina Faso - Egypt
Referee: DIEDHIOU Malang (Senegal)
Assistant Referee 1: CAMARA Djibril (Senegal)
Assistant Referee 2: SAMBA El Hadji Malick (Senegal)
4th Official: NAMPIANDRAZA Hamada El Moussa (Madagascar)

02/02/2017, 20:00 CET, Franceville
Cameroon - Ghana
Referee: GASSAMA Bakary Papa (Gambia)
Assistant Referee 1: BIRUMUSHAHU Jean-Claude (Burundi)
Assistant Referee 2: AHMED ALI Waleed (Sudan)
4th Official: BONDO Joshua (Botswana)


  1. Well, I was spot on with my predictions for semi-finals. Now, it is very difficult to predict the names for the last two games of the tournament. Bennett, Sikazwe, Camille have big chances to get the final. Perhaps it depends on the teams playing in the last game (Burkina Faso = no Bennett, Ghana = no Camille and Cameroon = no Sikazwe)?

    Then, who will be appointed to the third-place game? Bondo or Nampiandraza as a reward for the well-handled group-stage game or maybe someone already appointed to the quarter-finals?

    It seems Sidi Alioum was surprisingly not kept for the knock-out phase. Given his performances, it's somehow reasonable.

    1. My names for the final are Sikazwe and Bennett. I think at the end one of them will handle the game, perhaps with Camille as fourth official. A few chance for Camille himself as main referee, but I think more unlikely than others.
      Then for third place I share your view about Bondo and Nampiandraza, surely one of them would be a very deserved appointment.
      About your last consideration: please note that all officials (including assistant referees and fourth officials) appointed in KO stage so far (6 games) are from nations not present in KO stage. Diedhiou appointed only after Senegal's elimination. I think CAF paid attention to that, and this would explain the absence of Alioum, given the fact that Cameroon is there.

  2. Nampiandraza surely deserved a quarter final or semi final appointment after some really strong performances in the CAF circuit recently... Disappointed that he is only been given board duties in both knockout rounds so far!!

  3. The final is definately Sikazwe's.
    ref Janny Sikazwe
    ar1 Jerson Dos Santos
    ar2 Eden Marwa
    4th Danial Bennet
    rar Zakhele Siwela

  4. Very interesting video about officials at AFCON 2017.

  5. Great refereeing by Gassama - best performance of the championship at 8.5
    He has big chances to achieve something very big in Russia imo

    1. Possible handball penalty for GHA in 50th minute?

  6. My final predictions:
    BFA-GHA: Otogo, Vinga, Range, Charef
    EGY-CMR: Camille, dos Santos, Siwela, Sikazwe

  7. BURKINA FASO - EGYPT (Malang Diedhiou - Senegal)

    Key Match Incidents:
    18' - EGY's penalty-appeal waved away by the referee
    48' - handball signalled by AR1; no card, SPA or DOGSO?
    52', 70', 96 - minor penalty-appeals rightly waved away by the referee(s)
    68' - BFA's penalty-appeal waved away by the referee(s)
    86' - YC to #19 BFA for reckless tackle; RC for SFP possible?
    88' - possible 2nd YC to #7 EGY for tactical foul
    104' - EGY's penalty-appeal waved away by the referee

    Other issues:
    20', 31', 88', 90', 109' - careless-reckless fouls, possible YCs
    106' - strict approach to medical treatment during the extra-time break
    20', 116' - good advantage use
    54' - YC for illegal use of arms

    1. 18': Agree with referee, correct decision to play on, no penalty.
      48': Well spotted by AR here, we can justify the delay in calling it, good cooperation, however a card is missing.
      This is the scenario at the moment of the foul:
      Let's imagine that the attacker would have controlled the ball, without the handball by opponent. I think he would have had an OGSO, however given the fact that attacker had still to control the ball (but this, honestly, looks really easy to happen without the foul), and perhaps the presence of another defender, even though very far away from the situation, one could have accepted YC.
      At any rate no card was a significant mistake there, AR1 must be praised for the call, but at the same time he had to inform the referee, referee himself could have asked for that, as well. "Ok foul, but was that a promising attack / OGSO?" Points for improvement for the officials.
      52' - 70' - 96': the first two situations are not deliberate handballs, the last one is not a penalty as well, in my opinion.
      68': not enough for a penalty, ok decision by referee.
      86': Borderline to SFP but in my opinion one can support the decision to assess the challenge as reckless, all criteria for SFP are not totally fulfilled.
      88': YC surely possible because it was a blatant challenge directly on the man, with the only interest to stop him, however I think that referee didn't show YC given the position where the foul occurred. Still supportable... but very borderline.
      104': It looks like something a bit mutual, and the action by defender is not that blatant than opponent's one. So still room for backing referee.

      In my opinion the missed (red) card was a crucial mistake and Egypt would have played the game in 10 men for the whole second half, this was surely a match influencing mistake. In all the other crucial situations, I think referee can be always backed.

  8. http://www.kickoff.com/news/72762/south-african-referee-daniel-bennett-has-not-been-selected-to-officiate-sundays-afcon-final-

    Of course I can't know "how much" official is that, but it seems as what "gido" wrote there was true.

    1. To be honest, Bennett deserves the final more than Sikazwe basing on their performances at this tournament (QF - Bennett no clear and important mistake, Sikazwe one clear and important mistake).

    2. However, you cannot judge referees only based on crucial mistakes. Statistically every referees makes them every now and then, some more often than others of course. What should matter more are factors like overall performance level in the areas of control, game-management, decision-taking (this is more than 1 crucial situation), fitness values and personality, plus factors like experience, prospect (FIFA pre list or not?) etc. And apart from, we all know that one thing plays THE most important role in African refereeing: Regional politics.

      Two Western African referees were in charge of the semifinals. Given the composition of the CAF ref department, it is extremely unlikely that both remaining matches go to a Western African referee and Southern African referee. I rather believe it is most likely to see one Northern African and one Southern African official. Therefore Charef and Sikazwe sound logical.

      Don't get me wrong, I personally think Bennett would deserve the final, though I think we have to realistically accept that other factors will influence CAF's choice.

  9. It seems as Mehdi Abid Charef will be the referee for third place final.
    However, it is better to wait for both confirmations.

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  11. CAMEROON - GHANA (Bakary Papa Gassama - Gambia)

    Key Match Incidents:
    13' - tackle inside the GHA's penalty-area
    50' - handball inside the CMR's penalty-area

  12. 13': Defender goes for the ball, he slightly touches it then there is contact with the opponent, we can't be sure about the real effect of this challenge, it is possible that attacker was already falling down or he made it more than it really was. At any rate, a very risky action, but one can still back referee's decision.
    33': Not a deliberate handball in my opinion. Correct decision by referee.
    45': The fact that this tackle had its main effect on the ball with a clearance, ca justify the choice of referee's to play on, however very, very risky action there.
    50': Penalty could have been whistled, but in my opinion it would have been a quite harsh call. It is true that the arm is widely open and player increases his body's volume, but the distance is really minimal and the action by defender looks like a genuine attempt to protect himself from the shot. I have many doubts, I think referee can be backed.
    55': I think that referee there could have shown more alertness.
    56': It is more an accidental contact than a real foul in my opinion. Surely no need of YC there.
    60': I would have liked YC there, given the action and the speed of the player, the attack was really promising.
    65': Absolutely well spotted, and I'm sure directly by Gassama who was quite far away, excellent.
    71': Reckless, for me YC, but perhaps not a 100% mandatory one. With a warning spent by Gassama, I think an observer can support him also in this case.
    76': Without a closer replay... however, it looks like chest so I would back referee.
    81': OK decision. If I'm not wrong, this was the only card of the game by Gassama.
    Referee joking: nice :)


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