January 23, 2017

National Leagues Referee Appointments - Matchweek 4 (2017)

The following match officials have been selected to take control over the matches played in Europe's top leagues in Matchweek 4. Feel free to ...

- ... share appointments with us (writing them as a comment in the manner below)
- ... share appointments from your national leagues other than those listed below with us, specially if you consider the game as significant (e.g. a derby, a top clash or a very important game etc.)
- ... place video clips you regard as useful for educational and discussion purpose
- ... discuss match situations on the games belonging to the respective matchweek
- ... and much more..

Our matchweekly posts can be easily found in the menu (Referee Appointments > National Leagues).
They will appear on Saturdays most likely and then be filled throughout the week.


EFL Cup Semifinals (second legs)

25.01.17 21:00 CET
Liverpool - Southampton
Referee: Martin Atkinson
Assistant Referees: Stephen Child, Adam Nunn
Fourth Official: Paul Tierney

26.01.17 20:45 CET
Hull City - Manchester United
Referee: Jonathan Moss
Assistant Referees: Marc Perry, Andy Halliday
Fourth Official: Craig Pawson

FA Cup Fourth Round  Proper

27.01.17 20:55 CET
Derby County - Leicester City
Referee: Mark Clattenburg
Assistant Referees: Simon Bennett, Adrian Holmes
Fourth Official: Stephen Martin

28.01.17 13:30 CET
Liverpool - Wolverhampton Wanderers
Referee: Craig Pawson
Assistant Referees: Harry Lennard, Mark Scholes
Fourth Official: Jonathan Moss

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Blackburn Rovers - Blackpool
Referee: Peter Bankes
Assistant Referees: Geoffry Russell, Timothy Wood
Fourth Official: Darren Bond

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Burnley - Bristol City
Referee: Andre Marriner
Assistant Referees: Matt Wilkes, Derek Eaton
Fourth Official: Christopher Kavanagh

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Chelsea - Brentford
Referee: Michael Oliver
Assistant Referees: Stephen Child, Adam Nunn
Fourth Official: Lee Collins

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Crystal Palace - Manchester City
Referee: Mike Jones
Assistant Referees:  Mick McDonough, Andy Halliday
Fourth Official: Andy Davies

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Lincoln City - Brighton & Hove Albion
Referee: Andy Madley
Assistant Referees:  James Wilson, Philip Dermott
Fourth Official: Mark Brown

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Middlesbrough - Accrington Stanley
Referee: Anthony Taylor
Assistant Referees: Scott Ledger, Marc Perry
Fourth Official: Jeremy Simpson

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Oxford United - Newcastle United
Referee: David Coote
Assistant Referees: Niggel Lugg, Adam Matthews
Fourth Official: Charles Breakspear

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Rochdale AFC - Huddersfield Town
Referee: Oliver Langford
Assistant Referees: Steven Meredith, Christopher Akers
Fourth Official: Andy Haines

28.01.17 16:00 CET
Tottenham Hotspur - Wycombe Wanderers
Referee: Roger East
Assistant Referees: Darren Cann, Ian Cooper
Fourth Official: Darren Deadman

28.01.17 18:30 CET
Southampton - Arsenal
Referee: Kevin Friend
Assistant Referees: Peter Kirkup, Simon Beck
Fourth Official: Tim Robinson

29.01.17 13:00 CET
Millwall - Watford
Referee: Martin Atkinson
Assistant Referees: Gary Beswick, David Bryan
Fourth Official: Graham Scott

29.01.17 13:30 CET
Fulham - Hull City
Referee: Paul Tierney
Assistant Referees: Simon Long, Andy Garratt
Fourth Official: John Brooks

29.01.17 15:00 CET
Sutton United - Leeds United
Referee: Stuart Attwell
Assistant Referees: Ian Hussin, Richard West
Fourth Official: Lee Mason

29.01.17 17:00 CET
Manchester United - Wigan Athletic
Referee: Neil Swarbrick
Assistant Referees: Stuart Burt, Sian Massey-Ellis
Fourth Official: Tony Harrington 


Coupe de la Ligue Semifinals

24.01.17 21:00 CET
Girondins de Bordeaux - Paris Saint Germain
Referee: Clément Turpin
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Haquette, Michaël Annonier
Additional Assistant Referees: Johan Hamel, Bartolomeu Varela
Fourth Official: Karim Abed

25.01.17 21:00 CET
AS Monaco - AS Nancy Lorraine
Referee: Ruddy Buquet
Assistant Referees: Guillaume Debart, Frédéric Cano
Additional Assistant Referees: Tony Chapron, Amaury Delerue
Fourth Official: Jérôme Miguelgorry

Ligue 1 (MD 22)

27.01.17 20:45 CET
Olympique de Marseille - Montpellier Hérault SC 
Referee: Tony Chapron
Assistant Referees: Alexandre Viala, Julien Aube
Fourth Official: Thomas Leonard

28.01.17 17:00 CET
Olympique Lyonnais - LOSC Lille
Referee: Johan Hamel
Assistant Referees: Stephan Luzi, Yannick Boutry
Fourth Official: William Lavis

28.01.17 20:00 CET
Angers SCO - FC Metz
Referee: Karim Abed
Assistant Referees: Mickaël Lamouche, Gilles Lang
Fourth Official: Floris Aubin

28.01.17 20:00 CET
SC Bastia - SM Caen
Referee: Amaury Delerue
Assistant Referees:  Fredji Harchay, Bertrand Jouannaud
Fourth Official: Sofien Benchabane

28.01.17 20:00 CET
FC Lorient - Dijon FCO
Referee: Olivier Thual
Assistant Referees: Matthieu Lombard, Ciryl Saint Cricq Lompre
Fourth Official: Romain Galibert

28.01.17 20:00 CET
AS Nancy Lorraine - Girondins de Bordeaux
Referee: Jérôme Brisard
Assistant Referees: Sébastien Denis, Benjamin Pages
Fourth Official: Baenjamin Lepaysant

28.01.17 20:00 CET
Stade Rennais FC - FC Nantes
Referee: Mikael Lesage
Assistant Referees: Philippe Jeanne, Cyril Mugnier
Fourth Official: Guillaume Paradis

29.01.17 15:00 CET
OGC Nice - En Avant Guingamp
Referee: Jérôme Miguelgorry
Assistant Referees: Cedric Moreau, Julien Pacelli
Fourth Official: Romain Delpech

29.01.17 17:00 CET
Toulouse FC - AS Saint-Étienne
Referee: Bartolomeu Varela
Assistant Referees: Mickaël Annonier, Huseyin Ocak
Fourth Official: Faouzi Benchabane

29.01.17 21:00 CET
Paris Saint Germain - AS Monaco
Referee: Frank Schneider
Assistant Referees: Djemel Zitouni, Nicolas Henninot
Fourth Official: Sébastien Desiage


Bundesliga (MD 18)

27.01.17 20:30 CET
FC Schalke 04 - Eintracht Frankfurt
Referee: Robert Hartmann
Assistant Referees: Christian Leicher, Markus Schüller
Fourth Official: Patrick Alt

28.01.17 15:30 CET
SV Darmstadt 98 - 1. FC Köln
Referee: Dr. Robert Kampka
Assistant Referees: Robert Kempter, Benedikt Kempkes
Fourth Official: Markus Sinn

28.01.17 15:30 CET
FC Ingolstadt - Hamburger SV
Referee: Markus Schmidt
Assistant Referees: Thorben Siewer, Christof Günsch
Fourth Official: Arno Blos

28.01.17 15:30 CET
RB Leipzig - 1899 Hoffenheim
Referee: Wolfgang Stark
Assistant Referees: Mike Pickel, Martin Petersen
Fourth Official:Jan Seidel

28.01.17 15:30 CET
Werder Bremen - Bayern München
Referee: Sascha Stegemann
Assistant Referees: Christian Fischer, Sören Storks
Fourth Official: Frank Wiillenborg

28.01.17 15:30 CET
VfL Wolfsburg - FC Augsburg
Referee: Bastian Dankert
Assistant Referees: René Rohde, Markus Häcker
Fourth Official: Sascha Thielert

28.01.17 18:30 CET
Bayer Leverkusen - Borussia Mönchengladbach
Referee: Deniz Aytekin
Assistant Referees: Christian Dietz, Eduard Beitinger
Fourth Official: Guido Kleve

29.01.17 15:30 CET
SC Freiburg - Hertha BSC
Referee: Günter Perl
Assistant Referees: Thomas Stein, Michael Emmer
Fourth Official: Dr. Jochen Drees

29.01.17 17:30 CET
1. FSV Mainz 05 - Borussia Dortmund
Referee: Felix Zwayer
Assistant Referees: Thorsten Schiffner, Marco Achmüller
Fourth Official: Dr. Matthias Jöllenbeck 


Coppa Italia Quarterfinals:

24.01.17 20:45 CET
SSC Napoli - ACF Fiorentina
Referee: Daniele Doveri
Assistant Referees: Alessandro Giallatini, Alberto Tegoni
Fourth Official: Paolo Valeri

25.01.17 20:45 CET
Juventus - AC Milan
Referee: Massimiliano Irrati
Assistant Referees: Fabiano Preti, Giacomo Paganessi
Fourth Official: Marco Guida

Serie A (MD 22)

28.01.17, 18:00 CET
SS Lazio - Chievo Verona
Referee:  Michael Fabbri
Assistant Referees: Sergio Ranghetti, Pasquale De Meo
Additional Assistant Referees: Massimliano Irrati, Antonio Rapuano
Fourth Official: Gianmattia Tasso

28.01.17, 20:45 CET
FC Internazionale - Delfino Pescara 1936
Referee: Gianpaolo Calvarese
Assistant Referees: Ciro Carbone, Alessandro Lo Cicero
Additional Assistant Referees: Marco Guida, Eugenio Abbattista
Fourth Official: Fabiano Preti

29.01.17, 12:30 CET
Torino FC - Atalanta
Referee: Antonio Damato
Assistant Referees: Mauro Tonolini, Omar Gava
Additional Assistant Referees: Davide Massa, Niccolò Baroni
Fourth Official: Damiano Di Iorio

29.01.17, 15:00 CET
Cagliari Calcio - Bologna FC
Referee: Luca Pairetto
Assistant Referees: Alessandro Giallatini, Antonino Santoro
Additional Assistant Referees: Marco Di Bello, Marco Piccinini
Fourth Official: Giorgio Peretti

29.01.17, 15:00 CET
FC Crotone - Empoli FC
Referee: Paolo Tagliavento
Assistant Referees: Matteo Passeri. Giuseppe De Pinto
Additional Assistant Referees: Paolo Valeri, Ivano Pezzuto
Fourth Official: Valerio Pegorin

29.01.17, 15:00 CET
ACF Fiorentina - Genoa CFC
Referee: Daniele Orsato
Assistant Referees: Rodolfo Di Vuolo, Alessio Tolfo
Additional Assistant Referees: Piero Giacomelli, Riccardo Ros
Fourth Official: Gianluca Cariolato

29.01.17, 15:00 CET
UC Sampdoria - AS Roma
Referee: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni
Assistant Referees: Marco Barbirati, Claudio La Rocca
Additional Assistant Referees: Gianluca Rocchi, Fabio Maresca
Fourth Official: Filippo Meli

29.01.17, 15:00 CET
US Sassuolo Calcio - Juventus
Referee: Daniele Doveri
Assistant Referees: Fabrizio Posado, Salvatore Longo
Additional Assistant Referees: Carmine Russo, Claudio Gavillucci
Fourth Official: Alessandro Costanzo

29.01.17, 15:00 CET
Udinese Calcio - AC Milan
Referee: Luca Banti
Assistant Referees: Valentino Fiorito, Stefano Alassio
Additional Assistant Referees: Nicola Rizzoli, Luigi Nasca
Fourth Official: Mauro Vivenzi

29.01.17, 20:45 CET
SSC Napoli - US Città di Palermo
Referee: Domenico Celi
Assistant Referees: Andrea Crispo, Giorgio Schenone
Additional Assistant Referees: Maurizio Mariani, Aleandro Di Paolo
Fourth Official: Filippo Valeriani


Copa del Rey Quarterfinals (Second legs)

24.01.17, 19:15 CET
Deportivo Alavés - AD Alcorcón
Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Assistant Referees: Alfonso Costoya Rodríguez, Enrique José Ramos Ferreiros
Fourth Official: Óscar Martínez Santos

25.01.17, 19:15 CET
SD Eibar - Club Atlético de Madrid
Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre
Assistant Referees: Jorge Bueno Mateo,  Fernando Tresaco Escabosa
Fourth Official: Antonio Monter Solans

25.01.17, 21:15 CET
RC Celta de Vigo - Real Madrid CF
Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
Assistant Referees: Diego Barbero Sevilla, José Gallego García
Fourth Official: José Joaquín Gallego Gambín

26.01.17, 21:15 CET
FC Barcelona - Real Sociedad de Fútbol
Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera
Assistant Referees: Roberto Alonso Fernández , César Manuel Noval Font
Fourth Official: Miguel García Aceña

La Liga (MD 20)

27.01.17, 20:45 CET
CA Osasuna - Málaga CF
Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Assistant Referees: César García Fernández, Iker de Francisco Grijalba
Fourth Official: José Antonio López Toca

28.01.17, 13:00 CET
Villarreal CF - Granada CF
Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez Izquierdo
Assistant Referees: Juan Carlos Barranco Trejo, Joan Méndez Mateo
Fourth Official: Rubén Ruipérez Marín

28.01.17, 16:15 CET
Deportivo Alavés - Club Atlético de Madrid
Referee: Daniel Ocón Arráiz
Assistant Referees: Iñigo Prieto López de Ceraín, David Canales Cerdá
Fourth Official: Fernando Román Román

28.01.17, 18:30 CET
SD Eibar - RC Deportivo de La Coruña
Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera
Assistant Referees: Diego Barbero Sevilla, César Manuel Noval Font
Fourth Official: José Alberto Pardeiro Puente

28.01.17, 20:45 CET
CD Leganés - RC Celta de Vigo
Referee: Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez
Assistant Referees: José Carlos Escuela Melo, Jon Núñez Fernández
Fourth Official: Xabier Gómez Landazabal

29.01.17, 12:00 CET
Real Betis Balompié - FC Barcelona
Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
Assistant Referees: Teodoro Sobrino Magán, José Enrique Naranjo Pérez
Fourth Official: Francisco José Hernández Maeso

29.01.17, 16:15 CET
RCD Espanyol de Barcelona - Sevilla FC
Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
Assistant Referees: Andoni Huerga Cermeño, Aitor Villate Martínez
Fourth Official: Jon Ander González Esteban

29.01.17, 18:130 CET
Athletic Club - Real Sporting de Gijón
Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez
Assistant Referees: Javier Aguilar Rodríguez, Javier Martínez Nicolás
Fourth Official: Cristian Adrian Lixandru

29.01.17, 20:45 CET
Real Madrid CF - Real Sociedad de Fútbol
Referee: Mario Melero López
Assistant Referees: Manuel Ángel Torre Cimiano, José Luis Martínez Serrato
Fourth Official: Iván Caparrós Hernández

30.01.17, 20:45 CET
UD Las Palmas - Valencia CF
Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre
Assistant Referees: Jorge Bueno Mateo, Fernando Tresaco Escabosa
Fourth Official: David Jesús Pinto Herrera




    25.01.2017, 21:45 CET
    Vitória FC - SC Braga
    Referee: Carlos Miguel Taborda Xistra
    Assistant Referees: Bruno Miguel Campos Rodrigues, Jorge Manuel Lopes Cruz
    Fourth Official: Venâncio Manuel Raposo Baptista Tomé
    Additional Assistant Referees: Fábio José Costa Veríssimo, Bruno Miguel Duarte Paixão

    26.01.2017, 21:45 CET
    Moreirense FC - SL Benfica
    Referee: Tiago Bruno Lopes Martins
    Assistant Referees: Luís André Ferreira Pinto Campos, Pedro Miguel Almeida Mota
    Fourth Official: Paulo Jorge Tecedeiro Ramos
    Additional Assistant Referees: Hugo Filipe Ferreira Campos Moreira Miguel, Luís Miguel Branco Godinho

  2. There's a change in the Coupe de la Ligue game between FC Girondins de Bordeaux and Paris Saint-Germain FC. The appointment is now:

    Referee: Clément Turpin
    Assistant Referees: Frédéric Haquette, Michaël Annonier
    Fourth Official: Karim Abed
    Additional Assistant Referees: Johan Hamel, Bartolomeu Varela Teles

    By the way, it's better to take appointments for the French competitions from the FFF site. They are updated and have the assistants names in correct order in contrary to the LFP site.

    1. Thank you so much for all the appointments / news.


    Matchday 23

    24.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    KRC Genk - KV Kortrijk
    Referee: Christof Dierick
    Assistant Referees: Kévin Monteny, Ruben Wyns
    Fourth Official: Serge Gumienny

    24.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    KV Oostende - Royal Charleroi SC
    Referee: Nicolas Laforge
    Assistant Referees: Karel De Rocker, Florian Lemaire
    Fourth Official: Nathan Verboomen

    24.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    SV Zulte Waregem - Royal Excel Mouscron
    Referee: Jan Boterberg
    Assistant Referees: Christophe Baillieul, Brecht Devriese
    Fourth Official: Jonathan Lardot

    25.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    Club Brugge KV - KV Red Star Waasland-SK Beveren
    Referee: Bram Van Driessche
    Assistant Referees: Philippe Vandecauter, Jeroen Walschap
    Fourth Official: Wim Smet

    25.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    KSC Lokeren Oost-Vlaanderen - KAA Gent
    Referee: Bart Vertenten
    Assistant Referees: Rien Vanyzere, Thibaud Nijssen
    Fourth Official: Lawrence Visser

    25.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    KVC Westerlo - RSC Anderlecht
    Referee: Alexandre Boucaut
    Assistant Referees: Jimmy Cremers, Patrick Plumes
    Fourth Official: Luc Wouters

    25.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    Koninklijke Sint Truidense VV - Yellow-Red KV Mechelen
    Referee: Frederik Geldhof
    Assistant Referees: Kevin D'Hondt, Mathias Hillaert
    Fourth Official: Erik Lambrechts

    26.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    KAS Eupen - Royal Standard de Liège
    Referee: Sébastien Delferière
    Assistant Referees: Yves De Neve, Stijn Hutsebaut
    Fourth Official: Christof Virant

    Matchday 24

    27.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    Royal Charleroi SC - SV Zulte Waregem
    Referee: Wim Smet
    Assistant Referees: Dirk Gilon, Philippe Vandecauter
    Fourth Official: Bram Van Driessche

    28.01.2017, 18:00 CET
    KV Kortrijk - KSC Lokeren Oost-Vlaanderen
    Referee: Nathan Verboomen
    Assistant Referees: Tom Dens, Mathias Hillaert
    Fourth Official: Jan Boterberg

    28.01.2017, 20:00 CET
    KV Red Star Waasland-SK Beveren - KVC Westerlo
    Referee: Erik Lambrechts
    Assistant Referees: Karel De Rocker, Stijn Hutsebaut
    Fourth Official: Serge Gumienny

    28.01.2017, 20:00 CET
    Koninklijke Sint Truidense VV - KV Oostende
    Referee: Jonathan Lardot
    Assistant Referees: Laurent Conotte, Vito Di Vincenzo
    Fourth Official: Christof Virant

    28.01.2017, 20:30 CET
    Yellow-Red KV Mechelen - KRC Genk
    Referee: Sébastien Delferière
    Assistant Referees: Yves De Neve, Jo De Weirdt
    Fourth Official: Denis Vanbecelaere

    29.01.2017, 14:30 CET
    KAA Gent - Club Brugge KV
    Referee: Nicolas Laforge
    Assistant Referees: Kévin Monteny, Nicolas Ponsar
    Fourth Official: Frederik Geldhof

    29.01.2017, 18:00 CET
    RSC Anderlecht - Royal Standard de Liège
    Referee: Bart Vertenten
    Assistant Referees: Rien Vanyzere, Thibaud Nijssen
    Fourth Official: Christof Dierick

    29.01.2017, 20:00 CET
    Royal Excel Mouscron - KAS Eupen
    Referee: Luc Wouters
    Assistant Referees: Kristof Meers, Christophe Battiston
    Fourth Official: Alexandre Boucaut

    1. Delferiere: Eupen - Standard on Thursday and Mechelen - Genk on saturday... Tough... Two important games for play-offs in Belgium. Good luck for Vertenten in Anderlecht - Standard! Always difficult game but a good referee. Finally, a very good test for Laforge, Gent - Brugge is also a challenging game... his first one I think.



    24.01.2017 20:45 CET
    FC Volendam - Sparta Rotterdam
    Referee: Jochem Kamphuis
    Assistant Referees: Dave Goossens, Rens Bluemink
    Fourth Official: Christiaan Bax
    Video Assistant Referee: Pol van Boekel

    25.01.2017 18:30 CET
    FC Utrecht - SC Cambuur
    Referee: Pol van Boekel
    Assistant Referees: Bas van Dongen, Richard Brondijk
    Fourth Official: Allard Lindhout
    Video Assistant Referee: Jochem Kamphuis

    25.01.2017 20:45 CET
    AZ - SC Heerenveen
    Referee: Björn Kuipers
    Assistant Referees: Sander van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra
    Fourth Official: Jeroen Manschot
    Video Assistant Referee: Danny Makkelie

    26.01.2017 20:45 CET
    Vitesse - Feyenoord
    Referee: Danny Makkelie
    Assistant Referees: Mario Diks, Hessel Steegstra
    Fourth Official: Edwin van de Graaf
    Video Assistant Referee: Björn Kuipers

    1. The Kuipers-Makkelie combination sounds particularly very strong to me!! 💪👊💪

    2. Makkelie has been involved in the testing of VAR since the beginning in the Netherlands; I wouldn't be surprised if the Dutch Federation were trying to prepare a "Team Kuipers+" by giving them time to work together. Especially worth noting that Kuipers indeed has his regular assistants there, so it would make sense as a VAR training session.

  5. The EFL Cup semifinal 2nd leg between Hull City and Manchester United will be refereed by Jonathan Moss and not Neil Swarbrick... 🙂



    25.01.2017, 20:45 CET
    Celtic FC - St. Johnstone FC
    Referee: Andrew Dallas
    Assistant Referees: Alan Mulvanny, Sean Carr
    Fourth Official: Euan Anderson

    27.01.2017, 20:45 CET
    Aberdeen FC - Dundee FC
    Referee: Kevin Clancy
    Assistant Referees: Sean Carr, Graham McNeillie
    Fourth Official: Gavin Duncan

    28.01.2017, 13:30 CET
    Motherwell FC - Rangers FC
    Referee: William Collum
    Assistant Referees: David McGeachie, Gordon Crawford
    Fourth Official: Euan Anderson

    28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC - Partick Thistle FC
    Referee: Stephen Finnie
    Assistant Referees: Douglas Ross, Andrew Milne
    Fourth Official: John Beaton

    28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
    Kilmarnock FC - Ross County FC
    Referee: Barry Cook
    Assistant Referees: Kylie McMullan, Jordan Stokoe
    Fourth Official: John McKendrick

    28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
    St. Johnstone FC - Hamilton Academical FC
    Referee: Nicolas Walsh
    Assistant Referees: Alastair Mather, Stuart Hodge
    Fourth Official: Graham Beaton

    29.01.2017, 14:00 CET
    Celtic FC - Heart of Midlothian FC
    Referee: Robert Madden
    Assistant Referees: Graham Chambers, Stephen Mitchell
    Fourth Official: Gregory Aitken

  7. Interesting situations:
    2:No goal because of enroachment.
    3:No goal because of two touches by same player.

    Watch 2:20 youtube.com/watch?v=0Y3rphSzd-8

    1. 1. Penalty correct.
      2. Good application of the LoTG. However, one may keep both eyes closed to such encroachement.
      3. Well done! We can't be sure whether the ball didn't cross the goal-line.

    2. I could close my eyes on the first one, however I always take a lap and tell everyone to make sure they don't make an enroachment but that player decided to do it anyway so I had to keep my word.
      I had an assistant referee that you can't see on the penalty but he made it clear that it wasn't over the line.

      Thank you for the comments.

    3. 0:16
      Very good angle
      Praises for AR
      I like this kind of "quick" YC showing procedure
      Try to be more expressive and energetic in those kind of situations near 16.5 ;)

      About PK
      On first sight, PK looked soft, attacker fell down to easily but after re-watching I agree with your decision.


    4. IMO situation in 2:20 (penalty retaken) looked to much strict. In the letter of LOG it is ok, but for my opinion the encroachment should by blatant.

    5. RefRef thanks for the comments.

      Maldun: yes I know the enroachment isn't huge but I think it's good to apply the rule even for that situation early in the season and especially for young U17 players. But comparing that to what we see everyday i pro leagues I know it would rarely get called. But the again the rule was still followed :)

  8. Darren Cann has been swapped with Mick McDonough in the FA Cup's fourth round.

  9. The first on-field review in The Netherlands (FC Utrecht - SC Cambuur, KNVB Beker)!


    1. Thank you, I was about to post that as well. Very nice :)

  10. Marcin Borski (former Elite Development, then First Group referee) replaced Ryszard Wójcik on the list of Polish UEFA Referee Observers.

    Most likely the memorable interview in which he stated that Clattenburg's refereeing in the POL-SUI game at EURO2016 was 'scandalous' was the reason behind that.


    Matchday 20

    27.01.2017, 20:00 CET
    Willem II - Sparta Rotterdam
    Referee: Jeroen Manschot
    Assistant Referees: Peter Janson, Roy de Nas
    Fourth Official: Joey Kooij

    28.01.2017, 18:30 CET
    Go Ahead Eagles - FC Utrecht
    Referee: Ed Janssen
    Assistant Referees: Jan de Vries, Johan Hubers
    Fourth Official: Rob Dieperink

    28.01.2017, 19:45 CET
    Heracles Almelo - PSV
    Referee: Kevin Blom
    Assistant Referees: Bas van Dongen, Joost van Zuilen
    Fourth Official: Freek van Herk

    28.01.2017, 19:45 CET
    Roda JC - Excelsior
    Referee: Serdar Gözübüyük
    Assistant Referees: Sander van Roekel, Rens Bluemink
    Fourth Official: Steven van der Vrande

    29.01.2017, 12:30 CET
    SC Heerenveen - FC Groningen
    Referee: Danny Makkelie
    Assistant Referees: Mario Diks, Hessel Steegstra
    Fourth Official: Edwin van de Graaf

    29.01.2017, 14:30 CET
    Ajax - ADO Den Haag
    Referee: Bas Nijhuis
    Assistant Referees: Rob van de Ven, Charles Schaap
    Fourth Official: Siemen Mulder

    29.01.2017, 14:30 CET
    PEC Zwolle - FC Twente
    Referee: Martin van den Kerkhof
    Assistant Referees: Erwin Zeinstra, Erik Kleinjan
    Fourth Official: Sander van der Eijk

    29.01.2017, 14:30 CET
    Vitesse - AZ
    Referee: Jochem Kamphuis
    Assistant Referees: Nicky Siebert, Johan Balder
    Fourth Official: Erwin Blank

    29.01.2017, 16:45 CET
    Feyenoord - NEC
    Referee: Pol van Boekel
    Assistant Referees: Dave Goossens, Richard Polman
    Fourth Official: Richard Martens

  12. QATAR

    26.01.2017, 16:40 CET
    Al-Shahaniya - Al-Sailiya
    Referee: Milorad Mažić (Serbia)
    Assistant Referees: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević (Serbia)

    28.01.2017, 14:30 CET
    Al-Wakrah - Al-Mu'aidar
    Referee: Tamás Bognár (Hungary)
    Assistant Referees: István Albert, Vencel Tóth

  13. Pogoń Szczecin (POL) - Astra Giurgiu (ROU) test-match in Geroskípou, Cyprus. The referee awards two penalties for phantom fouls, so both teams miss their penalty on purpose. After the first one, the referee even orders to retake the penalty...


    1. It's hasn't been the only suspicious matter in Cypriot football last days. UEFA informed CFA that there were too many bets on five goals difference in favour of APOEL in the game against AE Zakakíou (22/01). The final score was 7-0 (5-0 in the first half).

      The second suspicious game was Karmiótissa Polemidión - AEK Lárnakas in Cypriot Cup (18/01). The bets were on at least five goals difference in favour of AEK. The final result was 1-6...

      UEFA find fault with AEZ and Karmiótissa clubs.

    2. First video (test-match) is really embarrassing. The clear proof is that, in front of a regular execution of the penalty, referee orders to retake it. If you ask me, such people should be banned from football forever.

    3. Who was the referee? Not a FIFA one, I guess.

    4. I have read a couple of Cypriot sites but they don't mention the referee. They do say, however, that he wasn't from Cyprus.

  14. Two weeks ago, Croatia got her first FIFA Referee Instructor ever. Lada Rojc, one of the best and most experienced FIFA Assitant referees. Croatia has two instructors for futsal, but never had instructor for football. Congratulations to Lada, gread success. In her interview she stated one very interesting thing: There are only 55 FIFA Instructors in the world, and only 14 are from UEFA, including her. Anybody has info who are those 14? My guess are: Riley, Mikkelsen, Trentalange, Elovirta, Jonsson, Listkievicz, Collina, Damkova (they were/are in FIFA Ref Committee). I found that Webb, Medina Cantalejo and Steve Bennet are also FIFA Instructors.

    1. The last published list of FIFA Refereeing Instructors is from 2015...



    26.01.2017, 16:25 CET
    Al-Rayd Buraydah - Al-Ta'awoun Buraydah
    Referee: Szymon Marciniak (Poland)
    Assistant Referees: Paweł Sokolnicki, Tomasz Listkiewicz (Poland)

    27.01.2017, 18:15 CET
    Al-Ahli Jeddah - Al-Shabab Riyadh
    Referee: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
    Assistant Referees: Mathias Klasenius, Daniel Wärnmark (Sweden)

    28.01.2017, 18:15 CET
    Al-Ittifaq Dammam - Al-Hilal Riyadh
    Referee: Felix Brych (Germany)
    Assistant Referees: Mark Borsch, Stefan Lupp (Germany)



    29.01.2017, 21:45 CET
    SC Braga - Moreirense FC
    Referee: Artur Manuel Ribeiro Soares Dias
    Assistant Referees: Rui Licínio Barbosa Tavares, Nuno Filipe Santos Tomás Pereira
    Fourth Official: João Manuel Costa da Silva
    Additional Assistant Referees: Hélder Miguel Azevedo Malheiro, Luís Miguel Rodrigues Ferreira

    Matchday 19

    27.01.2017, 21:30 CET
    Boavista FC - CF Os Belenenses
    Referee: Luís Miguel Branco Godinho
    Assistant Referees: José Miguel Monteiro Braga, Valter Manuel Dias Rufo
    Fourth Official: Luís Pedro Oliveira Máximo

    28.01.2017, 12:45 CET
    CD Tondela - GD Chaves
    Referee: João Borlido de Matos
    Assistant Referees: Paulo Jorge Fonte Vieira, Pedro Miguel Araújo Fernandes
    Fourth Official: Cláudio Filipe Ruivo Pereira

    28.01.2017, 17:00 CET
    CD Nacional - FC Arouca
    Referee: João Pedro Sousa Mendes
    Assistant Referees: Paulo Alexandre Santos Soares, Pedro Nuno de Sá Martins
    Fourth Official: Anzhony Francisco Gonçalves Rodrigues

    28.01.2017, 17:00 CET
    Vitória SC - CS Marítimo
    Referee: Rui Manuel Gomes da Costa
    Assistant Referees: Tiago José Pereira Costa, João Alexandre Bessa Silva
    Fourth Official: Daniel Fernando Rocha Cardoso

    28.01.2017, 19:15 CET
    GD Estoril Praia - FC Porto
    Referee: Manuel António Rodrigues Oliveira
    Assistant Referees: Tiago Oliveira Leandro, Pedro Ricardo Ferreira Ribeiro
    Fourth Official: João Pedro Silva Pinho

    28.01.2017, 21:30 CET
    Sporting CP - FC Paços de Ferreira
    Referee: Fábio José Costa Veríssimo
    Assistant Referees: Pedro Alexandre Martins Costa Felisberto, Tiago Manuel Almeida Rocha
    Fourth Official: André Filipe Cunha Pereira

    1. 30.01.2017, 21:00 CET
      Vitória FC - SL Benfica
      Referee: João Pedro da Silva Pinheiro
      Assistant Referees: Inácio Altino da Costa Pereira, João Nuno Lobarinhas Silva Eiras
      Fourth Official: Vitor Jorge Fernandes Ferreira

      02.02.2017, 20:00 CET
      Moreirense FC - CD Feirense
      Referee: Bruno Miguel Duarte Paixão
      Assistant Referees: António Manuel Albino Godinho, Rodrigo Fernandes Candeias Pereira
      Fourth Official: João Carlos Antunes Pereira Bento

      02.02.2017, 22:00 CET
      Rio Ave FC - SC Braga
      Referee: Nuno Miguel Serrano Tavares Almeida
      Assistant Referees: Paulo Jorge Tecedeiro Ramos, Venâncio Manuel Raposo Baptista Tomé
      Fourth Official: Carlos Eduardo Fortes Cabral

      LEDMAN LIGAPRO (top-category referees only)
      Matchday 24

      28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
      Associação Académica de Coimbra - FC Penafiel
      Referee: Manuel Mota da Silva
      Assistant Referees: Jorge Manuel Oliveira, Jorge António Alves Fernandes
      Fourth Official: José Carlos da Costa Gomes

      28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
      CD Cova Piedade - SC Braga "B"
      Referee: Luís Miguel Rodrigues Ferreira
      Assistant Referees: Luís Alberto Ferreira Cabral, Nelson Teixeira da Cunha
      Fourth Official: Pedro Miguel Ferreira Ribeiro

      28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
      CF União - Portimonense SC
      Referee: Rui Filipe Cunha Folha Oliveira
      Assistant Referees: Rui Alberto de Matos Fernandes, André Filipe Nogueira Dias
      Fourth Official: Leonardo Manuel Santos Marques

      28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
      FC Famalicão - CD Santa Clara
      Referee: Gonçalo Emanuel Paiva Martins
      Assistant Referees: Sérgio Nuno Teixeira Jesus, Manuel Luís Sousa Freitas
      Fourth Official: Iancu Ioan Vasilica

      28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
      FC Vizela - CD Aves
      Referee: Hugo Filipe Ferreira Campos Moreira Miguel
      Assistant Referees: Ricardo Jorge Ferreira dos Santos, Nuno Miguel Roque Conceição
      Fourth Official: João Viegas Jacob

      28.01.2017, 16:00 CET
      SC Covilhã - SC Olhanense
      Referee: Hélder Miguel Azevedo Malheiro
      Assistant Referees: Rui Manuel Cidade Silva, Bruno Miguel Alves de Jesus
      Fourth Official: Ricardo Jorge Antunes Baixinho

  17. More news from Croatia: Refrees committee has been dismissed since there was a lot of people not very happy with situation in Croatian refereeing. Plus, Domagoj Vuckov ex third cat FIFA referee is new observer with UEFA.

  18. Further info on UEFA Winter Course, we know the Turkish participants.
    Cüneyt Çakır and Hüseyin Göçek are the officials involved.
    Halil Umut Meler will be there as new FIFA referee for the introductory course, as well.
    Again, it is strange that in the middle of this course, Clattenburg has been appointed to handle Liverpool - Chelsea in Premier League on next 31/01. I'm starting to think that English FA asked UEFA Referees Committee for that. There aren't other explanations.
    If you have the names called from your country or further news, please don't hesitate to inform us.

    1. Officials from Spain were announced few days ago.

    2. Björn Kuipers had a KNVB Beker QF game on Wednesday but doesn't have any Eredivisie game this weekend so he is probably taking part in the seminar??

    3. Surely, for the Netherlands we can expect him, Nijhuis, Gözübüyük, Makkelie and perhaps Blom but I'm not sure about the latter.

    4. Nobody from Belgium. Gumienny is retired and Delferiere has not been invited. Disappointment for Belgium.

    5. Strange that Delferiere, as regular Category 1 referee, wont be there.
      A reason could be that with 3 Belgian teams still in EL, it was difficult to find room for him, but still...

    6. Blom and Gözübüyük has Eredivisie games on 28th and Makkelie and Nijhuis are appointed for games on 29th in the Eredivisie... When is the Winter Course beginning??

    7. I think all referees invited should be there on the evening of 29/01, so a game on Sunday afternoon is still possible, before the trip.

    8. I would assume Makkelie will definitely be invited but I'm not sure about Nijhuis, Blom and Gözübüyük!!

    9. Nijhuis, as Elite referee, must be there. It is sure, Soham.

  19. Spanish Copa del Rey (Semifinals):

    Celta - Alavés (01/02/2017 21:00)
    REF: González González, José Luis (Castile and León)
    AR1: Sánchez Santos, José María (Castile and León)
    AR2: Rubio Palomino, Ignacio (Madrid)
    4OF: Santos Pargaña, Antonio (Andalusia)

    Alavés - Celta (07/02/2017 21:00)
    REF: Mateu Lahoz, Antonio Miguel (Valencia)
    AR1: Cebrián Devís, Pau Norbert (Valencia)
    AR2: Aguilar Rodríguez, Javier (Catalonia)
    4OF: Muñoz Pérez, Iván (Valencia)

    Atlético de Madrid - Barcelona (02/02/2017 21:00)
    REF: De Burgos Bengoetxea, Ricardo (Basque Country)
    AR1: García Fernández, César (Cantabria)
    AR2: De Francisco Grijalba, Iker (Basque Country)
    4OF: González Esteban, Jon Ander (Basque Country)

    Barcelona - Atlético de Madrid (08/02/2017 21:00)
    REF: Gil Manzano, Jesús (Extremadura)
    AR1: Nevado Rodríguez, Ángel (Extremadura)
    AR2: Fernández Miranda, José Manuel (Asturias)
    4OF: Sánchez Laso, Carlos (Extremadura)

    I'd have said swapped appointments given the draw, but anyway, good referees all of them.

    1. Wow, very good appointment for Ricardo De Burgos Bengoetxea, I didn't expect him. Other federations would have appointed Mateu Lahoz instead of him. I see that RFEF-CTA is very firm in its choices: they appoint referees without problems for important games, this is a signal of full independence, in the meaning that they are not influenced by teams.

    2. At first I didn't understand why did they not appoint Mateu Lahoz for the return leg of Barcelona - Atlético, but he handled Atlético in the previous round, so it makes sense. Indeed, a really good appointment for him. Also, he was planned for one of the most heated matches in LaLiga: Valencia-Real Madrid, which was postponed due to Club World Cup. Normally, the initially planned referee handles the match when it is finally played, so another good appointment for him.

      About Gil Manzano, last time he handled this match in this competition he had a lot of trouble. Hopefully this time he will have an easier job!

    3. Wow,I was really surprised when I read this.

      I don't consider Ricardo De Burgos Bengoetxea to be one of the top referees in Spain,to me his style is too lenient,he allows too much rough play and he doesn't have good card managament.

      Surprisingly,there is no Mallenco on this list,he is one of the top refs in Spain...

  20. Hey Chefren! From France, Clément Turpin and Ruddy Buquet (expected) but also Benoit Bastien, good new for that promising ref!

    1. Thank you, indeed all are missing from French appointment this week end and perhaps also for this reason Schneider got such top clash in Ligue 1!

  21. Liverpool FC - Southampton FC
    1) http://streamable.com/acr14
    2) http://streamable.com/jq9kl

    Hull City AFC - Manchester United FC
    1) http://streamable.com/m2kbz
    2) http://streamable.com/5b3al
    3) http://streamable.com/x7h1k

    1. 1) No foul.
      2) Perfect tackle.

      1) Was there shirt holding (can't see); if not, seems like a generous penalty.
      2) Moss was generous; a YC would not have been excessive.
      3) See 2) ;)

    2. LIV - SOU
      1) Nothing.
      2) Tackle on the ball, no foul.

      HUL - MNU
      1) I'm not so much convinced by this penalty call, to be honest. The holding causing the falling is not visible. However, in doubt, without a clear evidence, I think one should back referee.
      2) It looks like dive / accidental fall. Correct decision to play on. Perhaps it would have been even acceptable YC for simulation.
      3) Definitely not enough for a penalty in this case, but no simulation for me.

  22. Two great, brave decisions from Willie Collum in the Motherwell FC - Rangers FC game. Well done!!!

    1) http://streamable.com/cbxdb
    2) http://streamable.com/eih6o

    1. Very well done Willie Collum! Maybe he is not the best match manager in UEFA but certainly you can rely on him making brave and correct calls.

    2. Really excellent, both are SFP. Collum must be praised. The second was not so much easy to spot, given the kind of challenge one coudl have assessed it as only reckless, but studs were up and the point of impact on opponent's leg was high.

  23. Three penalty appeals waved away by Mark Clattenburg in Derby County FC - Leicester City FC.

    1) http://streamable.com/gyv8y
    2) http://streamable.com/67pq5
    3) http://streamable.com/z57bd

    1. 1) Not enough for a penalty, correct decision to play on.
      2) Not punishable handball, arm was close to body, there wasn't an increase of body's volume.
      3) This is the most interesting case. Was the ball expected? Very likely NO is the correct answer, given the fact that the shot by opponent passed between opponent's legs and it was impossible to guess that. In addition, ball was quite fast. But, in favor of penalty, we have the argument of arm's position, which would be punishable. I think there isn't a black or white assessment there, and one can back Clattenburg's decision, as well as a possible penalty call.

  24. Referee Observers from Poland waiting for UEFA's approval (in alphabetical order)

    1. Marcin Borski (new)
    2. Robert Małek (new)
    3. Tomasz Mikulski
    4. Zbigniew Przesmycki (head of referees)

    By the way, UEFA have agreed to a publication of mail sent to Polish FA on Ryszard Wójcik's activity.

    Wójcik gave an interview in which he blames Zbigniew Boniek (Polish FA president) for a personal revenge taken on him for not backing him in the elections.

    In fact, there were another reasons for Wójcik's exclusion. Original letter below:

    Dear Colleagues,

    UEFA has been made aware of an interview given to a Polish newspaper/website by UEFA Referee Observer from Poland, Ryszard Wójcik.

    In the article, Mr Wójcik criticises the performance of a UEFA referee at EURO 2016.

    Like all UEFA referee observers, Mr Wójcik signed a UEFA Appointee Agreement where he agreed to comply at all times with the UEFA Communications Policy and not give unauthorised interviews to the media. It goes without saying that had Mr Wójcik requested such permission, UEFA would not have authorised such an interview with the media criticising a UEFA referee. A referee who Mr Wójcik may have been required to assess in a UEFA match in the future.

    We have also noticed that Mr Wójcik is habitually slow to submit his referee observer reports to UEFA. Usually we ask for this to be done within 36 hours. This document is a valuable tool for the referee to use before going into his next match, hence the importance of its timely receipt.

    As a consequence of the above and as Mr Wójcik was nominated for the UEFA Referee Observer Panel by the PZPN, we kindly ask you to remind Mr Wójcik of his duties towards UEFA. You should also advise him that he has made it very difficult for the UEFA Referee Committee to appoint him as observer in UEFA matches something, which in any case, is not an obligation.

    Kind regards

    source: http://sportowefakty.wp.pl/pilka-nozna/662766/pzpn-odpowiada-na-zarzuty-ryszarda-wjcika-uefa-wyraaa-dezaprobat-wobec-jego-dzia

    1. Ray, if you have time then this is quite intense material from Argentina in probably one of the most difficult matches in the the world - Boca Juniors vs River Plate. A friendly match :)

      It was a total war from the start. Pitana was quite lenient at the start with his cards. In the end he had to send off 3 players and 2 coaches.



    2. Thanks. Perhaps I will watch that after the AFCON.

  25. Unclear situations from Bundesliga:
    1) Referee: Schmidt, Decision: Free kick
    2) Referee: Stegemann, Decision: Play on
    3) Referee: Stark, Decision: Play on

    1. 1) Free kick is correct. Careless.
      2) Penalty should be awarded. Clear push in the back.
      3) Penalty. There is a hand move towards the ball. Very difficult to spot though.

    2. 1) I think, rather no foul, because the player is first to play the ball and even tries to avoid contact with his opponent. But maybe acceptable call with a strict interpretation
      2) Technically yes, practically I am not so sure, whether it is mandatory, the intensity of the push seems low
      3) 50/50 for me. Short distance and the hand movement is not totally unnatural - could be either a reflex or part of the running

    3. BTW I just commented on last week's situations as well.
      Thanks for your input, Ray, that also helps with the evaluation in our Bundesliga blog.

    4. You're welcome. Regarding handballs, I strictly follow Polish guidelines and you surely know that they are really zero-one ones. I like them much and I think that implementing them worldwide would help everyone to understand the handball issue and accept some referees' decisions (even if you don't agree with every of them). Now, even UEFA and FIFA are not sure what is a deliberate handball...

  26. Two red cards issued by Bart Vertenten in the Belgian top-duel RSC Anderlecht - Royal Standard de Liège:



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