February 22, 2017

Brych to referee Porto-Juventus, Turpin in control of Sevilla-Leicester

Germany's no.1 Felix Brych has been selected to take charge of FC Porto vs Juventus Turin on Wednesday. At the same time, French Clément Turpin will take control over Sevilla's home match against Leicester City.

22 February 2017, 20:45 CET (Estádio do Dragao)
FC Porto - Juventus Turin
Referee: Felix Brych (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Borsch (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Lupp (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Bastian Dankert (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Marco Fritz (GER)
4th Official: Rafael Foltyn (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zdravko Jokić (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)

22 February 2017, 20:45 CET (Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán)
Sevilla FC - Leicester City
Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Benoît Bastien (FRA)
4th Official: Hicham Zakrani (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Horst Brummeier (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Gerhard Sager (SWE)


  1. Expected appointments... No surprises!! Ovidiu Hategan must be a favourite for Leicester City v Sevilla return leg now!!

  2. Yes, everything it's confirmed, no surprises. Each referee has his background of games, Collina and the committee don't want to take any risk.
    Brych for a quite sonorous Porto - Juventus. The game looks to be very interesting on the paper, but in my opinion a different choice would have been possible.
    We can expect Hategan in either Atletico - Leverkusen or Leicester - Sevilla, second leg.
    No room for Aytekin.

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    2. I'm trying my hand with some predictions for the 2nd leg :

      Dortmund v Benfica : Çüneyt Çakir
      Barcelona v PSG : Gianluca Rocchi
      Napoli v Real Madrid : Björn Kuipers
      Arsenal v Bayern Munich : Jonas Eriksson
      Atletico v Leverkusen : Martin Atkinson
      Monaco v Man City : Sergei Karasev
      Juventus v Porto : Viktor Kassai
      Leicester City v Sevilla : Ovidiu Hatęgan

    3. Nice set of appointments, Soham, even though I think Atkinson will not be in Madrid, should Collina continue to avoid referees for teams they met in the group stage. In that case, you could swap Atkinson for Sidiropoulos.

    4. Yes that's a point I've missed!! I would probably replace Atkinson with Daniele Orsato in that case!! Atkinson is also possible for Barcelona v PSG considering his not too convincing displays this European season so in that case I'd predict Rocchi for Atletico Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen!! A lot would depend on leg 1 results as well!!

  3. Of course, Brych the only reasonable option for Porto-Juve.

    1. If Aytekin gets an important second leg you might look a little silly ;-)

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  4. Is Clattenburg going to get any matches in Europe?

    1. Most probably not!! Because by ending his Premier League career and moving to Saudi Arabia, he has effectively ended his UEFA and FIFA career as well!

    2. He didn't attend the UEFA Winter Course in Malaga, so he wont appear in KO stage in any case, it is also a question of respect for the referees who attended the meeting, trying to manage their best efforts.

    3. Absolutely agreed with you @Chefren... It would be really unfair to other referees if Clattenburg gets matches in Europe... That would mean he is subject to special treatment which obviously won't be fair on the other referees!!

  5. Penalty was correct from Turpin, maybe yc was missing?

    1. I think no card was needed as a promising attack was rather not denied (even if, it was a genuine attempt to play the ball, so no card is ok for UEFA).

      Even in this foul, the attacker expected to fall and slightly sought the contact - but in this case, the challenge of the defender was clearly unfair and mainly causing the contact and descend.

  6. Brych with a correct sending-off. Both yellows were compulsory and closer to SFP than to careless. Absolutely consistent.

    I would have appreciated a yellow card for mobbing/dissent. It does not look good to stand behind the sideline and have 5 arguing players in front of you.

    1. No doubts, absolutely correct sending-off. Especially the first incident was really, really near to SFP.

    2. Slightly unconcentrated after that - 1 phantom handball and 1 missed foul by Lichtsteiner.

    3. I agree with Niclas. Especially in occasion of the second foul, a RC for SFP would have been appropriate. Tackle was made by using excessive force, and it was directly on the opponent, without any chance to hit the ball. The thing that plays in favor of YC is the hitting point, however RC would have been correct as well, for me.
      After that, very poor scene with all those players from Porto surrounding Brych (and also AR1). Definitely, he had to book somebody for that.

    4. First YC is more SFP than second one.
      Stamping on ankle/foot

    5. You are right, I didn't watch it carefully! So both can be red cards.

    6. I agree, if yellow is = 1 and red is = 2, the first tackle is something like 1,5 or 1,6 for me, the second one rather 1,4 :) Good examples that challenges have to be assessed on a continuum even though of course at the end there were only 2 possible decisions each.

  7. Following Sevilla-Leicester with 1 eye, Turpin seems to perform well. Good, empathic interaction with the players, good foul detection and correct penalty. Only minus: Missing yellow card in 45' (studs tackle, clearly reckless).

    1. It is a very easy game without any disciplinary cards so far, but you're right: He performs how a referee should perform in these games. Unfortunately, I didn't see the foul you've mentioned (45').

    2. 2min after my posting there is the first caution, a very clear one.

  8. Disallowed goal for Juve??

    1. Minute 79 clear penalty for Sevilla not whistled?

    2. @ victor:

      Lichtsteiner: For me YC is enough having comparable UEFA videos in mind.

      Leicester could not have complaint in 79', but IMO no CLEAR one. Acceptable. At least after first watching

      @RefRef: Did not see it, what happened?

    3. The disallowed goal minute 46' - 47': I'm not sure, but upper body / head looked to be ahead. However, I think that it wouldn't have been wrong to stay down.

    4. Very difficult, AR didn't see second last defender (Porto's captain), his view was blocked by Dybala.
      They were in the line

    5. AR was well positioned, he will be backed for this decision

    6. If you see picture of Herrera's foot, it is stonewall RC...

  9. Good performance hitting the expected level by Turpin. Cards were inevitable, good relationship with the actors. You can discuss the situation at 79' but for me not whistling is no mistake. Good chances for the French team to continue in UEFA this year, but probably only in Euro League.

    1. I fear, the situation in 79' was a foul. Difficult to detect, but probably a (crucial) mistake by Turpin...

      7.9? Otherwise 8.3-8.4

    2. Don't be so sure Gitzlo. No clear foul. Acceptable call. No crucial mistake. 8,4 for me.

  10. Knowing all the first leg results now (and assuming that Clattenburg and Kassai are unavailable), my predictions are:
    Napoli-Real: Cakir
    Arsenal-Bayern: Orsato
    Barcelona-Paris: Atkinson
    Dortmund-Benfica: Kuipers
    Juventus-Porto: Hategan
    Leicester-Sevilla: Aytekin
    Monaco-Manchester: Eriksson
    Atletico-Leverkusen: Karasev

    1. My predictions for the 2nd leg :

      Dortmund v Benfica : Björn Kuipers (Netherlands)
      Barcelona v Paris SG : Martin Atkinson (England)
      Napoli v Real Madrid : Cüneyt Çakir (Turkey)
      Arsenal v Bayern : Gianluca Rochhi (Italy)
      Atlético v Leverkusen : Ovidiu Hategan (Romania)
      Monaco v Man City : Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
      Juventus v Porto : Sergei Karasev (Russia)
      Leicester v Sevilla : Daniele Orsato (Italy)

  11. PORTO - JUVENTUS (Felix Brych)

    25' - YC to Alex Telles (POR) for studs tackle; reckless vs SFP

    26' - 2nd YC to Alex Telles (POR) for sliding tackle

    46' - Juventus' goal disallowed by AR2 due to offside

    1. Very bad card showing procedure in 26'. The referee should've dealt with mobbing at first and only then show the 2nd YC/RC to identified player.

    2. At any rate good that the decision was taken (+0.1). Could have been a good solution, yes, even though we never know (in retrospect) how the players would have reacted then. Apart from that I understand that while walking towards the centre of attention he was busier with communicating to AR1 than caring about the expectable and usual protests. But I think one player has to be cautioned there for mobbing (-0.1). At least after showing the 2nd YC, where it really became blatant.

      The offside with calculated lines:

      Keeping in mind that the red line in the middle must be imagined as lying on the ground, the left upper body and specially head seem to have been offside. In this case, it is no supportable, but even a great decision (including wait-and-see, +0.1).

    3. 25' – “orange” card, but if I have to decide than YC (controlled body, no stretched leg, no studs up, importance of the match – early stage of the match…)
      26' – correct 2nd YC, missed YC for mass confrontation
      46' – tight offside, great call

    4. @RayHD

      If you remember,that's similar to how he showed Torres red card when he was in charge of Barca vs Atletico...

    5. Yes. Overall, style is not Brych's strongest asset.

    6. That might be a cost of his authoritarian style. His card presentation (and other elements often discussed here: whistle language, finger gestures...) is something that can be observed for years in Bundesliga, too.

      On the other hand, in doubt I prefer a referee who keeps such tough games under full control even after early sending-offs but lacks in style than vice versa.

      Still, this would be an area Brych can definitely work on, it is never too late for that.

  12. SEVILLA - LEICESTER (Clément Turpin)

    13' - Sevilla's penalty

    80' - Sevilla's penalty appeal

    1. Correct penalty in 13', I must say Niclas explained very well what happened there.
      80': absolutely supportable the NO CALL by Turpin, of course not a black or white situation, but not a clear penalty as well for me.

    2. On 80'. The only things that might bias us into the other direction "acceptable" could be that a) there were relatively small protests and b) the attacker played the ball before the contact and would not have reached it. Isolatedly considering the challenge, it actually is a foul for me. But I understand Turpin that he did not whistle it. From his position it probably even looked more like no foul.

    3. The tackle in the 80th minute is unfortunately a clear foul. The question is, if it was really that clear that we can speak about a crucial mistake.

  13. 13' - correct PK, defender hit the oponent with his shin (lower leg), plus it is visible he tried to soften the touch/contact, so no YC for reckless, SPA is out of question due to genuine attempt to play the ball;
    80' - no doubt there was contact strong enough for PK. In addition, due to the contact the attacker partially lost balance and performed lousy shot.

  14. Having watched all eight matches completely I would evaluate the performances:

    PSG - BAR, Syzmon MARCINIAK, 8.5, great use of YCs to take out SPA fouls, Very good performance
    BEN - DOR, Nicola RIZZOLI, 7.9 (8.4), fine good performance but missed a Penalty
    BAY - ARL, Milorad MAZIC, 8.3, many crucial decisions all acceptably taken, slightly hectical performance but the control made it expected level
    RLM - NAP, Damir SKOMINA, 8.4, sovereign performance in a match without big challenges

    MNC - MON, Antonio MATEU LAHOZ, 8.6, Very good performance in a quite challenging match including two very brave and correct crucial decisions
    LEV - ATL, Willie COLLUM, 8.2, basically a satisfactory performance with some crudities, doubtful penalty (by AAR2) but okay
    SEV - LEI, Clement TURPIN, 8.4, performance on the expected level, well accepted, very close Penalty decision at 80', it was a foul but not a crucial mistake if you can understand my words
    POR - JUV, Felix BRYCH, 8.4, good performance, correct RC and good control after. Some small points, always presentation! Crowd pressure was irrelevant to him. UEFA needs more Elite referees with a similar style I think.

    Good luck to the referees of the second leg.

    1. Very good summary which I fully agree with! Thanks!

  15. My predections for next KO stages
    Arsenal-Bayern München Daniele Orsato (ITA)
    Napoli-Real Madrid Björn Kuipers (NED)
    Barcelona-PSG Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
    Borussia Dortmund-Benfica Cüneyt Cakir (TUR)
    Juventus- Porto Kassai Viktor (HUN)
    Leicester-Sevilla Ovidiou Alin Hategan (ROU)
    Atlético-Leverkusen Sergey Karasev (RUS)
    Monaco-Man.City Jonas Eriksson (SWE)

    Celta Vigo-Krasnodar Danny Makkeile (NED)
    APOEL-Anderlecht Craig Thomson (SCO)
    Schalke-Mönchengladbach Szymon Marciniak (POL)
    OL-AS Roma Martin Atkinson (ENG)
    Rostov-Manchester United Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)
    Olympiacos-Besiktas Pável Královecz (CZE)
    Gent-Genk Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
    Köbenhavn-Ajax Ruddy Buquet (FRA)

    FK Krasnodar-Celta Vigo Gediminas Mazeika (LTU)
    Anderlecht-Apoel Matej Jug (SVN)
    Mönchengladbach-Schalke Milorad Mazic (SRB)
    AS Roma - OL Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
    Manchester United- FK Rostov Felix Zwayer (GER)
    Besiktas- Olympiacos Michael Oliver (ENG)
    Genk-Gent Artur Soares Dias (POR)
    Ajax-Köbenhavn William Collum (SCO)

    1. Mine are:

      Arsenal-Bayern München: Daniele Orsato (ITA)
      Napoli-Real Madrid: Cüneyt Cakir (TUR)
      Barcelona-PSG: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
      Borussia Dortmund-Benfica: Björn Kuipers (NED)
      Juventus- Porto: Ovidiu Hategan (ROU)
      Leicester-Sevilla: Deniz Aytekin (GER)
      Atlético-Leverkusen: Sergei Karasev (RUS)
      Monaco-Man.City: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)

      Celta Vigo-Krasnodar: Danny Makkelie (NED)
      APOEL-Anderlecht: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
      Schalke-Mönchengladbach: David Fernandez Borbalan (ESP)
      OL-AS Roma: Damir Skomina (SVN)
      Rostov-Manchester United: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
      Olympiacos-Besiktas: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
      Gent-Genk: Felix Zwayer (GER)
      Köbenhavn-Ajax: Pavel Kralovec (CZE)

      FK Krasnodar-Celta Vigo: Martin Strömbergsson (SWE)
      Anderlecht-Apoel: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
      Mönchengladbach-Schalke: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
      AS Roma - OL: Felix Brych (GER)
      Manchester United- FK Rostov: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
      Besiktas- Olympiacos William Collum (SCO)
      Genk-Gent: Craig Thomson (SCO)
      Ajax-Köbenhavn: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)

    2. I've a feeling that either of Michael Oliver or Anthony Taylor is going to be involved in the Europa League Round of 16 games!! Personally I feel Celta Vigo v Krasnodar, Ajax v Köbenhavn or Olympiacos v Besiktas might be very good games to test Michael Oliver!!

    3. Well.. in my opinion, Olympiakos-Besiktas need experianced referee, with great managment,or (and) some referee from 'powerfull' FA.
      Greek-Turkish derby is very tough for refereeing, especialy to manage, because of atmosphere, mentality, rivalry...
      Moen or Kralovec (as you predicted) are very bad choice, for me.

      I have on my mind names like: Eriksson, Atkinson, Rizzoli, Brych.
      Even my compatriot Mazic would be good choice,as he is experianced with hot atmosphere. He already had 5-6 matches with Greek,Turkish,Romanian teams (or national teams).

    4. I forgot to mention Sergey Karasev :)
      He knows what hot atmosphere is.

  16. OT
    Official and confirmed by our friends from Árbitro Internacional: Julio Bascuñán has replaced Enrico Osses as referee from Chile for CONMEBOL in the list of preselected officials for WC 2018. He will therefore attend the meeting in Italy (Tuscany) on next April. As already reported, the other names should be the ones we already mentioned here.
    Now we can wonder what will happen with Clattenburg. In case of confirmed removal from the list, we have in my opinion three options:
    1) Nobody will replace him, England without a referee at WC.
    2) Oliver could be added, but in my opinion without real chances to go at WC. Let's remember, however, he had already a U17 FIFA tournament two years ago.
    3) Martin Atkinson? But well, he is already 46 years old...

    1. I am almost sure England will have their referee crew at 2018 FIFA World Cup. Either Atkinson or Oliver/Taylor.

    2. No chances for Señor Loustau then?

    3. No chances for Señor Loustau then?

  17. Are the names of the referee observers for the CL Round of 16 2nd leg games out yet???


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