How you can support us!

There are multiple ways how you can support us and our work.

1| Indirectly, you are supporting us almost every day. How? By simply visiting the blog and actively following our topics, discussions and the referee performances at the highest level. Your visible participation in form of comments, but also your silent and passive participation gives us motivation to keep this blog up with enthusiasm.

2| Of course you can directly support us in the area of referee observation as well. We are always open to welcome new motivated, reliable and good observers who show empathy for the referees on the pitch, have the knowledge and skills required to write observation reports and thus contribute to our aim to improve refereeing in the long run. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to become a referee observer for the blog! 

3| Finally, you can support us financially, too. This blog is operating non-commercially for more than three years now and is supposed to stay like that. Our ideal of improving refereeing should not be influenced by commercial or monetary interests.
Nonetheless, there are some things which – from our point of view – would improve our work and the blog, which however cost some money. 
Above all, we consider to transfer this blog into a website one day to be more independent and savour features that are not possible on blogspot (which is a reliable and excellent platform though!). Besides that, some additional video cutting software might be needed to enhance the quality of our videos placed on the blog. Our current software is good and meets the requirements – but maybe there is some space left for improvement. Finally, we consider to open a premium account at vimeo to be able to upload a) more videos with b) higher quality. The vimeo account we are using has the advantage that it is free, but has the disadvantage of limited quality and uploads per day.

How you can support us financially:

Every support is appreciated. Our primar interest however is to keep this blog up, improve it consistently and follow European refereeing intensely in future as well – with your help.

Thank you!
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