June 27, 2011

Guess the referee

I am a former FIFA assistant referee.
I joined several tournaments, including a CONFED Cup and a World Cup.
I ran the lines at my countryman's side for a long time, however, my countryman got only one match at his latest tournament.
Who am I?


  1. Anonymous29/6/11 15:40

    Ben Wilson

  2. good but not the correct answer. I know all the criteria fits for Wilson. However, Wilson is an active FIFA AR, no former one. Any idea? A hint: "I come from the American continent"

  3. Anonymous29/6/11 16:34

    Ben Wilson has just retired (Source: http://www.capitalfootball.com.au/site/referees.php?id=1518).

  4. Uuh, I did not know that.
    In this context, the solution is correct, however I actually looked for another one, but perhaps you him as well :)

  5. SOLUTION: "My name is Michael Ragoonath. I ran Neal Brizan's lines for a long time, I was at Confed Cup 2001 and WC 2002 where I refereed 4 matches as linesman (e.g. Germany-K.Saudi Arabia 8-0). Brizan only got one match at his latest Gold Cup.
    For two years, I am not active any more.

  6. Where are all of the July posts?

  7. just click on the header below.
    Or follow this link to get onto the main page.


  8. The German referee team in the U.S.-Japan game was truly outstanding. So was the game...other than the idiotic usw of kicks from the mark. As in tennis, no championship should ever be decided on such an artificial tie-breaker basis. Allow additional subs, take players off of the field. The return of the "golden goal" would decrease the number of such ridiculous shootouts. And for youth soccer, it's downright emotionally abusive.

  9. you are absolutely right. I have enough of those matches like the last WC final when no-one wanted to make a mistake. NED-ESP was one of the poorest matches of the whole competition. If I watch GER-CZE again, this Golden Goal rule was simply exciting..


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