July 8, 2011

FIFA WC 2014 Qualifiers - CONCACAF

From this point I will publish the referee appointments of all confederations for the qualifiers of FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil.
The system equals the one which defined the participants of WC 2010 in South Africa.

CONCACAF - 2nd Round
Neal BRIZAN with Anguilla-Dom Rep.
8 July, 15:30 local, San Cristobal, 1st Leg
Anguilla 0-2 Dominican Republic
Referee Neal BRIZAN (TRI, r.)
Assistant Referee 1 Allison PHILLIP (GRN)
Assistant Referee 2 Ainsley ROCHARD (TRI)
4th Official Lee DAVIS (TRI)
Yellow cards: 1-0

8 July, 20:00 local, Oranjestad, 1st Leg 
Aruba 4-2 St.Lucia
Referee Nolan FOSTER (CAY)
Assistant Referee 1 Dwayne EBANKS (CAY)
Assistant Referee 2 Swason OWEN (CAY)
4th Official Kevile HOLDER (CAY)
Yellow Cards: 1-5
Red Cards: 0-1

9 July, 16:00 local, Nassau, 2nd Leg
Bahamas 6-0 Turks and Caicos
Referee Javier SANTOS (PUR)
Assistant Referee 1 Antonio LOPEZ (PUR)
Assistant Referee 2 Edward CARO (PUR)
4th Official Jesus Angel DELGADO (PUR)
Yellow Cards: ---

10 July, 15:30 local, San Cristobal, 2nd Leg 
Dominican Republic 4-0 Anguilla
Referee Marco BREA (CUB)
Assistant Referee 1 Hiran DOPICO (CUB)
Assistant Referee 2 José RODRIGUEZ (CUB)
4th Official Osiel NUNEZ (CUB)
Yellow Cards: 0-1

10 July, 15:30 local, Tortola, 2nd Leg 
British Virgin Islands 1-2 American Virgin Islands
Referee Kevin MORRISON (JAM)
Assistant Referee 1 Kedlee POWELL (JAM)
Assistant Referee 2 Garnet PAGE (JAM)
4th Official Valdin LEGISTER (JAM)
Yellow Cards: ---

12 July, 15:00 local, Castries, 2nd Leg 
St.Lucia 4-2 (5-4 p.s.o.) Aruba
Referee Stanley LANCASTER (GUY)
Assistant Referee 1 Venton MARS (GUY)
Assistant Referee 2 Dion INNISS (GUY)
4th Official Roland PERSAUD (GUY)
Yellow Cards: 2-4

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