August 10, 2011

2.Spieltag Bundesliga Ansetzungen

Thorsten Kinhöfer wird vom DFB für seine kapitale Fehlentscheidung mit einer weiteren Ansetzung belohnt, außerdem kommen Stark und Gräfe erneut zum Einsatz; Gräfe leitet das "Topspiel" zwischen Gladbach und Stuttgart:

Samstag, 13/08/2011, 15:30 (*18:30)/Sonntag 15:30**, 17:30***

Schalke 04 - 1. FC Köln Guido Winkmann, Dirk Margenberg, Christian Bandurski, Marcel Pelgrim

Hamburger SV - Hertha BSC Berlin Wolfgang Stark, Jan-Hendrik Salver, Mike Pickel, Harm Osmers

1. FC Nürnberg - Hannover 96 Marco Fritz, Volker Wezel, René Kunsleben, Marcel Unger

SC Freiburg - FSV Mainz 05 Thorsten Kinhöfer, Detlef Scheppe, Christian Fischer, Michael Emmer

1899 Hoffenheim - Borussia Dortmund Deniz Aytekin, Benjamin Cortus, Thorsten Schiffner, Guido Kleve

VfL Wolfsburg - Bayern München Knut Kircher, Robert Kempter, Stefan Lupp, Florian Steuer

Borussia Mönchengladbach - VfB Stuttgart Manuel Gräfe, Markus Häcker, Bastian Dankert, Frank Willenborg

1. FC Kaiserslautern - FC Augsburg** Tobias Welz, Tobias Stieler, Marcel Bartsch, Wolfgang Walz

Bayer Leverkusen - Werder Bremen*** Dr. Felix Brych, Mark Borsch, Walter Hofmann, Robert Kampka


  1. I see Robert Kempter as an assistant referee in Wolfsburg - Bayern. Does that means that he chose to become an AR or in Germany they do referee in the second division and AR in the first division?

  2. Yes, the last thing is right.
    Not all, but most of the 2nd division referees are Bundesliga ARs as well (everyone except Thomas Metzen).

  3. In that case, I am very interested to find out at what level the specialization referee/AR starts in Germany?
    Can anyone else provide similar info regarding the specialization referee/AR in their country?
    For some reason, I believed that referees and ARs have separate pathways starting at the third division level in countries like Italy, Spain, France (i.e. a person who choose to be a referee will never do ARs and an AR will never do "middles" in the first 3 divisions).

  4. Hm yes, that is a small problem.
    The referees are accompanied during their first steps by mentors who teach them both. After some good 2nd Bundesliga seasons (or after only one, like Marco Fritz), you are mostly asked by DFB:
    " Bundesliga Referee, or not? "
    There are also some cases like Sascha Thielert who was on Gagelmann's side for 3 years and who had some problems in his matches as referee in 2nd Bundesliga.
    DFB recommended him to become a single AR and he followed this advice. He is 30 years old and I think he will be on ELITE list when Scheppe (e.g.) will retire. Anyway, there is no rule that 2nd Bundesliga referees are worse ARs then single ARs...Kempter is one of the best e.g.

    Just some examples, where DFB's advice was good:
    - Mike Pickel (was honestly speaking no good referee, now.....)
    - Thorsten Schiffner (was 3rd division referee until 2006, then......)
    - Holger Henschel (like Pickel).

    This system is good in my opinion because DFB can test both, Ref and AR..imagine Pickel would have decided when he was 23 or so that he had wanted to be a referee..a great AR in CL would be missing.

  5. ** Thielert will probably be on FIFA list, not on Elite :S ;)


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