August 7, 2011


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  1. Anonymous7/8/11 14:40

    for me is a wrong decision. It's not mandatory to use the whistle in this situation. However, when he shows the whistle to the players he send a message and that was not followed. Question 1 and 3 i can't see an error in them just a lack of respect by the ref for the other team. About question 2 the justification by the ref is a bit stupid... in a free kick isn't mandatory the existence of the wall, but we need to respect the proper distances. I have seen situations that were similar to this one and the result was always the repetition of the free kick and YC for the player that desrespect the ref orientations. In this case I believe this should be the correct path to take by the ref.

  2. Absolutely, this is my opinion as well..
    However, I think one could clarify such situations easily by putting them into the Laws of the Game.
    This was not the first time a referee decided in this way in Germany.
    Brych did the same 2 years ago but with one difference: he did not show his whistle..

  3. Anonymous7/8/11 16:20

    Agree with both of you, but I'm still wondering why Kinhöfer awarded that free kick...


  4. Well..a foul. To my mind no doubt that he can award this free-kick. You may see it on the margin just after the striker shoot.

  5. Anonymous7/8/11 17:37

    Yes, I see, but I mean there is a foul and the referee plays the advantage then comes a shoot. No need to return to the foul situation, that is a double advantage. If you want a YC ok, but goal kick.

  6. Hm yes, I know what you mean.
    It is 50-50, normally, such situations are not whistled, you are right.

  7. If I'm not wrong UEFA issued a recommendation to require whistle by free kicks close to the penalty area - the condition that was met in this situation. Thus, I think the referee shouldn't ask the players if they want to wait for a whistle (what he probably asked) but he should require them to wait for it.
    However, the laws of the game don't oblidge referee to whistle by the common free kick.
    I also don't understand why the referee didn't send off or at least caution the defender by the penalty.

  8. Yeap, this is another situation and to my mind another mistake.
    The ball was not under full control, therefore it was only yellow. But he did not give him yellow either...

  9. Unfortunately, I cannot view the video as the link has been removed.

    For what its worth, we have a working solution offered by CAF/FIFA in the local South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) to manage such situations as follows, where I officiate:

    After awarding a free kick, and once the referee arrives at the actual spot on the field of play where the infringement occured, the attacking team should be instructed by the referee that they have now lost the right to quickly restart the match.

    In such an instance, the whistle should be shown to the free kick taker to await the commencement of play with a blast from the whistle. Failing to adhere to such instruction given by the referee should be considered as unsporting in behaviour.

    The rationale is that the attacking team cannot unfairly use the referee's presence, once he arrives at the free kick infringement area, as a decoy to bamboozle the defenders. Since the referee will take some seconds to get to the actual spot, it leaves ample enough time for the attacking team to restart the match quickly if they so wish before he arrives at the infringment area.

    Once the referee arrives, the attacking team has lost the priveledge to restart without a clear whistle being shown/blown.

    Kind Regards,
    Charl Theron

    Failing to take a quick free-kick before the referee arrives

  10. Unfortunately, DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga) has banned all the videos of these matches..
    Your solution or the solution offered by CAF/FIFA is absolutely right and sensible, although one could avoid such stuff if one always whistled for a free-kick, then you would not have such discussions..
    nice blog by the way, Charl :)


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