November 12, 2011

Appeal to UEFA...

I am sure that I have seen enough from all the officials who could potentially reach the UEFA Euro 2012 finals in Poland and Ukraine.
Based on that, I can state with good reason that I fear the common geopolitical decisions with regard to the match officials' nominations.
I hope that Collina again shows that he has his own rules (what made him as referee unforgettable). I hope that he again shows courage and makes a trend setting decision:
as German, it is easy to say for me that Germany has a couple of excellent referees. In contrast to some other countries, there is not only a large peak but also a good talent pool. The peak surely consists of Wolfgang Stark, Felix Brych - Manuel Gräfe as promising referee for the next years after Stark.

On the one hand, I have never seen a bad Brych on international level, he was trusted a lot even in his first year as Elite referee and at least yesterday's appointment and perfomance should wipe away several doubts on his quality. Wolfgang Stark, top referee for a decade, the best perfomance of his career was in my opinion shown in "el clásico", he proved to be a referee who does not fear issueing personal punishments even in such a hot match, many said that he was inconsistent, which I did not and do not understand. But sometimes it is hard as referee, criticized for courage and correct decisions and just two weeks later, a referee who is in charge of the same match (2nd leg) and has no courage to send players off is praised for a superb perfomance...

Merely considering the perfomances shown on international level, i.e. UEFA Champions-League, UEFA Europa-League and also UEFA Euro 2012 qualifiers, the only reasonable decision UEFA could make is taking both German referees to the UEFA Euro 2012 finals.
Perfomance principles must dominate geopolitical reasons. The result of what happens, when you merely focus on the latter, could be observed in South Africa last year.

In my honest opinion, I believe I had the same opinion if I were not German, the top 5 group of European referees consists - at the moment - of Nicola Rizzoli, Viktor Kassai, Pedro Proenca and both Germans. It would be paradoxical to nominate referees who are joining UEFA Elite Group for about 1 year. These two Bavarians, Stark and Brych, would be deserved participants in the finals. The fact that the referee comitee is still joined by men like Villar Llona and Batta takes however all my hopes away.

Finally, it will be hard for them to explain that they let Brych at home and Monsieur Lannoy and Señor Undiano may again be up to mischief..


  1. Hello Niclas,

    I'm looking for info, also in italian sites, about Rizzoli appointment.
    I think the assistant are sure Faverani and Stefani
    About the fourth I agree with your prediction, the only other chance can be Rocchi.

  2. Yes, but hmm. If I were responsible for the appointment, I would not appoint Rocchi as 4th, I do not know why, just a feeling. I count with Tagliavento.

  3. Maybe a spectacular news. Tomasz Listkiewicz (referee in the past) said: We (PZPN) are working to give our referee as 4th official AND additional assistant referee. What do you think - 4th officials as aar? By the way. Report is ready. Correct me, if I am wrong in grammar.

  4. Referee : Frank De Bleeckere

    Assistenten : Peter Hermans & Walter Vromans

    Vierde official : Sébastien Delferiere

    Vijfde & Zesde scheidsrechter : Luc Wouters & Alexandre Boucaut.

    Champions League 22 or 23 November

  5. De Bleeckere has specified it, it is 22 November, this probably means ManU-Benfica as final whistle for him.

    Do you mean Tomasz or Michal?
    Michal Listkiewicz, I must know him, a great AR who assisted Edgardo Codesal (MEX) in the 1990 final where we beat Maradona and Co. in Rome!!
    But Tomasz is a current AR, probably his son.

    I think Poland could have a chance with Borski and Gil, but Ukraine. Sorry, there is Boiko, a talent in his first steps, but nothing more..
    Well, I could imagine that Gil will act as 4th, but if you say A you must say B. Then Ukraine has to get a slot for their refs as well, as far as the UEFA politics would be logical.

  6. Thanks for your report, I will collect all the reports of all the 8 playoffs and publish them in one pdf.
    I did not see the situation but if you say that Jahic was booked for requesting a yellow card against his opponent..I totaly agree with Webb's decision to book Jahic then, this is a nuisance which came up during the last years and is normally not punished by the ref.

  7. Hello Niclas,
    yesterday I have watched the friendly England - Spain. It was the last match between national teams for him, waiting for Champions League on 22 November. Well, I have to say that I don't recognize che good De Bleeckere of some years ago. He isn't bad at all, but there are always some doubtful calls and situations. I think UEFA did well, not giving to him a playoff, they should have look also at his career, because the DB of last times is a bit in a shadow, in my opinion. Walter Vromans yesterday had also some problems on offsides. I think he raised the flag wrongly almost twice.
    Hermans has to retire now, too. So, Vromans will be appointed with Gumienny I think.
    What do you think?
    Franck De Bleeckere a really good referee, but not a talent, so I think UEFA did a good choice, giving to him "only" this friendly and now the last Champions League match.
    Waiting for new belgian talent... mmhh as I wrote, Gumienny?

  8. I totally agree, you have got the point.
    I will write a post after his last CL match, then we can discuss that further.
    I rated him yesterday at WR with 7,3, only a 6 in calls. I furthermore do not think that he showed the quality you need for a final during the last two seasons.
    What I can say now is that I had actually expected his retirement directly after the semifinal (el clásico). There can be no better point to go..

  9. Oh sorry! Yes, Michał :P

  10. Well, I'm not sure CL November 22th will be De Bleeckere's last international match, I think he'll get fourth match in CL - Matchday 6. In my oppinion Frank De Bleeckere is one of the greates referees in last ten years. Lubos Michel, Roberto Rosetti, Frank De Bleeckere, Kyross Vassaras, Mejuto Gonzalez, Massimo Busacca, the greatest referee in last ten years. It's a pitty they are all retired :(.


    Niclas, what do you think of this straight red card in the CAF final? Noumandiez Doue is ready to go at Club World Cup... sorry if I'm wrong but I didn't know where to post the video.

  12. thanks Chefren, I totally forgot to watch the CL FINAL AAAAAARGH!!

    I wrote my opinion in an extra thread, you can comment below and I will take your opinions into the post!

    Yes, I still hope that FdB gets Man City - Bayern !


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