December 7, 2011

FIFA Club World Cup 2011 - Match 1

FIFA has assigned the match officials for Match 1 which is the playoff for the quarterfinals held between the Japanese surprise champions Kashiwa Reysol and the OFC representant Auckland City.
Please send me an e-mail if you can and want to observe a match. As the matches will be played at  "unchristian times", my observations also depend on downloads which means that it will take much more time and efforts to observe the match. I am also going to observe final match, but nothing more except this playoff and the final. There are hence still six matches remaining of whom Carlos and Maicon are going to observe a bit, so that there is enough for you.

Match 1, Play-Off for QF, Toyota Stadium (Toyota), 08/12/2011, 19:45 local time


Match Officials

Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)
Assistant Referees
Renato Faverani (Italy), Andrea Stefani (Italy)
4th Official
Noumandiez Doue (Côte d'Ivoire)
Reserve Assistant Referee
Songuifolo Yeo (Côte d'Ivoire)


  1. Anonymous8/12/11 21:34

    As a best european referee in this momment (of course, that's my personal opinion), it will be injustice if Rizzoli officiates only this match on this tournament.. According to quality he has, he is absolutely on the level of two best teams in Japan this year, Barcelona and Santos..

    So, I'm ready to bet that Rizzoli will be the man in charge in the final, not only because there was not european referee in the main match on world club championships in the last 7-8 years (as I remember, I haven't checked)..

    Irmatov and Nishimura already had this opportunity, and other candidates are too much below Rizzoli..

  2. Anonymous8/12/11 21:38

    I forgot to publish my marks for Rizzoli's performance today, according to what I saw..

    Control: 9
    Calls: 8
    Neutrality: 9
    Style: 9
    Match difficulty: 6

  3. Rizzoli has a problem to get the final: It is called Barcelona...

  4. Headlines from Croatia: President and ex president of referee committee are arrested. They are suspected for fixing matches. Not a good news for Croatian referees.


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