April 2, 2012

Walter López with CONCACAF Pre Olympics Final

The Guatemalan top class referee Walter López Castellanos (r.) has been nominated to be in charge of today's final in the context of CONCACAF's Olympic Games qualifying tournament. 
Even though Honduras and Mexico have already qualified for the finals in London, 2012, the match might be a hard test for the 1980 born López who joined 2011 FIFA U20 World Cup in Colombia, where he oversaw four matches including a quarterfinal. 
The assistant referees and the fourth official are still unknown, it is however quite probable that he will be assisted by his countryman Juan Lemus.


At Kansas City
02 April 2012, 08:00 pm (02:00 CET on 03 April)
Honduras 1-2 (aet) Mexico 
Referee: Walter López (GUA)
Assistant Referee 1: Keytzel Corrales (NCA)
Assistant Referee 2: Eric Boria (USA)
Fourth Official: Javier Santos (PUR)


  1. Anonymous2/4/12 22:20

    Out of topic: Superb Stark's behaviour at 2nd Bundesliga match between Fortuna and St Pauli, when booked Fortuna's player at first (shouting for a yellow card to an opponent), then second yellow and red card to Zambrano absolutely correct. I am curious about ban to Zambrano for spitting on the opponent. I think it will be big ban - Qudamah H. Nader

    1. You are right, was a very good performance. I think Zambrano will get the mandatory 1 match + 3 additional ones = 4 matches.

    2. Anonymous3/4/12 14:53

      I would give him at least 6 matches for spitting. :D - Qudamah H. Nader

  2. López by the way with 10 yellows and two second yellow cards!
    Will download the match.

  3. Another news about CONCACAF: second leg of Champions League semifinals:

    4 April 2012

    Santos Laguna – Toronto FC
    Referee: Jose Pineda (HON)
    Assistant Referee 1: Juan Rodas (HON)
    Assistant Referee 2: Oscar Velasquez (HON)
    Fourth Official: Armando Castro (HON)

    Pumas – Monterrey

    Who will referee the final matches?
    Do you think that Pineda has chances for a FIFA tournament?
    He is FIFA referee since 1999, the most experienced of his country.

  4. Perhaps Paul Delgadillo or Mauricio Navarro. One never knows with CONCACAF.

    1. Anonymous10/4/12 05:27

      You must be kidding, Navarro has retired at the end of 2011!:)

  5. Walter Lopez-Castallenos to jeden znajleprzych sędziów strefy CONCACAF a mimo to na Igrzyska nie jedzie tylko Meksykanin-Roberto Garcia a ten z kolei sędziował na WCH U-17 w Meksyku i w jednym meczu fatalnie się spisał i mimo to sędziował mecz o 3-miejsce to tak jak na ostatnim turnieju pucharu KONFEDERACJI MATHEW BREEZE-Astralia źle powiedział do WEBBA że EGIPCJANIN zagrał celowo ręką i tez sędziował mecz o 3-miejsce ale zato do Londynu jedzie BEN WILLIAMS


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