July 23, 2012

Olympia 2012 Referee Appointments (W) - Matchday 1

25 July 2012

M1, Group E
16:00 CET, Cardiff (Millennium Stadium) 
Great Britain - New Zealand
Referee: Kari Seitz (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Veronica Pérez (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marlene Duffy (USA)
Fourth Official: Quetzalli Alvarado (MEX)
FIFA Referee Observer: Celestin Ntagungira (RWA)

M2, Group F
17:00 CET, Coventry (City of Coventry Stadium)
Japan - Canada
Referee: Kirsi Heikkinen (FIN, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Anu Jokela (FIN)
Assistant Referee 2: Tonja Paavola (FIN)
Fourth Official: Thalia Mitsi (GRE)
FIFA Referee Observer: Carlos Alarcón (PAR)

M3, Group G
17:00 CET, Glasgow (Hampden Park) 
USA - France 
Referee: Sachiko Yamagashi (JPN)
Assistant Referee 1: Saori Takahashi (JPN)
Assistant Referee 2: Widiya Shamsuri (MSA)
Fourth Official: Hong Eun Ah (KOR)
FIFA Referee Observer: Ingrid Jonsson (SWE)

M4, Group E
18:45 CET, Millennium Stadium (Cardiff)
Cameroon - Brazil
Referee: Jenny Palmqvist (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Helen Karo (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Anna Nystrom (SWE)
Fourth Official: Christina Pedersen (NOR)
FIFA Referee Observer: Celestin Ntagungira (RWA)

M5, Group F
19:45 CET, Coventry (City of Coventry Stadium) 
Sweden - South Africa
Referee: Jesica Di Iorio (ARG)
Assistant Referee 1: Mariana Corbo (URU)
Assistant Referee 2: Maria Rocco (ARG)
Fourth Official: Bibiana Steinhaus (GER)
FIFA Referee Observer: Carlos Alarcón (PAR)

M6, Group G
19:45 CET, Glasgow (Hampden Park) 
Colombia - Korea DPR 
Referee: Carol Anne Chenard (CAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Marie Charbonneau (CAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Stacy Greyson (JAM)
Fourth Official: Therese Neguel (CMR)
FIFA Referee Observer: Ingrid Jonsson (SWE)


  1. Anonymous23/7/12 22:39

    Any news on the selection of referees for M1, Group E
    16:00 CET, Cardiff (Millennium Stadium)
    Great Britain - New Zealand ?

  2. Olympic mistake in Korea DPR vs Colombia... pic.twitter.com/v1J3z7BI

    1. A very very big mistake... Especially, in this specific case of tense realtionships between these two countries... It shouldn't have happenned.

  3. I agree with Yun Hyeon, terrible mistake, considering also North and South Korea relationships. I hope that this situation (they have accepted to play, anyway) will not have bad consequences for the players, when they will return home.

  4. I hope the same, but as i had heard, the maximum leader of North Korea is in close touch with his selection, therefore i dont think there will be consequences for them. Also with that really terrible mistake. They also wrote that Therese Neguel was from Caiman Islands... Oh Dear...

    By the way im disappointed with Chenard´s Card management...

  5. Anonymous26/7/12 05:03

    Does anyone know when Sarah Ho's first game is? She's an Aussie AR.

  6. I think it should be on matchday 2, on 29/7. As she will accompany Hong Eun Ah, she will probably get a Group E match (GBR-CMR?).
    An 11 year-old boy who is able to go from Manchester to Roma by plane without being controlled, a politically tremendous error, Neguel coming from Cayman Islands, the Olympics are starting excellently.

  7. Seitz will get 8,1. Heikkinen with a good performance, too.
    Yamagashi could be the first ref to be sent home after group stage, since he missed an obvious foul committed by a French striker directly before the 0-2. To my mind, it should have been a penalty to USA in 43', but it was at the borderline because the defender played both leg and ball. Therefore 7,1 or 7,4, rather 7,4.

  8. Anonymous26/7/12 14:42

    Have seen the Canadian in the game of North Korea, was overweight!All may well whistle at the Olympics!


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