September 22, 2012

Stark has been certified an "unacceptable performance" (?)

Following multiple and diverse forms of Turkish media, German FIFA referee Wolfgang Stark has been certified an "unacceptable performance" at last week's UEFA Champions League Group H encounter between Manchester United and Galatasaray Istanbul. 
According to these sources, Norwegian UEFA referee observer Jon Skjervold awarded him a 6.3 having made three crucial mistakes including two missed penalty kicks to the Turkish side and a wrong penalty he awarded to the home team. Galatasaray later lost the clash by 0-1.

The observer's scale, the European governing body utilizes, comprises a scope from 6.0 to 10.0, which is the best mark possible a match official can get, 6.0 to 6.9 means an "unacceptable performance" that could have immense consequences for the respective referee. 
Wolfgang Stark, having been sent home after two missed penalty kicks in a EURO 2012 match between Croatia and Spain both favouring the later champions, is currently joining UEFA's Elite Group featuring the - on paper - 22 best European match officials. In addition, he was in charge of last season's UEFA Europa League final at Bucharest, Romania.

The quality of the reports issued in the mentioned media cannot be verified by me so that this piece of news must be considered without certainty.


  1. I'm always reluctant about rumors, it can be everything, as well as it can be nothing.
    I say that because I tink it's very difficult to know the mark given by a UEFA observer to the referee. Anyway, one thing is sure, and we don't need sources: the performance was very poor. Not only by Wolfgang Stark, I want to repeat it, but also and specially from the second addtional assistant referee, Dingert.
    The mistake in the first minute was unacceptable for a Champions League match. If last January they decided to appoint him only in Europa League for the whole second part of the season, now they have to do it again.

  2. Anonymous22/9/12 12:51

    Of the record : Why dont you have on the bottom of page possibility to vote for which of European referees will attend at World Cup 2014.
    example (Which of these AFC prospective referees would you put on the final list of 2014 World Cup? Select 5 names.)

  3. @ Chefren: Right, but in this case, it is more than a rumour of social media. Many Turkish websites, sport papers are reporting about that, furthermore we know that marks often percolate in Turkey.

    @ Anonymous: I started the polls and some texts about the candidates before EURO. Then, the focus surely lay on this tournament. I think it makes sense to open the poll next week, as we will have probably the new list from the Geneva meeting in 1 or 2 weeks, thanks for reminding me.

  4. Anonymous22/9/12 14:11

    Are you sure it is 6.3, I think it's 7.3. Mark 6.3 is not only for demotion it is for taking off the FIFA list. If it's true that Stark got 6.3, and committee confirm that mark, we will never see Wolfgang Stark in Champions League again, even Fandel won't help him. Demotion is 100% sure, Stark will be cat1 if he don't retire. But if that happened it will be very interesting for German referees: Stark out, Gräfe also out. Fandel won't let that Brych is only German in CL, I'm sure Meyer and Aytekin will be appointed in CL at least one time each. If I'm not wrong, Meyer will retire next year, Gräfe is not ready for elite, Germany will have only Brych in elite category. Also, I think Aytekin will be promoted to development category in January, and very soon we'll have new elite referee. For Aytekin as elite referee, deserved, he's very good referee.

    1. Anonymous22/9/12 23:48

      I agree. 6.3 seems like an impossible mark given that the match was still under full control despite his error-filled performance. A 7.3 would sound much more appropriate.

    2. Would be disappointing with one crucial mistake or two crucial mistakes or even more.

    3. Anonymous23/9/12 18:17

      You are correct. His performance was definitely disappointing to say the least. However, I would think that the mark of 6.3 is reserved for a match that descends into chaos (for example Stark's infamous handling of the Chile vs. Argentina WC U20 Semi-Final a few years ago).

    4. Although the red cards were ok. But poor control, right. Soto's ESP-HON performance is the paramount example for 6.0 actually..

  5. I just provide the news in this case, cannot confirm anything.
    I agree with what you said about the rest of the German referees. Zwayer will establish in First Group soon, I am sure, Aytekin should become ED.

  6. Small info:

    Conmebol Recopa Sudamericana (so like your Supercup)
    Santos vs U de Chile
    Martín Vazquez
    Mauricio Espinosa, Miguel Nievas
    Daniel Fedorczuk

    At first the ref was dario Ubriaco, but he can´t be there because a serie of medical exams...
    Conclusion: Vazquez is somehow back...

  7. Mark Halsey with a correct straight red card against Shelvey in Liverpool-ManU. Serious foul play, should be punished with red more often.

    1. Correct red card, but i personally don't agree with the penalty given to Man. Utd. There was a slight push but not enough to award a penalty. As i said he was correct with red card, but he missed YC to RVP on 81st minute to very similiar action.

    2. He awarded the card afterwards, did not he? I unfortunately did not see the penalty.

    3. Sorry I missed YC to Van Persie.
      Ugur B.

  8. petschovschi24/9/12 00:49

    Steaua Bucharest- Rapid Bucharest: Slavko Vincic (SVN)


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