September 16, 2012

UEFA Champions League 2012/13 - Referee Appointments (Group Stage MD1)

UEFA has published the first package of referee appointments for the first matchday of 2012/13 UEFA Champions League season including absolute top clashes like Real Madrid - Manchester City that will be handled by Slovenian official Damir Skomina.

(CRO) Dinamo Zagreb 0
GNK Dinamo Zagreb
FC Porto
2 FC Porto (POR)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Maksimir, Zagreb (CRO)
Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Elenito Di Liberatore (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Massimiliano Grilli (ITA)
Fourth Official: Luca Maggiani (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Paolo Valeri (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Paolo Mazzoleni (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Jaroslav Dudl (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: William Young (SCO)

Paris Saint-Germain FC
FC Dynamo Kyiv
1 Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Parc des Princes, Paris (FRA)
Referee: Björn Kuipers (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Sander van Roekel (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Erwin E. J. Zeinstra (NED)
Fourth Official: Berry Simons (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Richard Liesveld (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Ed Janssen (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Dane Jost (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Levan Panishvili (GEO)
Yellow Card 1 (1-0) Goal 1 (1-0)

(FRA) Montpellier HSC 1
Montpellier Hérault SC
Arsenal FC
2 Arsenal (ENG)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, La Mosson, Montpellier (FRA)
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Fourth Official: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Rene Eberle (SUI)
UEFA Referee Observer: Georgios Bikas (GRE)
Yellow Card 3 (2-1) Goal 1 (1-0)

(GRE) Olympiacos 1
Olympiacos FC
2 Schalke 04 (GER)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Georgios Karaiskakis, Piraeus (GRE)
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Jesús Calvo Guadamuro (ESP)
Fourth Official: José Fernández Miranda (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: César Muñiz Fernández (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Geir Thorsteinsson (ISL)
UEFA Referee Observer: László Vagner (HUN)
Yellow Card 6 (2-4) Penalty 1 (0-1)

(ESP) Málaga 3
Málaga CF
FC Zenit St Petersburg
0 Zenit (RUS)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, La Rosaleda, Málaga (ESP)
Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Stephen Child (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Simon Beck (ENG)
Fourth Official: Mike Mullarkey (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Lee Mason (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Janis Mezeckis (LVA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vladimir Antonov (MDA)
Yellow Card 3 (2-1)

(ITA) AC Milan 0
AC Milan
RSC Anderlecht
0 RSC Anderlecht (BEL)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milano (ITA)
Referee: William Collum (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: William Conquer (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: Alan Mulvanny (SCO)
Fourth Official: Martin Cryans (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Robert Madden (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: John Beaton (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Adrian Titcombe (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Rune Pedersen (NOR)
Yellow Card 4 (2-2)

(GER) Borussia Dortmund 1
Borussia Dortmund
AFC Ajax
0 Ajax Amsterdam (NED)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund (GER)
Referee: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Lorenzo Manganelli (ITA)
Fourth Official: Nicola Nicoletti (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Andrea De Marco (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Mauro Bergonzi (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Alan Mcrae (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jörn West Larsen (DEN)
Yellow Card 2 (0-2) Penalty 1 (1-0)

(ESP) Real Madrid 3
Real Madrid CF
Manchester City FC
2 Manchester City (ENG)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid (ESP)
Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Primož Arhar (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Matej Žunič (SVN)
Fourth Official: Bojan Ul (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Matej Jug (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Dag Vestlund (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Alfredo Trentalange (ITA)
Yellow Card 3 (0-3)

(UKR) Shakhtar Donetsk 2
FC Shakhtar Donetsk
FC Nordsjælland
0 Nordsjælland (DEN)
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Donbass Arena, Donetsk (UKR)
Referee: Pawel Gil (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Piotr Sadczuk (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Marcin Borkowski (POL)
Fourth Official: Konrad Sapela (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Robert Malek (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Hubert Siejewicz (POL)
UEFA Delegate: Teuvo Holopainen (FIN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Christas Skapoullis (CYP)
Yellow Card 7 (2-5)

(ENG) Chelsea 2
Chelsea FC
2 Juventus (ITA)
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Stamford Bridge, London (ENG)
Referee: Pedro Proença (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bertino Miranda (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tiago Trigo (POR)
Fourth Official: Rui Tavares (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: João Capela (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: João Ferreira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Jean-Louis Piette (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Wilfried Heitmann (GER)
Yellow Card 2 (1-1)

(FRA) Lille 1
LOSC Lille
FC BATE Borisov
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Métropole, Lille (FRA)
Referee: Marcin Borski (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Rafal Rostkowski (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Tomasz Listkiewicz (POL)
Fourth Official: Maciej Wierzbowski (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Dawid Piasecki (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Stefanski (POL)
UEFA Delegate: George Lüchinger (LIE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel Diaz Vega (ESP)
Yellow Card 8 (4-4)

(GER) FC Bayern 2
FC Bayern München
Valencia CF
1 Valencia CF (ESP)
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Allianz Arena, München (GER)
Referee: Firat Aydinus (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Serkan Ok (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleks Tascioglu (TUR)
Fourth Official: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Halis Özkahya (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Baris Simsek (TUR)
UEFA Delegate: Jack Grundie (NIR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)
Yellow Card 3 (0-3) Red Card 1 (0-1) Penalty 1 (1-0)

(ESP) FC Barcelona 3
FC Barcelona
FC Spartak Moskva
2 Spartak Moskva (RUS)
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Camp Nou, Barcelona (ESP)
Referee: Milorad Mažić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan Ristić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Igor Radojčić (SRB)
Fourth Official: Vladimir Jovanović (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Milenko Vukadinović (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Philip Pritchard (WAL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Dr. Vaclav Krondl (CZE)
Yellow Card 6 (1-5)

(SCO) Celtic 0
Celtic FC
SL Benfica
0 Benfica (POR)
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Celtic Park, Glasgow (SCO)
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Renato Faverani (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Andrea Stefani (ITA)
Fourth Official: Riccardo Di Fiore (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Luca Banti (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Antonio Damato (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Markus Stenger (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jean Lemmer (LUX)
Yellow Card 6 (3-3)

(ENG) Manchester United 1
Manchester United FC
Galatasaray AŞ
0 Galatasaray (TUR)
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Old Trafford, Manchester (ENG)
Referee: Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Jan-Hendrik Salver (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Mike Pickel (GER)
Fourth Official: Markus Häcker (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Tobias Welz (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Christian Dingert (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Eduard Dervishaj (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jon Skjervold (NOR)
Yellow Card 4 (3-1) Penalty 1 (1-0)

(POR) Braga 0
SC Braga
CFR 1907 Cluj
2 CFR Cluj (ROU)
Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 20:45 CET, Estádio Municipal de Braga, Braga (POR)
Referee: Peter Rasmussen (DEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Henrik Sønderby (DEN)
Assistant Referee 2: Lars Rix (DEN)
Fourth Official: Lars Hummelgaard (DEN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Kenn Hansen (DEN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Michael Tykgaard (DEN)
UEFA Delegate: Joel Wolff (LUX)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE)
Yellow Card 3 (1-2)


  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but they want Skomina for CL final. This man gets everything at the moment.

  2. I actually cannot beliave it beacuse he already got Super Cup in this season. And i persopnally thought that Cakir will get it.

  3. Yes Niclas :D
    UEFA is in love with Damir Skomina. Probably, they evaluated as 9,5 or 10 his performance in Super Cup, anyway, having already refereed this important match in Monaco, it was absolutely impossible to think that he could also have got this top clash.
    Now, we can open a debate: what is (according to your opinions) his best skill?
    Why UEFA is so proud to appoint him? :)

    Daniele Orsato at his debut in CL group stage is a very important appointment for us, after Rizzoli, Rocchi and Tagliavento, now he has also this chance. A trip not so long for him, considering the match that will be played in Croatia and he lives in the Northern Italy.
    Good appointment for Tagliavento too, and finally let me say that probably Collum in Milan-Anderchet will have a very important observer, probably a comittee's member.

  4. I can't explain the Skomina phenomenon either.

    But to be honest the appointments are good in my mind. The only not so expected is Borbalan. I would expect an Elite Referee in this match. Probably UEFA has a plan.

  5. My guess for the 4 referee's teams already known for tomorrow:

    Gil: Shakhtar Donetsk - Nordsjælland
    Borski: Braga - Cluj
    Stark: Chelsea - Juventus
    Mazic: Manchester United - Galatasaray

    1. Anonymous17/9/12 01:06

      No, Chefren! :D Mr. Mažić- south, south! ;)

  6. Bardzo dziwna nominacja Angielskiej federacji ADDITIONAL-ASSISTANT bo ani Taylor ani też Mason nie mają znaczka FIFA, i pytanie jak to będzie jeśli Clattenburg dozna kontuzji, powinien być jeden ze znaczkim FIFA, bo przecierz są Marriner,Probert,Deann,Attwell czy Oliver. Powinien być któryś z tych arbitrów jako ADITIONAL-ASSISTANT

  7. I have some small doubts that Skomina is really as good as all these top clashes in a row can be logically explained. He was not spared from bigger mistakes, had not always the best control, has not the biggest charisma or personality and weaknesses in foul detection. His ultra-lenient line in Super Cup could be one reason. Or just Sajn's influence? I do not know, at least I think that Cakir, Rizzoli or Brych are better referees. Anyway, such an appt does not mean too much. We are on MD1 of Group Stage. Atkinson got Barca-Milan as well last year on MD1. Group D needs all the higher classified elite referees not coming from ESP, GER and ENG. Difficult to find them, Skomina was a logical choice, the only question was: for which top clash will they appoint him?

  8. Concerning the other matches, it is no rumour that Spanish referees tend to struggle in more emotional and hot matches. Olympiacos Schalke could become a match like this due to the Piraeus fans and general atmosphere. I hope he will do well.

  9. Niclas I dont beliave that Šajn influence is big enough for this kind of appoitments but although I am from Slovenia I think that Rizzoli should get this appoitment (but afterall he can get next clash between Real Madrid and Manchester City). But afterall about that if this appoitment was good or not will we get after match

  10. Anonymous16/9/12 20:59

    Maybe they´ve chosen Skomina and not Kassai/Proenca/... because they want to keep them for clashes of City and Real in Dortmund. In Dortmund, it´ll be difficult matches because of the atmosphere and emotions.

  11. Anonymous16/9/12 21:08

    Hello Niclas, Chefren and all guys,

    Sorry, but i was very busy theses times. Some info from France.
    Stéphane Lannoy hasn't been appointed in CL plays off because he is actually injured. Don't know the duration of indisponibility. So Tony Chapron will surely have priority in CL appointment eventually with Antony Gautier, perharps.
    I m waiting for your instructions to make a report on a french CL match ( PSG - Kyev or Montpellier - Arsenal).

    Best regards


    1. Great info, thanks. For the report infos, let's wait for Niclas.

    2. Anonymous16/9/12 22:34

      Benoit: "Stéphane Lannoy [...] is injured."

      Chefren: "Great info, thanks."


    3. Of course, what is great is not the fact that he is injured, but the importance of the news.

    4. Benoit, can you do Velasco´s one?


  12. Have you seen the panalty whistled from M.Oliver in MAN.UTD-WIGAN.which was missed by Man.UTd?Or the hndball of Crouch missed by Clattenburg In Stoke-Man.City?Just have a look....

  13. Schörgenhofer is appointed in Europa League on thursday, don't know the full team.

  14. Anonymous16/9/12 22:01

    Hi Chefren,

    the full team should be:

    Referee: Robert Schörgenhofer
    Assistant Referee 1: Alain Hoxha
    Assistant Referee 2: Matthias Winsauer
    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Harald Lechner
    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Alexander Harkam
    Fourth Official: Roland Brandner

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  15. Anonymous17/9/12 08:57

    Skomina don´t will be in final of London,
    I´m sure!

  16. Paris - Dynamo Kiyv

    UEFA Delegate Dane Jošt (SVN)
    UEFA Referee observer Levan Paniashvili (GEO)

    Montpellier - Arsenal

    UEFA Delegate René Eberle (SUI)
    UEFA Referee observer Georgios Bikas (GRE)

    Malaga - Zenit

    UEFA Delegate Jānis Mežeckis (LVA)
    UEFA Referee observer Vladimir Antonov (MDA)

    1. I knew Levan Paniashvili as UEFA delegate, not observer, am I wrong?

    2. Yes you are wrong Chefren. He is definitely observer. I remember him a few years back as a First Category referee in charge of UEFA Cup Group Matches.

    3. Yes, sorry, he was a FIFA referee until 2009.
      Probably the best Georgian ever...


    1. Bayern Valencia as first appointment in UEFA Champions League group stage, it's a milestone for Aydinus... totally unexpected.

  18. Hey to all,
    After a long Sabbatical Leave from the blog :) (actually to focus on academic studies; articles, conferences, etc.), I am back to topic with a great enthusiasm to discuss and share new information as the new season is starting.

    For the last two years, Blog (starting to post from May 2011) has created a great platform to share everything about refereeing. Thats a great opportunity, thanks to all who bring it here.

    UEFA has enlarged the referee pool for this season. We are going to see some new faces in CL. And, veterans will be dicussed on how well they adapt themselves to different matches, positions.

    I wish all best for refereeing teams, and would like to give following information about Turkish appoitments:

    Bayern Munchen vs Valencia
    Referee: Fırat Aydinus

    Cakir will get a match on MD2

    Gocek, Yildirim and Ozkahya have EL matches on MD1

    1. Cagatay, how is Fırat Aydinus regarded in Turkey? Do you think he is ready for such a high profile appointment? I am completely taken by suprise by this appointment.

    2. You know, Turkish league like Italy is based on rough play. And, there are huge discussions on refereeing performances after each match. But let me say, I have mentioned it before, Aydinus is most probably the unique referee who is respected by all sides.
      We will see more communication with players (compared with Cakir). He has been handling terrific Turkish derbies since 2003. I believe he will have no problem to handle the match.
      But, it is still a huge surprise for us as well...

    3. Great appointment for Firat Aydinus. He is a good referee, and most people in Turkey think he is better referee than Cuneyt Cakir in Turkish League. Cuneyt Cakir is very consistent in European Cup matches but not in Turkish League and honestly don't know the reason. Good luck to all our referees...

      Ugur B.

    4. Hello Cagatay, on uefa site there are all the appointments of EL Matchday 1 but there is only Gocek for Udinese - Anzhi. No other Turkish men. How you can explain that?

    5. Hey Chefren, I have checked the source. It is said for whole year appoitments (Gocek, Yildirim and Ozkahya). Thats my fault. No problem.

    6. Don't worry, it's ok.
      It was just to understand :)
      no reasons to recognize your faults

  19. Fenerbahçe - Marseille on thursday: Ivan Bebek

    1. Anonymous17/9/12 11:49

      Hapoel - Atletico Madrid ; Van Boekel (Ned.)

    2. Anonymous17/9/12 12:09

      Bebek got great and important appointments this season if you ask me, 4 matches already, and now 4th, and it's high profile match you must admit. He is better then he used to be, I wouldn't be surprised if he get chance in CL again.

    3. Yes, I was about to say the same. If he performs steadily well for these matches, UEFA may give him another chance to move up.

    4. Born in 1977, he has many chances. I would not be surprised if Collina or Uilenberg will observe him.

  20. Anonymous17/9/12 11:28

    You have "doubts" about Skomina - at least he didn't make such a mistake as Fernandez Borbalan in Maribor-Dinamo, and now he is rewarded with Olympiacos-Schalke... Unbeliavable.

    1. Missing an advantage is no crucial mistake..

    2. Anonymous18/9/12 13:54

      It ia crucial mistake if you disallow a goal and Borbalan should get 7.9 for his performance because his mistake was crucial. I'm UEFA's observer and member of referee committee in my country and I must say that Borbalan deserved 7.9. consequence should be two matchdays out, and then Europa League, but it's all politics believe me. I know situations where referees didn't call penalites and observers gave them 8.4 even they made crucial mistakes. Some referees are very protected some not, depend who is behind them. If you have Fandel, Collina, Uilenberg, Mikkelsen or Villar Llona behind you, you will have no problem.

    3. Which disallowed goal do you mean by the way? If you mean the first situation, then it is Cabanero's mistake, not Fernández'. For the second thing, this NO advantage situation, I have received another info from a source, which says that missed advantages cannot be declared as crucial mistakes.

      Very interesting what you stated about the politics, of course that is no secret anymore.

    4. Anonymous18/9/12 15:27

      As I said earlier if you disallow goal it is a crucial mistake. Just remember Hauge and Champions League final where he disallowd goal and gave red card to Lehman. He didn't affect the final result, Barcelona won, but that situation decided his future. He refereed 4 season after that, JUST ONE knock-out match in Champions League in 4 years and those matches in group stage were not some attractive matches. In just two years Ovrebo pushed him out, CL semi-finals, and the biggest disappointment for Hauge, Ovrebo was selected for EURO 2008. You may say what ever you want but it is all consequence of his mistake in CL final, disallowed goal. Compare every other referee that whistle CL final after that: Kassai, Webb, Proenca, no problem in final, they were later appointed in CL semis, Proenca in EURO final, but Hauge was just crossed over because ONE mistake.

    5. Yes, you are right. So one must consider the aftermath of a non-given advantage.
      I just want to support you in another point related to Fernández Borbalán, I saw him in his EL R16 match in the last season. He missed two fouls in a row leading to a goal for AZ. So a crucial mistake there as well.

    6. Anonymous18/9/12 17:14

      And just one more thing: It's great thing you observe and give marks to referees but one thing you should know. As a referee observer and ex-referee, you allways have to protect referee as much as possible. That means: if he whistle a penalty because a foul, it doesn't matter how soft the penalty was given, as long as their was a contact you will write in your report that call was correct, even if it was softest penalty ever. If a penalty is given because of hanball, if there was a contact with a hand, even if ball was hit from 0.5 m, you will write it was correct call. If penalty was not given, as long as you may say that it was close distance or it was not deliberately you will write the referee was right. If there is problem with foul detection or cards, you may give a referee 0.1 or 0.2 lower mark that you would regulary.

      Average performance should be evaluated with 8.3 or 8.4 depending the performance. If match was not difficult but referee was good give him 8.3 or 8.4. If it was difficult match, give a referee 8.5 or higher if he deserves. If referee have problems with control, if he made lot of mistakes with foul detection and cards, then you give him 8.0-8.2.

      You give 7.8 or 7.9 only in case of one imoportant crucial mistake. In last seasons in CL and EL, referees who got 7.8 or 7.9 where not appointed for two matchdays and then they were appointed on EL if they are elite or development. If they are cat1 they were no more appointed after 7.8, 7.9.

      7.7 or lower would mean instant demotion from category in which referee is I believe.

      I'm writing this because sometimes your marks are just not real. All marks lower than 7.8 are all questionable, becasue it would mean that referee was absolutely disastrous. Also, marks higher than 8.6 are very rare, I don't remeber in UEFA matches any referee got such a high mark, I think 8.6 was highest. That's why sometimes happend that you gave 7.4, 7.5 to referee in your report and we saw referee in next matchday. It means, he got 8.3 or higher mark.

      I'm member of referee committee in my country for 6 years and I remember only one referee who got 8.7. Reason were: 2 penalties, 5 red cards (3 direct), coaches were sent off, and all decisions were absolutely correct. Even observer was also member of referee committee, mark was confirmed after committee discussed it on their meeting.

    7. If you watch our reports closely you will see that our marking scale is different from UEFA. That's why you see marks lower than 7.7.

  21. Serhiy Boiko (UKR) is appointed for Lyon - Sparta Praha, finally a Ukrainian referee in EL group stage.

    Very, very interesting.

  22. -Manukka from Finland will be having all Scandinavian EL match. Although he was born in 1982 and second category like Turpin, UEFA has a major trust. UEFA policy to push younger referees realizes.

    -Gocek with a tough match, Hategan with another important match

  23. Many interesting Europa League appointments.

    Koukoulakis has Young Boys - Liverpoul
    Gocek at Udineze - Anzhi
    Aytekin at Internationale - Rubin Kazan
    Hategan at Tottenham - Lazio
    Zelinka has Dnipro - PSV
    and Boiko Lyon - Sparta Praha

  24. This definitely requires an analysis. Aytekin could be ready for a promotion if Gräfe will be out. Göcek is highly considered, too. Aydinus' appointment is mere politics, but I will include that in a text later..

    1. Anonymous17/9/12 14:40

      Barcelona-Spartak referee observer:Dr. Vaclav Krondl(CZR)

    2. Anonymous18/9/12 16:54

      Why would Grafe be out?

    3. He is still injured, is 1973 born, so I think if he does not manage to get a match in the first half of this season due to his injury, that might be his out.

    4. Anonymous18/9/12 21:31

      How about one of Brych's ARs, is he still injured? Isn't it too long as well?

    5. Gräfe will have a match this weekend in the "Oberliga" (5th level), so I think he can be back in Bundesliga in October and back in Europe in November, if everything goes well.
      Brych's AR Schiffner seems to be still injured.

    6. Just placing my thought about FIFA list changes.

      Welz and Dingert are clear, Kircher and Weiner being relegated voluntarily.
      The assistants: I would relegate Scheppe and Schiffner (if his injury coerces him to terminate his career, which I do not hope), and perhaps also Henschel due to too many bad performances.
      Marcel Pelgrim, Sascha Thielert and/or Frederick Assmuth should move up.

    7. About the assistants: I think, Achmüller is another guess, after some years with Brych in Bundesliga. But the favourite IMO is Thielert. What I find surprising is, that Henschel had only ten BL matches last year and Pelgrim and Assmuth even less, although they all are not acting as referees in 2nd division.
      Kempter and Bansurski are other good assistants, but it is the question, whether they would give up refereeing in the middle, because they have chances to be promoted to Bundesliga.

    8. They should do that, I do not see progress as referees in 2.BuLi.
      Pelgrim should be awarded the badge to form a standing duo with Zwayer. And Achmüller, a lot of experience, but also some important mistakes last season. Thielert has both, experience and excellent calls.

    9. BTW: You must be 25 yo to be FIFA official, Kempter will be 24 at the start of 2013. So he must wait.

    10. The proposed assistant referees shall be at least 23 years old. So he could be nominated. See here:

    11. Oh yes, thanks. 25 only for the referees.

  25. Benoît, could you please write me a mail to the address given at the bottom of the blog?

  26. Anonymous18/9/12 23:01

    It's done :-)


  27. Anonymous18/9/12 23:14

    Borbalan with a phantom foul on Olympiacos goalkeeper, disallowing a regular goal... I think this guy could really use some break.

    1. petschovschi19/9/12 00:06

      From what I saw it was also an offside just before Oly's goal. Two major mistakes for Borbalan's team...

    2. petschovschi19/9/12 00:43

      I watched some more highlights...Borbalan disallowed a clear goal for Schalke. About possible offside just before Oly's goal I'm not so sure anymore (discutable position)

  28. Skomina was very good in a match, that was really worth watching.

    1. I have seen the whole match. That was great, unforgettable, but let me say Skomina had a roller-coaster performance. He doesnt whistle obvious fouls. There were elbows, footup tackles. How on earth a referee does not show a YC to Varane in Min61. But, one must admit that the advantages that he applied made the match unforgettable with these goals.
      Players were friendly and helpful, they had just focused on football.

    2. Hello Cagatay

      Do you remember when I said to you: "it's impossible to have a perfect refereeing"? :)

      Well, in this case I want to repeat the same words: if you are look for every small mistake, you will have surely always something bad to say about a referee performance. I think that missed yellow cards are not a big mistakes, otherwise (as often says also Niclas) Kassai should be considered as a normal referee, and he should not have whistled CL final and WC semifinal. Probably, Skomina is liked by UEFA also for his calm during the match... every match and every situation.
      I'm not talking against you, that must be clear, I justlike to discuss... what do you think?

    3. The problem is that stud-up tackles cross the border. They seriously endanger the opponents' health and I appreciate the development to punish them more seriously, last seen in Bundesliga when Stark dismissed Jiracek (Frankfurt-HSV).
      Skomina had the same approach in the Super Cup final, he contributed to a high pace match with many counters, if one or two fouls are missed, that might be the sacrifice you have to make. But those dangerous tackles cannot be overseen due to tactical intentions (remember his dealing with Samaras in GER-GRE, he should have cautioned him directly for his nasty foul, he made the same foul 10 minutes later and Skomina could have avoided it..).
      And yes, perfect refereeing does obviously not exist, as perfect players and teams do not exist.

    4. I am not saying that his performance was bad. There is none from teams who is talking badly about referee right now. They are all happy with him.
      What I am saying, he closes his eyes too many times to bring pace to game. Whenever you close your eyes, the strenght of counters, pushes, tackles increases exponentially. Players start to get angry to get the ball. There could be sth unpredictable. Mourinho says; "my team fought like animals..., we were aggressive, more physical...". Thats the referee which brings this environment. I know, this is not sth bad. But, one day whenever you have a broken leg. It is...

  29. I am pissed off by the Spanish team at Piraeus, but now neutrally formulated:

    foul detection
    general card management
    tactical approach

    No foul existing before Schalke's regular goal, Fernandez wanted to allow it, but was overruled by Teixeira Vitienes and/or Cabanero Martinez. It was however not the AAR's immediate area of responsibility, Fernandez had a good look at it himself.

    Cabanero missed two offsides prior to the 1-1. I will post a screenshot soon. Very tight ones, but two offsides in the same counter.

    Teixeira allowed a chance of Olympiacos in 90+2, although the ball clearly crossed the byline before.

    Fernandez should have sent off Schalke's Jones with 2nd yellow or straight red, foul with studs-up, hit both ball and player (minute 84).

    marks I propose are:

    Fernandez 7.0
    Cabanero Martinez 7.2
    Calvo Guadamuro 8.2
    Teixeira Vitienes 7.2
    Muniz Fernández 7.8 (missed a foul on a Schalke defender leading to a good attempt)
    Fernandez Miranda 7.8 (had to be supported by an Olympiacos coach inserting the numbers into the board.)

    Tagliavento with a correct penalty, Manganelli with a good and decisive "No offside flag" in Dortmund' late goal.

    1. Totally disappointed by Borbalan and his team. Many mistake as you correctly mention Niklas. That makes 2 poor performances in a row. A third one must mean demotion.

    2. There are already three poor ones. AZ Udinese, Maribor Dinamo (although it was not totally bad) and now this match.

    3. Maribor - Dinamo was actually pretty good but with an missed advantage that led to goal. So it was a big mistake.

    4. The huge mistake was made by Cabanero in that match, that is right. Did you know that he was the no.1 in rfef's 2011/12 ranking?

    5. I have re-watched the Schalke goal. Teixeira Vitienes was focused, had a concentrated posture, his knees were bent. Then, when the ball crossed the line, he showed determination by making a step backwards (= leaving his normal position) and stood erect = to my mind that is a signal for GOAL and not NO GOAL. Therefore, as one can see that Fernández Borbalán already started his gesture for awarding the goal, the signal must have come from Cabanero Martínez.

      The offsides, very tight ones of course
      (the counterattack leading to the 1-1 goal)

    6. petschovschi19/9/12 19:09

      I watched few times the offside situations last night (and also now). Indeed, it's offside (milimetrical), but in this situations I wouldn't blame too much the referee. It's very difficult to see the offside and referee gives credit to attack (as FIFA recommends).

    7. Right, the first one is nearly impossible to see, but the second was with lower pace, was clearer. I think it is still a crucial mistake, although you are right, one cannot totally blame him. But it is unlucky, the impression one receives. 1 clear mistake by him against Schalke, 2 (or 1) offside missed in favour of Olympiacos leading to a goal, that's simply unlucky.

      Velasco Carballo with a correct penalty by the way, well seen, probably advised by Del Cerro Grande (penalty came with 2 seconds delay).
      Kuipers with a correct penalty, too.

      By the way, how do you find the new kits? To my mind, they are awful, the euro kits were much more beautiful and suitable..

    8. Both calls by assistant are excellent calls deserved very high marks. If he whistled an offside here he would be very very wrong in accordance with instructions. Our (Polish) head of referees often emphasizes in his analysis after each matchday that even 20-30 cm offside call is wrong call. Referee can't be sure about it's offside. Great calls!

    9. Great calls overseeing 10 cms in the second occasion? Unlucky calls for team (Schalke) and assistant, but calling that a great call irritates me.

    10. It can irritates you but stay on the line and try to detect 10cm offside. Is it possible? Can you be sure it's offside in a real pace? Not. Even 20, 30cm offside not signalized is good decision. 10cm is excellent call that all decidents accept and even more they call it as excellent. Mr Przesmycki says about it many times in his analysis.

    11. Of course I know the instruction, the benefit of the doubt. As I said, very tight, very difficult, but the second situation (you should watch it in real time) was with not that much pace, the AR had a lot of time to position himself. Assistants are furthermore not paid to have doubts, the optimum is of course to be sure so that you do not have to follow this instruction and by the way, the Fernández team did not decide in benefit of Papadopoulos either, who was the striker in the goal-situation.

    12. Have you screen of Papadopoulos situation? I only said about those two minimal offsides. Current trend is calling such 'mistakes' as excellent calls. Also, what is a bit strange to me, Listkiewicz' missed offside is still acceptable and good call to my source. Borski probably will get second matchday match :)

    13. Listkiewicz' offside error was about 0,4/0,5 metres, that is another dimension. Calling missed offsides leading to goals excellent goals is a hypocritical trend. I still have not got what they see in Borski, he was an alient element on the pitch yesterday and also at Anderlecht.

      I have seen Aydinus' non given penalty as well as given penalty (including 2nd yellow) now.
      Correct, correct and correct. The non given penalty was not that clear, the leg is carted out, but Kroos is more or less running into the leg which could not be re-taken by the defender. Ozkahya was probably involved. Nice football-pendant by the way on Aydinus' whistle :D

    14. *excellent calls..i am obviously tired..

  30. Rea Madrid - Manchester city was a very fair match, both teams thought just to play on the pitch, this should be always football. Skomina had not problems to handle the whole game, the given cards were correct, excellent no flag by Arhar when there was the pass to Dzeko, during the counter attack for the 0-1 goal.

    I have watched the penalty given by Carballo, am I wrong or at first he hadn't whistled? It probably was a decision by second additional? The contact seems to be very slight, many people were surprised by this call.

    And finally, let me say that I'm very proud for Manganelli, in these last months he has deserved everything: at first in serie A, with big matches, and then yesterday with his debut in Champions League. Just to make you understand: on sunday (3 days ago) he correctly evaluated the position of Gilardino, Bologna player, in the match Roma-Bologna 2-3 (you can search on youtube), another crucial decision for the outcome, and correct, like the one taken yesterday. I think that he deserves to accompany Tagliavento in every CL match this year, because he is now at the top of his career.

  31. In Milan-Anderlchet no problems for Collum but two mistakes by Alan Mulvanny against Milan in second half.
    Two wrong raised flags.

  32. Anonymous19/9/12 11:02

    Hey guys, do you see Orsato no-given penalty in Zagreb? I'm crazy or it's obvious fault an red card for croatian player? ( 40' mn if i am right)


    1. Actually Benoit I saw the whole match and to be honest without seeing a replay it looked a penalty to me. I am currently downloading the match to watch it closely.

    2. The situation is just a few seconds before the 0-1 goal.
      No replay from tv, but it seems that the Croatian defender made fall the opponent with a late tackle, and keeper was away from the goal line, probably a DOGSO and a red card. I don't know why he decided to go on. Additional was looking at the goal line to prevent a ghost goal.
      Here a pic:

    3. Finished watching the match. NO Penalty. Great call even though I had to watch it 30 times in slow motion. The defender hits the ball. AAR probably saw it and says play-on. Excellent call for me.

  33. Anonymous19/9/12 12:02

    Ok Edward, see it. You Will...^^ astonished i think. :-)

  34. I co znowu Skomina zepsół mecz to znaczy że typowanie go do FINAŁU CH.L w tym sezonie jest zawczesne. To nie jest sędzia typu Collina Merk itd itp. Mnie ciekawi jak moi rodacy dziś sie spisza Borski w LILLE i Gil w DONIECKU

  35. Imo two critical mistakes by Stark in first half Man. Utd - Galatasaray game. In first minute a penalty on Umut Bulut, wrong timing of Vidic with a yellow card and around 42nd minute a dangerous tackle with yellow card missed. Apart from that generally a good game.

    1. Poor performance by Stark. Minimum 2-3 missed panalties. First minute to Umut Bulut, 2 nd half one to Nani another one to Valencia. Given penalty is doubtful but I believe right decision. Also another doubtful penalty decision on last minute for Galatasaray. Stark was better in first half but very poor in 2nd half with AARs. 2 great assistant referees.
      Ugur B.

    2. I'm sorry for Stark but the mistake on Vidic (clear foul and penalty missed for Galatasaray) it's crucial. He was in a not good position to evaluate the situation, if you watch the replay, you can see that Carrick was obstructing his view.
      But, and this is the absolutely unbelievable, everything happened in front of Christian Dingert, with a clear view. No signals from him to Stark?
      Very bad.
      I will watch the other situations later or in the next days.

    3. I am right now back from match. I am stunned by Stark performance: Shockingly bad. Especially in box decisions....

      How a referee can not whistle for penalty in Min 1 right in front of AAR? That's the real obvious definition of penalty. My mind can not admit it. If Stark's second match will be a CL game, I am not involved in this system.

      I will calm down first, and right my report as well.

    4. Strange. Stark was thrown out the World Cup after three (if I'm right) missed penalties in one match. Now he's doing the same. And another example Dingert is absolutely not ready for international level. I have with Niclas the same opinion about him...

      Proenca was outstanding if we consider technical areas of perfrmance. However, he missed some really obvious fouls. What is more important, one of them was a stonewall penalty to Chelsea non-given when Barzagli fouled Hazard (58'). Barzagli pushed him twice what was absolutely enough to throw Hazard off balance.

    5. Calm down..Stark could not see the first occasion, it was Dingert. The penalty he gave was wrong to my mind, I am quite sure that this decision was bolstered by Dingert, too. Some other mistakes and he should have cautioned Nani for stopping the movement in the penalty, he recognized it, but he did not caution him afterwards.

      Borski with a poor first half, I have not seen more. He has no means of communication and refereeing a match, the 0-2 of BATE was obviously offside (Listkiewicz).
      Proenca's non given penalty is no real mistake, I am convinced that the striker did a lot to reduce his pace to get the touch on his leg, and he did. Proenca proved feeling for the game when not whistling it, although they should not have complaint if he had done.

      I will say something on Aydinus later.

    6. Just one thought..I am sure Brych is the new German no.1, also considered as such by DFB.

    7. I can't agree. Beeing in such pace those two pushings were enough. Believe me. The whole Proenca's performance was feeling for the game too much, absolutely too much. Missed obvious fouls aren't feeling. One positive, he was consistent in mistakes.

    8. And not legs, see on Barzagli's hands.

    9. I have watched now the 0-2 and 0-3 goals of BATE, I think that both goals are scored from an offside position of BATE players. Not the best performance for Tomasz Listkiewicz. I don't know if you agree, Yun.

    10. 0-2 offside, 0-3 not

    11. About Celtic-Benfica I have read that in the 31' minute of first half there was a possible penalty. I'm going to download the match

    12. Did you watch Proenca's match?
      Can you evaluate those offsides above (Niclas gave links)? Can we say there even about minimal mistake? What with instructions given to assistants? Every opinion is important, so pls :)

    13. Yes, I think that it was a god call when he didn't whistle the penalty, there is a minimal touch (and for this reason he didn't show the cards for diving).
      About the offsides in Schalke match: very difficult to detect, assistant did the good thing with a NO FLAG, he couldn't be sure.

    14. More generally, about Proença's match, I think that he chose to whistle only the strictly needed, anyway he missed several fouls but nothing serious for the outcome of the match.

    15. Hmmm, so I'm alone here who see obvious penalty there :)

  36. petschovschi19/9/12 23:13

    From what I watched until now (some short highlights) Stark missed 2 penalties: one for Galata (very early in the game), one for Man Utd (at Nani). Maybe he had other mistakes, this is what I saw until now.

  37. Anonymous20/9/12 00:02

    Excellent performance Milorad Mažić!

    1. Right: good NO offside by AR2 preceding the 1-1, good card management, but I only saw 20-30 minutes..

  38. I'm watching and watching again the penalty missed by Stark. It's clear that he was uanble to see the situation, he also tried to move his head to watch something, but everything wa already happened.
    Niclas, I think that Dingert did the worst mistake until now in this CL group stage.

    1. We have seen many performances now from those additional assistant referees, many huge mistakes have been made, even though the referees were in an excellent position sometimes. Teixeira Vitienes is only one example (if the call came from him), Dingert another one, Liesveld many times at EURO and EL semifinal, Meyer at EURO etc.) The question is: why?
      Those men are mostly good referees themselves, they should be able to detect these clear fouls. So my only explanation is (ignoring the possibility they are not concentrated enough): standing still at a byline being positioned 5 metres away (Meyer only 2 metres) does not automatically lead to a better view on situations, to safer and better decisions. The question must be allowed whether the quality of calls could even suffer from the very close distance..that is not only my thought, but also a trial of an explanation issued by Lutz Wagner, DFB ref com. member, in his EURO analysis.

      Onto Aydinus. I did not manage to watch the full match. Some fellows at school however stated that the penalty he gave was correct and that he correctly did not award another one to Bayern (possible foul on Kroos). I will download the match later.

      @ Yun Hyeon: I do not say that it was 100% NO penalty, but I doubt it was 100% as well. Many arguments for both to my mind.

    2. * was 100% Penalty as well...


    the first situation in this video could be a penalty.

  40. Yun jak sie nasi sędziowie spisali wczoraj Borski chyba słabo, na Gil jak będziesz wiedział to mi odpisz oki

    1. Have you an e-mail? I don't want to write here in Polish. I think you can understand it. Borski was OK, nothing less, nothing more. Gil was even a bit better. I didn't watch those matches but I heard it from my friend (also referee). Only thing I can say is second goal to BATE in Borski's match was offside missed by Tomasz Listkiewicz. However, my source said it was still acceptable call.

  41. Yun Hyeon, you can tell your source that he should not keep his eyes closed. That is no acceptable call, take into account how badly Listkiewicz is positioned, he could not see it from this position..

    1. petschovschi20/9/12 15:42

      Regarding offside:

      It's offside. But it is very, very difficult to see. In these sitations I wouldn't blame too much the referee (maybe this is the reason the Yun Hyeon's source said it's "acceptable").
      Same discussion about offside in Oly-Schalke.

      FIFA instruction for assistent referees says: " when you can't be sure about offside, give credit to attack". For this reason both offsides, in Oly- Schalke and Lille- BATE, are not major mistakes.

    2. No, I can't say such things to a former CL referee :)
      I have seen worse mistakes believe me. Action was in high pace, the ball indicated an offside-line, as you said 40-50 cm offside missed but I can understand Listkiewicz. Of course, mistake leading to the goal but still in the limit of acceptable call I think. Something on the borderline between still acceptable and mistake to my mind.

    3. Oh, full agree petschovschi. We must accept current trends that are to my mind good. Assistant is not robot, he can't see everything and he MUST BE SURE to RAISE A FLAG.

    4. Are real referees not open for debate, or why not?
      Of course these mistakes must be accepted, regarding the difficulty of this job, but what I wanted to express with the screen: it is a mistake how Listkiewicz is positioned, the mistake (perhaps acceptable) that he did not see the offside results from this position error.
      And one more: in Lille, this replay was shown on the screen. Immediately the crowd began shouting "boooouuuuu"...not acceptable in my opinion, UEFA should avoid that.

    5. They are, but not in such manner saying 'you should not keep your eyes closed' :) It's official instruction and normal procedure for observers, so I think it's nothing to discuss with them. I am of the same opinion as my source so I even don't want to polemize with him :) Listkiewicz is a bit late and believe me, it will be in observer's report for sure :)
      Yes, UEFA tried to avoid some important replays in TV at Euro too, now they show them but showing it on the stadium screen is very wrong solution.

    6. If you are right (here it would be a mark corresponding to "one crucial mistake"), then one can constitute that the consequences a team has to bear (= conceiding a perhaps even decisive goal), connected with all the financial consequences in the aftermath of the match/group stage and the consequences a UEFA official has to bear after this mistake are definitely diverging.

    7. It's a life :) And it will be normal until FIFA will introduct offsides system what is unrealistic even in the nearest future.

    8. Come on, Listkiewicz offside was not totally impossible to detect, I just mean we are on CL level, there the measures can also be a bit more pretentious.
      Overall, UEFA cannot be satisfied with the performances shown at MD1. Let us turn the focus now on EL.

    9. I never said it was impossible to see, however this mistake is acceptable to important persons and former referees. And to me too :) I always was and will be a fan of this trend to call such offsides like Cabanero's ones as excellent calls and Listkiewicz as minimal mistake but still acceptable or even good call. 'In official report it will not be classified as a crucial mistake' - source.
      Remember, Collina was happy with Euro performances...

    10. He said that because he had to say that. Or can you imagine a Collina admitting a low level of refereeing? I cannot.

    11. Hmmm... He just should be a bit more realistic. He could have say it was satisfactory not very good work.

    12. Or a political phrase like "Our referees have contributed to a great EURO tournament, like players they have made their humane mistakes as well....", but I won't start consulting Collina.

  42. By the way, I forgot the most important thing.
    I can only report what the sky commentary said though:
    between 46' and 60', Borski missed (according to the commentary!) two penalties to BATE.

    1. Anonymous20/9/12 21:16

      Niclas i see this match. The offside is clear and unacceptable. Not convinced by borski and his team: crucial error with this goal and CHANGE match physionomy. Miss a penalty for lille on second half. Not authority, just cards...few mistakes with goal kick and corners. A lot of fouls Not given. I have just finished to see Ivan bebek in Istanbul. He is twice better than borski...


    2. The offside issue has been raised in my discussion with Niclas. I have stated there and still do that it was the acceptable call by Tomasz Listkiewicz. My source (former FIFA and Champions League referee) told me it was very difficult to detect in this situation due to high pace and that ball indicated an offside line. He hasn't a problem with this case. Of course, I can understand it's quite obvious to you it's offside, but a bit empathy toward professional assistant, please. Marcin Borski is always minimalistic in his style - no talks, no communication with players, no friendly approach. It's right, but as Niclas has written in one of his analysis, UEFA celebrate referees' diversity and we should accept different referees' styles I think. I only please, don't blame referee if he has different style than we expect. By the way, it must be certain reason to push Marcin Borski to Elite Development and also for demotion of Ivan Bebek. UEFA see potential in Polish referees, so don't write them off so early.

    3. I think that they are just doing a mistake with the officials they push. Borski really is no talent, you often say Marciniak can reach a lot, so the focus should lay on him. It is right that styles may differ. But remember the scene in Anderlecht-AEL, this missed red card; then ignoring his assistant's advice to send off a player. Solely issueing cards without any conversation and consistent line is no style to my mind, even though I plea for a pluralism of refereeing manners, that is right. You are right, with Borski, it was mere pushing, not more. Some are able to fulfill the expectations behind that pushing, Cakir is an example, others fail. In my opinion, Borski has failed. He nonetheless should get another chance, a high profile EL match would be good.

    4. Michał Listkiewicz said Szymon Marciniak has great chances to reach CL final in his career. Considering excellent Listkiewicz' contacts with Referee Committee members and with Collina and also being UEFA member too, he can have a knowledge about something secret. I would take his words seriously.
      Borski is pushing due to his professional status and also due to his consistent performances. Not the best but without extremely wrong calls too. I think he can be a good referee who'll whistle CL and EL. And you're right, the main focus should lay on Marciniak. It's quite obvious cooperation between Polish FA and UEFA is 100% better now and even Gil got his chance. I just don't know how did he referee his match but it is certainly sure he can be Elite Development too if Borski will fail his chances.

    5. I am excited whether Marciniak can hold these promises.
      And concerning Borski. I recommend you to really watch the Anderlecht-AEL match, it was the first time when I stopped writing a report because it was just too bad and I did not know where to start.

    6. And then, after that terrible performance he got Champions League group match :) Seriously now. I am excited too. Marciniak seems to be our new big star of refereeing. He's so young and UEFA Referee Talents now. Who knows. Personally, I see him in Elite. And I just can't watch this match with my slow net. It's near impossible. But I believe in your words :)

    7. If I find the motivation, I will write the report somewhen. The notes are ready, but not more.

  43. And Stark's scene

    1. Old problem from EURO... Dingert could have been obscured and maybe didn't see this tackle well. Maybe he should have replaced himself a bit on the right. Where was Stark? After Thomson in Dynamo - M'Gladbach and Stark at Euro and now we can say laying so much on assistants is very risk. They aren't able to take a decision themselves. I can't understand it. Rose was awful, then Meyer missed a reckless tackle, now Dingert missed an obvious foul. Something is wrong with self-confidence of AR/AAR.

    2. petschovschi20/9/12 16:13

      I watched again highlights from ManU- Galata.
      Two obvious penalties not given by Stark...

    3. He that praises himself spatters himself. But nonetheless, I am saying that since a year, Brych is the better German referee, at least internationally.

    4. I think that Stark hopes for CL final are over.
      He will retire without this important match in his palmares, like De Bleeckere..

    5. And that is good..Brych could get Wembley, or Lisbon's final in 2014. Brych, Cakir, Skomina and Rizzoli, those four should get it during the next seasons. (EARLY prediction :P)

  44. A very important appointment will come during the next minutes: Schalke v Bayern on Saturday.

    1. I bet Kircher or Gagelmann.

    2. Gagelmann is impossible, he had Bayern on MD1. My bet is either Kircher or ... there is no other one. Weiner perhaps, but that would be a risk.

    3. It is Kircher.

      21.09.2012 20.30 1. FC Nürnberg - Eintracht Frankfurt Felix Zwayer, Mark Borsch, Marcel Pelgrim, Tobias Christ
      22.09.2012 15.30 Schalke 04 - Bayern München Knut Kircher, Robert Kempter, Stefan Lupp, Mike Pickel
      22.09.2012 15.30 VfL Wolfsburg - SpVgg Greuther Fürth Markus Schmidt, Wolfgang Walz, Kai Voss, Dr. Robert Kampka
      22.09.2012 15.30 FSV Mainz 05 - FC Augsburg Michael Weiner, Norbert Grudzinski, Holger Henschel, Frank Willenborg
      22.09.2012 15.30 Hamburger SV - Borussia Dortmund Günter Perl, Georg Schalk, Michael Emmer, Christian Dietz
      22.09.2012 15.30 Fortuna Düsseldorf - SC Freiburg Bastian Dankert, Harm Osmers, Thomas Frank, Christian Dingert
      23.09.2012 15.30 Bayer Leverkusen - Borussia Mönchengladbach Peter Gagelmann, Matthias Anklam, Sascha Thielert, Robert Hartmann
      23.09.2012 17.30 Werder Bremen - VfB Stuttgart Guido Winkmann, Christian Bandurski, Frederick Assmuth, Guido Kleve
      23.09.2012 17.30 1899 Hoffenheim - Hannover 96 Marco Fritz, Volker Wezel, René Kunsleben, Benjamin Cortus

    4. Perl's from Munich.

    5. As expected :) Kircher is always a safe choice for big clashes. A pity he wasn't able to show his skills in UEFA competitions. Gagelmann with another good match. Can you tell me something about Peter Sippel? I see he referees more 2nd Bundesliga matches.

    6. He never was on FIFA badge level, just a normal Bundesliga referee with many solid matches and a few very poor ones. Last year, he had a nightmare match (more or less, Schalke - Kaiserslautern), with no control, many bad yellows, 1 wrong straight red and one debatable red card (at least subject to public debate at that time..). After a long break (probably 6-match suspension), he returned, issued many reds for violent conducts etc, many good performances. He can be compared to Gagelmann somehow, although Gagelmann managed more under Fandel and is more independent coming from Bremen and not from Munich. But yes, he mostly referees as many 2nd Bundesliga matches as Bundesliga matches, at least nearly. Marco Fritz is, contrary to Zwayer, spared from bigger tests, he actually never had a top clash so far.

    7. Thank you! I always was glad to see Sippel. Just like his personality and friendly look. It would be a time to check Fritz ability to whistle top matches.

    8. I can ensure you that he was, before Fandel's time, not that respected by players on the pitch and his personality was not really visible to formulate it kindly, but that was a general impression Philipp and I have got, when Fandel came, there were many changes in the chances some officials got and the way they handled matches. An example for that is Stark. Remember his strict attitude, strict gestures. In the EL final, he was characterized by humility and even smiled :D I would not have thought that a few years earlier.

    9. Serie A appointments, if you are interested (matchday 4):

      23/09/12 15:00

      IV: VUOTO
      ADD1: DOVERI
      ADD2: ROCA


      ADD1: BANTI


      ADD1: ORSATO
      ADD2: DI BELLO

      JUVENTUS – CHIEVO 22/09 20.45
      ADD1: DE MARCO

      LAZIO – GENOA 20.45
      IV: LA ROCCA

      PARMA – FIORENTINA 22/09 18.00
      IV: CRISPO

      SAMPDORIA – TORINO 12:30
      ADD1: GUIDA
      ADD2: LA PENNA



      IV = Fourth official
      ADD1 and ADD2 are the AARS

      In the next week (wednesday 26 September) there will be another matchday, I don't know if also in Germany, too.

    10. That was announced yesterday: Weekend clash (OR war) between Fenerbahce and Trabzon (teams had huge official rows due to match-fixing decision of TFF) will be handled by Aydinus.

      And, FIFA Referee seminar is taking 8 days?
      Isn't it too long?

    11. Hm, at least remarkably longer than UEFA seminars.

      Yes, in Bundesliga, there is an "English week" as well.

    12. Yes, Niclas I know those problems of Sippel but he just seems to be nice human, a very positive and friendly one what is not always enough to be a great referee...

  45. Mam adres e-mail a także konto na facebooku gdzie ci będzie lepiej mail to a facebbok to jacek ogórek bez zdjęcie ten który ma u siebie dj w firmie dj diablo jak chesz byśmy byli w kontakcie to wybierz gdzie wolisz do mnie pisać oki. A Jaco to skrót i mienia to ten sam co miał skrót jax

  46. Ps. to jest info dla mojego rodaka YUN HYEON aby się informować o sędzich itp.

  47. FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

    UEFA Zone

    2 Greek Appointments.


    Referee: Anastasios Sidiropoulos
    Assistants: Christos Akrivos, Leonidas Vasiliadis
    Fourth official: Michael Koukoulakis

    Referee: Michael Koukoulakis
    Assistants: Dimitrios Saraidaris, Michael Karsiotis
    Fourth official: Anastasios Sidiropoulos

  48. By the way, what about these Greek assistant moves? Vasileiadis does not accompany Koukoulakis anymore, why not?

    1. Probably it has something to do with the CL qualifier Koukoulakis had (Club Brugge - Copenhagen) when Vasiliadis disallowed a goal for the home team at min. 91' and probably shouldn't. After that match Koukoulakis uses as assistants Saraidaris and Efthimiadis at Europa Matches.


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