October 16, 2012

Additional time is the referee's thing

(c) Eurosport
The following text is partly taken from DFB's two-monthly published referee newspaper, DFB referee committee member and former Bundesliga referee Lutz Wagner tries to avoid misunderstandings related to the fourth official's task in a football match.

"Every television viewer interested in football knows that scenario. At the end of the live broadcast, the commentator wants to finally increase the tension by stressing the ultimate highlight of the match: "And now, he is raising the board! The fourth official decided to award four further minutes of additional time in this match and informs the referee about that! [...] The home team hence has still 240 seconds to score the equalizer!"

What is right reading those lines? Unfortunately, almost nothing, apart from the electronic board from which the commentator has read off the shown additional time!

  • It is not the fourth official who awards the additional time, it is the referee's thing!
  • Consequently, he does not "inform the referee" about the additional time, since he already knows it, but informs all involved including players, spectators and also commentators about it.
  • Furthermore, it is not the additional time of "this match", but solely of the second half. Additional times have to be awarded at the end of each half and therefore added to each half (if needed).
  • In addition, it is not clear at all whether a team really "has still 240 seconds to score" a goal. The additional time awarded by the referee and signaled by the fourth official is no ultimate decision. The referee can enlarge the additional time, as soon as he consideres that as necessary. However, he is not allowed to shorten it.

"Therefore, such a superficial knowledge being persistently propagated is quite annoying. [If no electronical board is available], the referee has to signalize the additional time to all involved in a clear manner by his fingers (Law 7).", Wagner emphasizes.

What can be reasons for additional time? The Laws of the Game define:
  • substitutions
  • injuries of players
  • transport of injured players off the pitch
  • time wasting (has only to be taken as a reason for additional time if the team infringing the Laws by that have no advantage by time wasting)
  • every other reason (which more precisely includes external influences like a suspension of the match due to pyrotechnics or stuff).

The most important aspect is: the height of the additional time signalized by the fourth official depends on the assessment of the referee.

Additional time is the referee's thing (c) DFB
A suitable example for the targeted enlargament of additional time is the UEFA Champions League qualifying match between Dinamo Zagreb and Ludogorets. The first leg between the Croatian and Bulgarian sides ended with a 1-1 draw. In the second half of the second leg, the score was 2-2 until the 90th minute. Due to a longer injury after a rude foul, which approximately lasted two minutes, a few further bookings including a sending-off for a dive, German referee Felix Zwayer told the fourth official to signalize five minutes of added time. 
In the third minute of this additional time, the away team's goalkeeper approximately "stole" 20-30 seconds by time wasting at a goal kick. He accepted the call; this time wasting led to a direct advantage of his team, since they were at that moment qualified for the next round, so that Zwayer had to enlarge the additional time by these 20 or 30 seconds. After this goal kick, there was a tactical foul by Dinamo Zagreb leading to a yellow card and an alleged head injury, from which the fouled midfielder had to recover for exactly 28 seconds. A few moments later, the next Bulgarian player stalled for time by needing 19 seconds for going to a throw-in position and then deciding to shift the execution of this throw-in to a team-mate. Zwayer correclty booked him for time wasting, had to note the offender which furthermore cost a few seconds. In the end, approximately 70 seconds were hence wasted which had to be added on the original additional time of five minutes. The official correctly allowed a further attack and in 90+6:01, a Bulgarian defender excellently cleared a dangerous ball in the box, leading to a corner kick for Dinamo Zagreb which Zwayer allowed. In addition, there was another injury of the player who cleared, which had to recover from that for 30 seconds. The corner kick was executed and in its direct aftermath, Dinamo scored the decisive 3-2. One of Ludogorets' player later insulted Zwayer and was sent off.

Despite of the fact that this procedure certainly caused anger and misunderstanding among neutral spectators and also Ludogorets' players, the referee dealt with the incidents in an adequate manner.


  1. Also here in Italy commentators often said: "The fourth official has given 3 minutes as additional time".
    They don't know that the decision is always made by the main referee, and if in a match there isn't the fourth official, referee has to make clear gesture with his fingers to show everybody the added time.
    Anyway, the big problem about added time is that there isn't consistency. Not all the referees are accustomed to extend it in case of futher wasting of time. For example, Skomina :)

  2. UEFA U-19 qualification:

    Group 1 (host country - Hungary):
    Austria - Andorra (Robert Madden - SCO)
    Hungary - Bulgaria (Aleksey Eskov - RUS)
    Austria - Bulgaria (Miroslav Zelinka - CZE)
    Andorra - Hungary (Aleksey Eskov - RUS)
    Hungary - Austria (Robert Madden - SCO)
    Bulgaria - Andorra (Miroslav Zelinka - CZE)

    Group 2 (host country - Cyprus):
    Finland - Montenegro (Slavko Vinčić - SVN)
    Denmark - Cyprus (Lorenc Jemini - ALB)
    Finland - Cyprus (Anastasios Sidiropoulos - GRE)
    Montenegro - Denmark (Lorenc Jemini - ALB)
    Denmark - Finland (Anastasios Sidiropoulos - GRE)
    Cyprus - Montenegro (Slavko Vinčić - SVN)

    Group 3 (host country - Poland):
    Poland - San Marino (Ilias Spathas - GRE)
    Netherlands - Malta (Nikolay Yordanov - BUL)
    San Marino - Netherlands (Nikolay Yordanov - BUL)
    Poland - Malta (Ionuţ Marius Avram - ROU)
    Netherlands - Poland (Ilias Spathas - GRE)
    Malta - San Marino (Ionuţ Marius Avram - ROU)

    Group 4 (host country - Northern Ireland):
    Greece - Moldova (Aleksander Kostadinov - BUL)
    Czech Republic - Northern Ireland (Serhiy Boyko - UKR)
    Czech Republic - Moldova (Mihály Fábián - HUN)
    Northern Ireland - Greece (Serhiy Boyko - UKR)
    Greece - Czech Republic (Mihály Fábián - HUN)
    Moldova - Northern Ireland (Aleksander Kostadinov - BUL)

    Group 5 (host country - Luxembourg):
    Germany - FYR of Macedonia (Mattias Gestranius - FIN)
    Republic of Ireland - Luxembourg (Halis Özkahya - TUR)
    Germany - Luxembourg (Mattias Gestranius - FIN)
    FYR of Macedonia - Republic of Ireland (Artyom Kuchin - KAZ)
    Republic of Ireland - Germany (Halis Özkahya - TUR)
    Luxembourg - FYR of Macedonia (Artyom Kuchin - KAZ)

    Group 6 (host country - Portugal):
    France - Israel (Pavle Radovanović - MNE)
    Portugal - Latvia (Steven McLean - SCO)
    France - Latvia (Pavle Radovanović - MNE)
    Israel - Portugal (Emir Alečković - BIH)
    Portugal - France (Steven McLean - SCO)
    Latvia - Israel (Emir Alečković - BIH)

    Group 7 (host country - Albania):
    Belgium - Belarus (Eli Hacmon - ISR)
    Italy - Albania (Neil Doyle - IRL)
    Belarus - Italy (Neil Doyle - IRL)
    Belgium - Albania (Sándor Andó-Szabó - HUN)
    Italy - Belgium (Sándor Andó-Szabó - HUN)
    Albania - Belarus (Eli Hacmon - ISR)

    Group 8 (host country - Bosnia and Herzegovina):
    Slovakia - Kazakhstan (Alain Bieri - SUI)
    Norway - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Martin Strömbergsson - SWE)
    Slovakia - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Alain Bieri - SUI)
    Kazakhstan - Norway (Sébastien Delferière - BEL)
    Norway - Slovakia (Martin Strömbergsson - SWE)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kazakhstan (Sébastien Delferière - BEL)

    Group 9 (host country - Scotland):
    Scotland - Armenia (Oliver Drachta - AUT)
    Switzerland - Romania (Ján Valášek - SVK)
    Scotland - Romania (Vlado Glođović - SRB)
    Armenia - Switzerland (Ján Valášek - SVK)
    Switzerland - Scotland (Oliver Drachta - AUT)
    Romania - Armenia (Vlado Glođović - SRB)

    Group 10 (host country - Slovenia):
    Wales - Sweden (Rene Eisner - AUT)
    Russia - Slovenia (Ruddy Buquet - FRA)
    Wales - Slovenia (Rene Eisner - AUT)
    Sweden - Russia (Ken Henry Johnsen - NOR)
    Russia - Wales (Ruddy Buquet - FRA)
    Slovenia - Sweden (Ken Henry Johnsen - NOR)

    Group 11 (host country - Croatia):
    Croatia - Georgia (Ivan Kružliak - SVK)
    Azerbaijan - Iceland (Marios Panayi - CYP)
    Croatia - Iceland (Dimitar Meckarovski - MKD)
    Georgia - Azerbaijan (Marios Panayi - CYP)
    Azerbaijan - Croatia (Ivan Kružliak - SVK)
    Iceland - Georgia (Dimitar Meckarovski - MKD)

    Group 12 (host country - Estonia):
    Ukraine - Faroe Islands (István Kovács - ROU)
    England - Estonia (Anar Salmanov - AZE)
    Faroe Islands - England (Jakob Kehlet - DEN)
    Ukraine - Estonia (István Kovács - ROU)
    England - Ukraine (Jakob Kehlet - DEN)
    Estonia - Faroe Islands (Anar Salmanov - AZE)

  3. UEFA U-17 qualifications:

    Group 1 (host country - Serbia):
    Belarus - Moldova (Jonathan Lardot - BEL)
    Serbia - Armenia (Aleksandrs Anufrijevs - LVA)
    Belarus - Armenia (Dennis Antamo - FIN)
    Moldova - Serbia (Jonathan Lardot - BEL)
    Serbia - Belarus (Aleksandrs Anufrijevs - LVA)
    Armenia - Moldova (Dennis Antamo - FIN)

    Group 2 (host country - Finland):
    Germany - San Marino (Dzianis Shcharbakou - BLR)
    Finland - Andorra (Peter Kráľovič - SVK)
    Andorra - Germany (Mitja Žganec - SVN)
    Finland - San Marino (Dzianis Shcharbakou - BLR)
    Germany - Finland (Mitja Žganec - SVN)
    San Marino - Andorra (Peter Kráľovič - SVK)

    Group 3 (host country - Belgium):
    Netherlands - Latvia (Danilo Grujić - SRB)
    Belgium - Lithuania (Gunnar Jarl Jónsson - ISL)
    Lithuania - Netherlands (Ádám Németh - HUN)
    Belgium - Latvia (Danilo Grujić - SRB)
    Netherlands - Belgium (Ádám Németh - HUN)
    Latvia - Lithuania (Gunnar Jarl Jónsson - ISL)

    Group 4 (host country - Bulgaria):
    Poland - Bulgaria (Michael Johansen - DEN)
    Spain - Azerbaijan (Kevin Clancy - SCO)
    Azerbeijan - Poland (Eitan Shemeulevitch - ISR)
    Spain - Bulgaria (Michael Johansen - DEN)
    Poland - Spain (Kevin Clancy - SCO)
    Bulgaria - Azerbeijan (Eitan Shemeulevitch - ISR)

    Group 5 (host country - Bosnia and Herzegovina):
    Greece - Slovenia (Vladimir Kazmenko - RUS)
    France - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Aleksandr Gauzer - KAZ)
    Greece - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Eiko Saar - EST)
    Slovenia - France (Aleksandr Gauzer - KAZ)
    France - Greece (Eiko Saar - EST)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina - Slovenia (Vladimir Kazmenko - RUS)

    Group 6 (host country - Austria):
    Switzerland - Faroe Islands (Davit Kharitonashvili - GEO)
    Austria - Cyprus (Laurent Kopriwa - LUX)
    Cyprus - Switzerland (Nerijus Dunauskas - LTU)
    Austria - Faroe Islands (Davit Kharitonashvili - GEO)
    Switzerland - Austria (Nerijus Dunauskas - LTU)
    Faroe Islands - Cyprus (Laurent Kopriwa - LUX)

    Group 7 (host country - Estonia):
    Northern Ireland - Wales (Serdar Gözübüyük - NED)
    England - Estonia (Jovan Kaluđerović - MNE)
    England - Wales (Clayton Pisani - MLT)
    Estonia - Northern Ireland (Jovan Kaluđerović - MNE)
    Northern Ireland - England (Serdar Gözübüyük - NED)
    Wales - Estonia (Clayton Pisani - MLT)

    Group 8 (host country - Hungary):
    Italy - Albania (Robert Rogers - IRL)
    Hungary - Liechtenstein (Elmir Pilav - BIH)
    Italy - Liechtenstein (Elmir Pilav - BIH)
    Albania - Hungary (Adrien Jaccottet - SUI)
    Hungary - Italy (Adrien Jaccottet - SUI)
    Liechtenstein - Albania (Robert Rogers - IRL)

    Group 9 (host country - Malta):
    Norway - Malta (Bardhyl Pashaj - ALB)
    Portugal - Iceland (Alexander Harkam - AUT)
    Norway - Iceland (Bardhyl Pashaj - ALB)
    Malta - Portugal (Radu Marian Petrescu - ROU)
    Portugal - Norway (Alexander Harkam - AUT)
    Iceland - Malta (Radu Marian Petrescu - ROU)

    Group 10 (host country - FYR of Macedonia):
    Republic of Ireland - Sweden (Stavros Tritsonis - GRE)
    Romania - FYR of Macedonia (Wim Smet - BEL)
    Republic of Ireland - FYR of Macedonia (Oleksandr Derdo - UKR)
    Sweden - Romania (Stavros Tritsonis - GRE)
    Romania - Republic of Ireland (Oleksandr Derdo - UKR)
    FYR of Macedonia - Sweden (Wim Smet - BEL)

    Group 11 (host country - Czech Republic):
    Czech Republic - Russia (Igor Pristovnik - CRO)
    Denmark - Montenegro (Siarhey Tsynkevich - BLR)
    Montenego - Czech Republic (Arnold Hunter - NIR)
    Denmark - Russia (Sierhey Tsynkevich - BLR)
    Czech Republic - Denmark (Arnold Hunter - NIR)
    Russia - Montenegro (Igor Pristovnik - CRO)

    Group 12 (host country - Croatia):
    Turkey - Kazakhstan (Stephan Klossner - SUI)
    Croatia - Israel (Yuriy Mozharovskyy - UKR)
    Turkey - Israel (Dawid Piasecki - POL)
    Kazakhstan - Croatia (Stephan Klossner - SUI)
    Croatia - Turkey (Dawid Piasecki - POL)
    Israel - Kazakhstan (Yuriy Mozharovskyy - UKR)

    Group 13 (host country - Georgia):
    Scotland - Luxemburg (Johnny Casanova - SMR)
    Georgia - Ukraine (Vasilis Dimitriou - CYP)
    Scotland - Ukraine (Ivaylo Stoyanov - BUL)
    Luxembourg - Georgia (Johnny Casanova - SMR)
    Georgia - Scotland (Ivaylo Stoyanov - BUL)
    Ukraine - Luxembourg (Vasilis Dimitrou - CYP)

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  5. Paraguayan assistant referee Nicolas Yegros (1967) yesterday asked for a pic with Messi and he did it.
    It was his last international match, so he has not to be worried about possible sanctons by CONMEBOL or FIFA.
    Carlos can confirm this news...

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRF3LRwjSU4

    2. Unbelievable. What kind of signal is that? After the match ok, but before or during? Anyway, Yegros will finish his career, so perhaps something he can show his grandchildren ;)

  6. Yun Hyeon, I partly agree, but pose your statement in the suitable thread.

  7. Webb GOOD-BYE kariere FIFA in WCH


  9. César Navas suspended for breaking Jakubko's jaw for 11 matches. Match was Rubin Kazan - Amkar Perm (7 Oct).


  10. Italian top clashes:




    Juventus-Napoli is the most important match of Italian serie A until now.

  11. ENG
    Tottenham - Chelsea (Michael Leslie Dean)
    Fulham - Aston Villa (Christopher Foy)
    Liverpool - Reading (Roger East)
    Manchester United - Stoke (Anthony Taylor)
    Swansea - Wigan (Michael Jones)
    WBA - Manchester City (Mark Clattenburg)
    West Ham - Southampton (Neil Swarbrick)
    Norwich - Arsenal (Lee Willem Probert)
    Sunderland - Newcastle (Martin Atkinson)
    QPR - Everton (Jonathan Moss)
    Burnley - Blackpool (Michael Oliver)
    Crystal Palace - Millwall (Philip Dowd)
    Leicester - Brighton&Hove (Mark Halsey)
    Wolverhampton - Bolton (Lee Willem Probert)

    Espanyol - Rayo Vallecano (Fernando Teixeira Vitienes)
    Málaga - Real Valladolid (Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva)
    Real Sociedad - Atlético (Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez)
    Osasuna - Betis (Carlos Velasco Carballo)
    Valencia - Athletic (Alberto Undiano Mallenco)
    Getafe - Levante (Pedro Jesus Pérez Montero)
    Granada - Zaragoza (José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes)
    Sevilla - Mallorca (Javier Estrada Fernández)
    Real Madrid - Celta Vigo (Carlos Clos Gómez)
    Deportivo de La Coruña - Barcelona (José Luis Paradas Romero)

    Bordeaux - Lille (Ruddy Buquet)
    Nice - St. Etienne (Bartolomeu Varela Teles)
    Stade Rennais - Montpellier (Antony Gautier)
    Nancy - Sochaux (Fredy Fautrel)
    PSG - Stade de Reims (Benoit Bastien)
    Evian - Toulouse (Olivier Thual)
    Valenciennes - Lorient (Alexandre Castro)
    Lyon - Brest (Amaury Delerue)
    Troyes - Marseille (Wilfried Bien)
    Ajaccio - Bastia (Laurent Duhamel)
    ===Ligue 2===
    Angers - Monaco (Clement Turpin)
    Chamois Niortais - Le Havre (Tony Chapron)
    Auxerre - Lens (Lionel Jaffredo)

    Hoffenheim - Greuther Fürth (Daniel Siebert)
    Borussia - Schalke (Felix Brych)
    Leverkusen - Mainz (Peter Sippel)
    Wolfsburg - Freiburg (Robert Hartmann)
    Eintracht - Hannover (Christian Dingert)
    Fortuna - Bayern (Felix Zwayer)
    Werder - Mönchengladbach (Günter Perl)
    Nürnberg - Augsburg (Wolfgang Stark)
    Hamburg - Stuttgart (Tobias Welz)
    ===2. Bundesliga===
    Bochum - Hertha (Florian Meyer)
    Dresden - Braunschweig (Guido Winkmann)
    1860 München - Erzgebirge Aue (Tobias Stieler)
    ===3. Liga===
    Unterhaching - Erfurt (Jochen Drees)
    Heidenheim - Osnabrück (Bastian Dankert)
    Hansa - Alemannia (Manuel Gräfe)

    Cagliari - Bologna (Daniele Doveri)
    Palermo - Torino (Andrea Romeo)
    Atalanta - Siena (Niccola Rizzoli)
    Genoa - Roma (Daniele Orsato)
    Chievo - Fiorentina (Marco Guida)
    Inter - Catania (Carmine Russo)
    Juventus - Napoli (Antonio Damato)
    Lazio - Milan (Paolo Tagliavento)
    Parma - Sampdoria (Sebastiano Peruzzo)
    Udinese - Pescara (Antonio Danilo Giannoccaro)

    1. Thanks again.
      Do you know if Aleksandr Egorov is relative of Igor, the former FIFA ref.?

    2. Unfortunately, no info in the web... even in Russian.

  12. NED
    Heracles - Ajax (Kevin Blom)
    PSV - Willem II (Alexandre Boucaut - BEL)
    Roda - Twente (Ruud Bossen)
    NAC - Vitesse (Danny Desmond Makkelie)
    AZ - NEC (Dennis Higler)
    Den Haag - Utrecht (Pieter Vink)
    Venlo - Feyenoord (Björn Kuipers)
    Heerenveen - Groningen (Pol van Boekel)
    Waalwijk - Zwolle (Jochem Kamphuis)
    ===Jupiler League===
    Dordrecht - Excelsior (Eric Braamhaar)
    Apeldoorn - Emmen (Serdar Gözübüyük)

    Krasnodar - Alania (Igor Nizovtsev)
    Anzhi - Spartak (Eduard Malyy)
    Zenit - Kuban (Sergey Karasev)
    Amkar - Terek (Sergey Ivanov)
    Rostov - Lokomotiv (Sergey Kuznetsov)
    Mordovia - Dinamo (Vasiliy Kazartsev)
    CSKA - Rubin (Aleksandr Egorov)
    Krylia - Volga (Timur Arslanbekov)

    Dundee - Inverness (Craig Alexander Thomson)
    Dundee United - Aberdeen (Iain Robertson Brines)
    Ross County - Hibernian (Steven McLean)
    St. Johnstone - Kilmarnock (Brian Colvin)
    St. Mirren - Celtic (Calum Murray)
    Heart of Midlothian - Motherwell (William Collum)
    ===First Division===
    Cowdenbeath - Raith Rovers (Robert Madden)
    Patrick Thistle - Airdrie United (Euan Norris)
    ===Third Division===
    Rangers - Queen's Park (John Beaton)

    Gençlerbirliği - Galatasaray (Halis Özkahya)
    Orduspor - Elazığspor (Bülent Yıldırım)
    Bursaspor - Fenerbahçe (Yunus Yıldırım)
    Antalyaspor - Sivasspor (Tolga Özkalfa)
    Eskişehirspor - Karabükspor (Mete Kalkavan)
    Kasımpaşa - Mersin İdmanyurdu (Fırat Aydınus)
    Akhisar Belediyespor - Gaziantepspor (Deniz Ateş Bitnel)
    Beşiktaş - Trabzonspor (Cüneyt Çakır)
    Kayserispor - İstanbul BB (Mustafa İlker Coşkun)

    Shakhtar - Illichivets (Andriy Kuzmin)
    Volyn - Metalurh Donetsk (Yuriy Vaks)
    Dynamo - Metalist (Viktor Shvetsov)
    Zoria - Dnipro (Serhiy Dankovskiy)
    Vorskla - Metalurh Zaporizhya (Dmytro Zhukov)
    Chornomorets - Tavriya (Serhiy Boyko)
    Kryvbas - Arsenal (Oleksandr Ivanov)
    Karpaty - Hoverla (Oleksandr Derdo)

  13. Gianluca Rocchi, at first appointed for Cagliari-Bologna, has been replaced by AIA one hour ago. Daniele Doveri will referee that match. I report this news also for Yun Hyeon, in the sites now there is the wrong appointment.
    Probably a flu for Rocchi, after the heavy rain in Poland :D

  14. I posted correct appointments :P Thanks

  15. Unbelievable appointment in Bundesliga.
    Stark as Bavarian whistles two Bavarian clubs, that was impossible for decades. Historical in a way, Philipp and I expected Brych for the derby, good appointment. Also Zwayer with an intense match.

  16. By the way, I do not exaggerate when stating that this appointment is the ultimate device that Brych is now ahead Stark.

  17. I know the focus is on European Assignments right now, but if I could politely take a moment to ask opinions on some issues that many fans in Major League Soccer are having from last night's game. Every week coaches, players, fans seem to have some major major issue with officiating...Referee is Ricardo Salazar one of the top officials(if not the top) in MLS.

    Here are highlights: http://www.mlssoccer.com/video/2012/10/18/highlights-sea-vs-rsl

    First, he gives a 1st yellow card to #20 for a tactical foul. I think he has it right because of its tactical nature, but did it not go out of bounds first? AR's job of course, but if he calls the foul I think it must be yellow again tactical nature of the foul.

    Second, he gives a 2nd yellow card to #20 for a Reckless foul. I don't see how their is an argument here, but many think that he should get a last warning cause he is already on a yellow card, and that the player is embellishing. 2 fouls 2 yellows is the referee not managing the game correctly? You don't see in the highlights, but he does give a yellow to a Real Salt Lake player for a similar foul so he is consistent.

    Finally, is this a red card? Not shown in the highlights package. I think distance from goal is problem here, plus Montero takes a heavy touch.
    Here it is: http://www.mlssoccer.com/video/2012/10/17/yellow-schuler-prevents-seattle-breakaway

    As always thank you!

  18. Thanks a lot for that discussion stuff, does not matter whether we were on another topic, actually the blog has a lack of order :D so no problem.

    I don't think the ball was out with its full scope, so I agree with the assistant here who probably saw it better than we do from this camera position.
    Furthermore, I also am convinced that a last warning would be a wrong call. This foul is pretty tough, was aimed at preventing a dangerous attempt and therefore of tactical nature. Correct yellow to my mind.

    The last situation is a borderline yellow, could also be red for dogso, but I also agree with Salazar here because the angle and position do not support that it was an obv. goalscoring opportunity.


  19. Thanks, I wish I could catch more games in Europe to discuss, but I miss too much to give comment.

    Yes, AR has much better view than us certainly, its just another complaint I have heard(though I wasn't sure myself, but must got with him he has better view). The yellow cards to #20 for me were...pretty by the book. The DOGSO is such a misunderstood call to the public I feel. Your reaction was my first reaction. So many people just said "LAST MAN!" and say law states "LAST MAN RED CARD"(more articulate than that just being simple)and it doesn't say that at all. When I saw the replay it was closer than I thought, but I still do not think this constitutes 'obvious' goalscoring opportunity. He was far from goal, took a heavy touch that seems to get away, and he is looking to get him sent off i think.

    Thank you again!


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