October 29, 2012

Clattenburg under the FA's spotlight

The FA has confirmed it has begun an investigation following allegations put forward after yesterday's Premier League top clash between Chelsea London and Manchester United (2-3) that accused FIFA referee Mark Clattenburg to have issued "inappropiate" statements against Chelsea's John Mikel and Juan Mata.

Mark Clattenburg (r.), facing severe allegations (c) Spox.com

After the match, Chelsea issued an official complaint to the Premier League, stating Clattenburg had made racial comments to two of their players. Apart from the statement given today about the started investigation, the FA has not issued any further comment on the case.
Clattenburg's assistants Mick McDonough and Simon Long are said to be potential witnesses, since they could have got the comments via the wire technique deployed by the officials.

In addition, the officials' performance has been generally criticized after the match, since Clattenburg controversially sent Fernando Torres off for an alleged dive despite a clear contact and as the decisive 2-3 goal followed a clear offside position.

Mark Clattenburg currently joins UEFA Elite Group and is on the short list for 2014 FIFA World Cup, as part of which he was already in charge of a U-20 World Cup and the final of 2012 Olympic Games in his mother country.

A quite similar case occurred in France's Ligue 1 last year, too.


  1. Still about the match: what do you think of this offside call?
    The players avoids the contact with the ball, is that enough?
    Is anyway correct to raise the flag?

  2. Influence of the opponents' behaviour to my mind, one part of that is the general distraction caused by this striker and the other one is that one defender has to curve him to get to the ball, therefore I think absolutely correct offside.

  3. FA. informations MARK CLLATENBURG dysqualifacations 2 metches

  4. 17 red cards in a "football" match in Uruguay.
    Mass riots after the final whistle, watch the idiots on youtube.

  5. Qatar Stars League - 1 November 2012
    Lakhwiya - Al-Gharafa (Olegario Benquerenca, Venancio Tome, Rui Licinio)

    AFC Champions League semifinals
    Bunyodkor - Ulsan (Ali Al-Badwawi - UAE)
    Al-Ittihad - Al-Ahli (Abdullah Al-Baloushi - QAT)
    Ulsan - Bunyodkor (Abdulrahman Muhammad Hussain - QAT)
    Al-Ahli - Al-Ittihad (Yuichi Nishimura - JPN)

    So, no Ravshan Irmatov neither in CL nor in AFC Cup knock-out rounds... Instead of that he'll whistle at AFC U19 Championships. Maybe again The FIFA World Cup?

    AFC Cup final
    (Valentin Kovalenko, Rafael Ilyasov, Mamur Saidkassimov, Vladislav Tseytlin - UZB)

  6. * FIFA Club World Cup ;)

  7. Oh no not again..there are at least three other Asians to be tested, if they again appoint O'Leary and Irmatov I would lose the patience :D

  8. Let me be honest: if FIFA appoints again Irmatov for the Club World Cup, it means that they are really stupid, to say it honestly.

  9. Haha...

    Nice discussion and link to the good article:

  10. Club World Cup:
    AFC: Shukrallah
    CAF: Haimoudi
    CONCACAF: Rodriguez (3rd Club WC for him)
    CONMEBOL: Vera
    OFC: OLeary (5th Club World Cup for him; 9 FIFA tournaments as referee taking at least one match)
    UEFA Cuneyt Cakir

    Have fun...

    1. Shukrallah is OK choice but I would like to see Ali Hamad Madhad Saif Al-Badwawi from UAE. He's a better referee to my mind...

      Djamel Haimoudi again OK. It's just true the best African referees come from North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.) and from South Africa.

      CONCACAF choice is totally wrong. Rodriguez had his chances. He was poor at last WC, he's showman. I would like to see Walter López or Joel Aguilar...

      Carlos Vera is my favourite CONMEBOL referee after Pitana. I like this choice very much.

      Peter O'Leary was very poor in one match I had an opportunity to observe to this blog. Totally inconsistent performance and big mistakes... Why, oh why not Hauata. He's better for sure but give him chances...

      UEFA choice is very good. After excellent WC he gets FIFA Club WC. Maybe one match but also a prestige to be one of them all.

      Overall, a mixed bag from FIFA. Some good some bad choices. In the end, I would like to wish them all (without taking into account my opinions) GOOD LUCK!

    2. I wait for Niclas post, just a thing for now: absurd choice again O'Leary.

    3. I am going to comment on the appointments later on.

      Just one remark: Lee Mason with three correct penalties in the 5-4 showdown between Chelsea and ManU yesterday.

    4. This by the way means Cakir must get a CL match on MD5, I prefer Man City-Real..

    5. At least 2 appointments are completely wrong.

      Rodriguez and O'Leary.

      Both had many tournaments and many chances but they seem so poor.

      FIFA surprises us negativelly once again.

    6. I actually hoped to be able to stop persistent criticism on FIFA, but it's hard. I do not understand the appointments, apart from Vera, Haimoudi and to a certain extent Shukralla. But keep in mind that Club World Cups were never THE size to determine a referee's chances for a World Cup. Hauata's tournament will come next year.

    7. Yes, the only good news about O'Leary appointment is that Hauata has a good chance to officiate in Confederations Cup, in which he could be able to get more than one match.
      I'm going to write a long comment on the specific post, later.

    8. Yes, you can wait with that, there will be a comment-post in the afternoon.

    9. Even though, just this year, Tahiti will join Confederations Cup for the first time ever

    10. :D so no Hauata ( I think U20 is better, then we can see him more than just once )

      Have a look at this:

      starting at 4:20, Tobias Stieler is the referee (AR2 Jonas Weickenmeier)

    11. Hm start watching at 3:50, will be better..

    12. Wrong free kick awarded by assistant referee, correct red card to keeper (jsut the attempt to shoot the ball against the referee is enough).

    13. Completely the other way round for my taste :D
      Correct free kick (foot-up tackle, dangerous play), but exaggerated red card (goalkeeper wanted to make the kick-off quicker as the goal was scored in 87').

    14. The keeper seemd angry against the referee, maybe it was also his feeling.
      And about the free kick, I said that because the player was able to catch the ball before, and the opponent was already falling when he was hit.

    15. Correct free kick - should be a yellow card for a reckless tackle, correct goal, correct sending-off. GOOD JOB! Maybe too arrogant and more calm showing red card would be excellent :)

    16. I wouldnt give that RC... That is harsh. You can not guess GK's aim exactly. Maybe, he is just really encouraging his team mates.

    17. I'm quite sure it was deliberate throwing the ball in the referee's direction. Sorry, can't see it other way around...

    18. Why should he be angry? They accepted the correct free-kick, he tried to encourage his team-mates by gestures, saying "come on, still 5 minutes to play"...I miss common sense in Stieler's decision, that's all.

    19. Im with Chefren here.

      If you have played the game, you realise that you cannot give that freek kick for 'dangerous play'. We must referee for the players and not ourselves.

      The GK was seemingly mad that kick was awarded, and even if it wasnt directly aimed at referee, it was in his direction and at speed. Correct RC


  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=us_T4cHuv5U

    I can't belive that here in Italy we are so careless of the safety.
    Watch this video, starting from 00:30, the assistant referee involved (Rubino) might have been hurt and not a little... the weird thing is that yuesterday in this match he was just back from an injury.
    No further words to comment that.

    1. It seems funny but then when I watched the speed with which those banners came into the field... In present days sponsors are the most important thing in football. By the way, probably one couldn't have known there will be such wind.


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