November 21, 2012

Luiz Adriano flouts Fair Play

Shakhtar Donetsk striker Luiz Adriano of Brazil caused a striking controversy which shadowed yesterday's UEFA Champions League matchday, when he flouted Fair Play scoring a goal directly after a drop ball that was actually to be given to the Danish side FC Nordsjaelland. 

French official Antony Gautier had to accept the goal and attempted to reconcile both sides after this scandale. The officials team's astonishment was furthermore displayed in the fact that AR2 Frédéric Cano stopped running for a moment, probably being irritated about what was going on. 
UEFA has already announced to commence an investigation against the Brazilian forward for having brought the principles of conduct. The case will be tried at 27 November 2012.
One cannot describe the circumstances more appropiately than Nordsjaelland's manager Laursen did, who hoped that his "children [had already been] sleeping when this goal was scored".

Luiz Adriano has been banned for one match applying to next week's decisive encounter between Shakhtar and Juventus. The reason was officially called "violation of the principles of conduct".


  1. After the kick-off by the way, Shakhtar seemed to allow a walk-through by Nordsjaelland so that they can immediately score the 2-1. But someone instructed their team-mates to resist and don't allow them to do that. Who was it? Of course, again Adriano!


    UEFA has officially started an investigation.

  3. Actually for a moment they were letting them go, but after somebody told them to play they started to play. They didn't actually allowed them to score immediately. Nordsjaelland prepared a good attack and scored a nice goal. Shame on Adriano!


    2. Thanks for the link, this is a better video.
      UEFA has made a good decision, hopefully, they are going to point the way with a suitable judgment.



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