December 14, 2012

Cüneyt Çakır in charge of FIFA Club World Cup final

Turkish match official Cüneyt Çakır has been appointed to take control over Sunday's FIFA Club World Cup final between Brazil's Corinthians and England's Chelsea London. Having been already in charge of the quarterfinal between Ulsan Hyundai and Monterrey, the professional referee based in Istanbul will be accompanied by his countrymen Bahattin Duran and Tarik Ongun, while Alireza Faghani and Hassan Kamranifar of Iran will complete the officiating crew.

Cüneyt Çakır (TUR) in charge of Yokohama's final (c) ZIMBIO

For the former Turkish insurance manager, it will be his first international final ever, although he has already assumed huge responsibility in a UEFA Champions League semifinal (Barcelona - Chelsea), a UEFA Europa League (Fulham - Hamburger SV) and finally the semifinal clash between Portugal and Spain at EURO 2012. He has been furthermore elected as this blog's best European referee in 2012 (exact results will follow during the next days).
It will be the first time since 2009 that FIFA's actually established principle of continental neutrality is broken, meaning that the referee to be selected has to come from a different confederation than the involved teams, as long as they join two different confederations.

Concerning the match for the 3rd place, FIFA has nominated an officiating team consisting of Peter O'Leary and Mark Rule of New Zealand, Ravinesh Kumar of Fiji, Nawaf Shukrallah as well as Yaser Tulefat both coming from Bahrain.

(EGY) Al-Ahly
ملف:Al-Ahly logo.png
Monterrey (MEX)
Sunday, 16 December 2012, 16:30 JST 
Match for the 3rd Place - International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama (Japan)

Referee: Peter O'Leary (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Rule (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Ravinesh Kumar (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Nawaf Shukrallah (BHR)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Yaser Tulefat (BHR)
Blog-Referee Observer: Philipp S. (GER)

(BRA) Corinthians
Datei:SC Corinthians Paulista.svg
Chelsea FC
Chelsea (ENG)
Sunday, 16 December 2012, 19:30 JST 
Final - International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama (Japan)

Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Fourth Official: Alireza Faghani (IRN)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Hassan Kamranifar (IRN)
Blog-Referee Observer: Turan O. (USA)


  1. Really don't like this appointment. Cakir is 100% bet for WC, FIFA should assign Haimoudi or Shukrallah for the final...


    By the way, today's friendly between Macedonia and Poland in national squad:

    Main referee: Hüseyin Göçek
    Assistant referee #1: Mehmet Cem Satman
    Assistant referee #2: Serkan Gençerler
    4th Official: Hüseyin Sabancı

  2. Ideally, all the appointments should be performance-based, so the best referee should always get the final.

  3. Here you can test your assistant qualities. We had a similar thing in German a few weeks ago, but this seems to be more difficult.

  4. 17 out of 20 right, that goes better :S
    Very nice programme made by the Scottish FA, I try to post it.

  5. So, it's Çakır. I have to be honest, reding this appointment I was a bit shocked, because it was almost impossible to guess the European referee for the final.
    If you remember the previous editions of this tournament, and for example last year, when Rizzoli was there: he was a strong candidate for the final, but unluckily (for him) FIFA still wanted to keep this (NOT WRITTEN) rule, to appoint a referee from a different confederation.
    Now there are several things to say. I don't know if this appointment was forced, in the meaning that the other referees were evaluated not able to offciate the final match, or maybe FIFA just wanted to reward the best official, without thinking about the confederation. By the way, at the end maybe this is not so important to know, the only important thing is another excellent achievement in Çakır's career. We know that now FIFA and UEFA are working in tune, and therefore this is also an award for one of the best 2012 referees (as Niclas has written) in our cnfederation. Skomina with the Super Cup and Çakır with the CWC final, still waiting for Brych, another talent.
    Furthermore, in my opinion, after this appointment, it will be a bit more difficult to see the Turkish appointed also for CL final, this year. He has many years waiting for him... and probably he wil referee again a semifinal, even though now it's too early to talk about that.
    What do you think?

    1. very surprisingly, what career this colorless referee without any charisma has made in recent years

    2. His charisma is different than others' ones :) The phlegm that he has is unbelievably interesting and nice approach to me as well as Craig Thomson's phlegm :D

  6. I agree with everything you said, except one thing - I definitely think that UEFA considers this season as suitable time to appoint Cakir for the CL final.

    1. This should not mean there is no-one else by the way, I do not want to convey this blurred impression. There is also Svein Moen who has made a big step during the last 2 seasons, which was perhaps not noticed that attentively.

  7. And the last thing, it seems strange but I have a wish.
    In this last year with the new course of FIFA policy, we had Clattenburg referee at the Olympics final, and Çakır referee at the CWC final. Maybe it's just my (wrong) feeling, but it seems that FIFA is having a special focus on UEFA officials, prefering always them to the others. I can add also an Italian referee appointed for the Women U-20 WC.
    This would be a great mistake, we have talents from all over the world.
    I think that for Brazil2014 final, it's time for another confederation, not UEFA...

    1. Sorry I meant U-17 women WC.
      By the way, also in the U-20 tournament we had an UEFA referee from Sweden for the final...

  8. Report of Gocek's performance in Polish written by me :)

    1. Very long and detailed report for that friendly, my compliments!
      By the way I translated from Polish directly to Italian with google, the result was of course a bit weird but still understandable.
      Regards :)

    2. Thanks a lot! I tried to make a report detailed ;)

    3. If he knew that such a detailed report could came out, he would focus on like a final ;)


  10. Nice Article on Football..Thanks for sharing..

  11. Wilson Seneme and Pedro Leandro Vuaden (the first Brazilian stand-by referee) have failed the FIFA tests and they are out.
    Bad news for the country host of the next WC.
    It seems that now Sandro Meira Ricci (the third choice) should get a chance, otherwiese we wil have no Brazilian referees in the WC.
    Not the best situation also for CONMEBOL, after Silvera retirement from the list, too...

  12. @ Hubert: +1, nice report, although I must say google translator is absolute crap.

    I am not that familiar with Brazilian refereeing, I am sure maia can say more. But what is clear is that there is no real safe plan B or plan C. I mean if a huge nation who knows for years that it would soon host a World Cup, then one should have more than one just one excellent referee at hand. I saw Vuaden a couple of times and I never thought he could manage to reach a World Cup (only based on some Libertadores matches) and with Ricci there is a promising referee who was strongly pushed in 2012. Diego Abal passed the tests obviously, but his case is not that clear either..Roldán and Vera have won a lot this year, their place should be, if nothing extra-ordinary happens, sure.

    1. Even though very often he was blamed and heavily criticized, I think that Carlos Simon was one of the best Brazilian referees ever, at least looking at his achievements. After him (3 WC, remember) it seems that Brazil hasn't another (at least) decent candidate, since Seneme failed the tests.
      Maybe FIFA knew already that, and there was a reason if they pushed Simon until his last year of international activicy, wth the 3d world cup... maybe not a talent, but for sure a name which will be remembered as one of the most important South American referees.

    2. Poor news that many of the best CONMEBOL referees have such weak fitness! I think Ricci shouldn't reach WC being so inexperienced referee and only 3rd choice from one country. Probably, politics will win again... I would like Nestor Pitana much more than Abal, he's great material for WC ref IMHO (fitness, athletic presence, lenient but consistent style, very good communication with players). It's a pity Silvera failed too. He was really good and one of the best CONMEBOL referees to my mind.

      Thanks, Niclas! Is +1 a mark to me? Here, 1 is the lowest mark, haha ;D

      By the way, Istvan Vad's report from Maribor - Lazio is available here (P.Ramsey is me ;)):


    3. ;) Just wanted to support Cagatay in what he said
      Keep in mind it's mostly not a weak fitness, but severe and long-term injuries specially Silvera and Seneme are suffering from.
      And yes, Simon will stay in our minds, the "sheriff" ;)

    4. The sheriff?
      I don't remember Simon as harsh referee, he was always smiling.
      Is that a nickname for him, from German people?
      I found this article:
      by the way, in my opinion in Germany-Ghana he was good.

    5. Right :D He was used to be called like that, but of course, his performance in Ghana-Germany was good. Specially Braatz was excellent.
      I think the title sheriff comes from his high card average in Brazil's league. And in Germany-Sweden in 2006, he was pedantic as well. So that's why some journalists probably built up this name.

  13. hello, everybody!

    Does anyone knows when the new UEFA categories are going to be made public?



    1. Somewhen next week I suppose. So far, UEFA has not updated anything!

      These CAF officials were at the course in Cairo at the end of November, most of them will attend AFCON 2013 (list thanks to Maia).

      EL AHRACH Bouchaib - Morocco
      ALIOUM Néant - Cameroon
      BANGOURA Aboubacar Mario - Guinea
      BENNETT Daniel - South Africa
      BENOUZA Mohamed - Algeria
      BONDO Joshua - Botswana
      CAMILLE Bernard - Seychelles
      COULIBALY Koman - Mali
      DIATTA Badara - Sénégal
      DOUE Nourmandiez - Ivory Coast
      FALL Ousmane - Sénégal
      FAROUK Mohamed - Egypt
      GASSAMA Papa Bakary - Gambia
      GRISHA Gehad - Egypt
      HAIMOUDI Djamel - Algeria
      JIYED Redouane - Morocco
      KAREMBE Ousmane - Mali
      KHALID Abdel Rahman - Sudan
      KIRWA Sylvester - Kenya
      LEMGHAIFRY Ali - Mauritania
      MUNYEMANA Hudu - Rwanda
      NAMPIANDRAZA Hamada - Madagascar
      OGUNKOLADE Bunmi - Nigeria
      OTOGO CASTANE Eric - Gabon
      SEECHURN Rajindraparsad - Mauritius
      SHIKONGO Rainhold - Namibia
      SIKAZWE Janny - Zambia
      JEDIDI Slim - Tunisia
      WEYESA Bamlak Tessema - Ethiopia

  14. Is Camille Bernard the new Maillet? ;)
    By the way, some interesting names!

  15. O'Leary and his team with a good performance today, although there were very few replays shown.
    Report to follow, marks will be 8,4/8,5/8,4.

    1. Inded, reading the statistics:
      OFFSIDES 1 - 11
      heavy work for both assistants, it would be interesting to analyze Kumar performance, it's a pity that FIFA often doesn't show replays in such situations.

    2. It's a pity that this performance was not shown by the regular O'Leary team (Jan Hintz did not join CWC for personal job reasons as far as I know, so Rule is there).

  16. Niclas, I'm going to be interested in Bundesliga matches :D
    I have read about a early red card by Gagelmann in Wolfsburg - Eintracht.
    Correcr decision?
    And I'm sorry for Schalke, of course...

    1. "We" have fired our coach this morning, a crisis in the whole club, not solely on the pitch. Thanks for your condolences :P
      Yes, correct red card shown by Gagelmann. Philipp and I already talked about some situations, we came to the conclusion that all the issued red cards were correct this matchday (Zwayer again with 2 reds). But Stieler also gave two ones in Schalke-Freiburg, at least one is debatable. Check for dailymotion or other soccer highlight-pages.
      And I am glad that O'Leary was obviously able to show a convincing performance, you will receive the report template in the course of the day, Philipp, ok?

    2. By the way, the first place in Champions League group, was an excellent result for Schalke.
      I don't know, it seems strange that this team looks often so different: I mean, in the European competitions is a very strong club, meanwhile sometimes in the domestic Bundesliga has several problems... ;)
      of course I can't asy more because I'm not a fan and I don't know the situation, here in Italy anyway your club is not still seen as a big one, like Bayern or Borussia Dortmund

    3. Then it's time to change that :P
      But I can understand that some Milan-souls tend to oust Schalke's success in 1997 and 2011 ;)

  17. 1:20 and 1:39:


    1:25 and 1:39

    1. Thanks for the videos!

      Greuther Furth vs Augsburg: correct decisions, absolutely spot on for the straight red card.

      Wolfsburg vs Frankfurt: absolutely correct.

      Schalke vs Freiburg: the commntator laughing for Huntelaar sending off seems mad.

      By the way, compliments to all the Bundesliga refs, which have always the courage to show the appropriate card, straight red also if needed, here in Italy it isn't the same.

    2. Chef, the Huntelaar is very harsh? yes intent with first swing, but defender actually goes down after second movement which is nowhere near him. I think the ref is fooled.

      Agree with all above, though the Augsburg red is slightly harsh, seemed reckless to me more than excessive. Though if we are analysing with the 'it is a legitimate red' (rather than 'Elite ratios') then I can see why the studs led the referee to prefer red to yellow.

    3. And keep in mind Zwayer is a referee with a consistent disciplinary line, he showed that in all his matches so far, with two exceptions (two missed red cards in his Bundesliga career).

    4. DFB has confirmed the red cards. Augsburg's Sio got 4 matches suspension (on the previous matchday Zwayer dismissed a Stuttgart player for a similar action, he only got 3 matches for it..), Josué of Wolfsburg 3 matches.

    5. And what about Boateng's alleged handball...?

    6. Penalty in Bayern - M'Gladbach.

    7. Ah yes. To my mind a correct decision (increasing body volume, hand slightly moves to ball, no huge distance..). What's your opinion?

  18. I never saw Cakir wearing a red kit before..

    1. Loves Yellow and Blue .. ha

  19. Goalline Technology rules :P

    1. I'm not watching, can you explain Niclas?
      Crucial decision thank to the goalline technology?

    2. Would've been very hard to see for an AAR as well. Lots of bodies around and even on top of the ball. Now the officials can concentrate on their main duties (fouls, offside. This could mean an improvement in these decisions in and around the penalty area :)

    3. Yes. Chelsea nearly scored in that situation, ball was deflected and nearly crossed the line. As Thomas outlined, Turan would have had difficulties to see it, as the goalkeeper and some defenders caught his vicinity.

    4. Not Turan, Ongun of course....

  20. Excellent red card...

    1. And excellent flag by Duran.. :D

    2. I would like to confirm that, but bbc did not even show one replay.

    3. I watched the replay, is correct.

    4. I am not watching the game but as far as I understood good performance from Turkish Team again.

      Ugur B.

  21. Hi 92 min goal TORRES,fantastic decis AR. TORRES ewident ofsaid no goal CHELSEA

  22. I have now watched the goal line situation, well it was impossible to understand for the referee and also for the assistant.
    So, in the final match we had an excellent signal that this new technology is mandatory nowadays, at least in such important matches.

  23. What was Cahill sent for? No replay here.

    Cakir did well - bit nervy in his demeanour and positioning but good to see him running fast for the world audience haha

  24. Violent conduct (ellbow?) I guess.
    Cakir was overall good, but I have already seen him better. He missed an obvious booking for Ramires in 13th minute. Good assistants (as jaco has said, correctly disallowed offside goal) and normal match, waiting for Turan's report now.

  25. Referee Serdar Gözübüyük has shown the "RESPECT" patch to Robert Maaskant, FC Groningen's coach, because he was exaggerated in his complaints.
    Very funny scene...

  26. Cechia REFS teste new technology video. Resultat beste

  27. Décès de l'ancien arbitre international belge Alfred " Fred " Delcourt.

    Fred Delcourt (83 ans) fut un des meilleurs arbitres belge des années 70. Il avait sifflé près de 500 matches en première division belge et avait vécu le plus grand moment de sa carrière à Bruxelles lors du “replay” de finale de la Coupe d’Europe des Clubs champions en 1974 entre l’Atletico Madrid et le Bayern de Munich au stade du Heysel. De 1982 à 1999, il fut par ailleurs président de la Commission Centrale des Arbitres belge.

    Fred Delcourt sera enterré ce mercredi 19 décembre à 11h00 à Sleidinge (près de Gand)


  28. Good choice to overpass not written rule to appoint referee coming from confederation differnt from team involved; Even when CWC was called "intercontinental cup" referee came one time form Uefa and one time from CoMnebol.
    Just two questions: do you know who were in the pitch for the two latest big matches PSG-Lione (Ligeu 1) and Barca-ATL. Madrid (Liga)?
    In Uefa and Fifa referee commette is the sam efor men and woman or there are two different list members ?

    1. PSG - Lyon
      Antony Gautier, Philippe Jeanne, Michaël Annonier, Nicolas Rainville

      Barcelona - Atlético
      Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasa, Teodoro Sobrino Magán, Jacobo Martínez Segovia, Juan Antonio Perdigones Pacheco

      National confederations nominate referees for international niveau. Continental federations accept them. FIFA accept continental federations' choices. New referee on the list could not be more than 38yo unless it's re-nomination of referee.


  29. Hi BRAZILIAN REFS SANDRO MEIRA RICCI positeve teste fitne. ARGENTINA REFES ABAL, PITANA & LOUSTAU positive teste fitnes. URUGUAYA REFS UBRIACO & VAQUEZ positive teste fitnes


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