January 30, 2013

CAF has resisted NFF appeal to suspend Grisha

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) have allegedly suspended Egyptian referee Ghead Grisha from the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, according to report from South Africa. A top official of CAF was quoted as saying that the referee committee was totally dissatisfied with Grisha's mishandling of the match between Nigeria and Zambia, and as a result suspended the Egyptian from the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Nonetheless, Grisha stays at the tournament and has been appointed as fourth official for a quarterfinal.
Egyptian official Ghead Grisha (c) Naji.com

Furthermore, the official is said to have stated that CAF did not allow anyone to start re-writing the Laws of the Games. Grisha was in charge of the Nigeria vs Zambia Group C second round game on January 25, and awarded an unworthy 86th minute penalty to the defending champions. The resultant penalty saw Zambia equalized and ended the tie in a 1-1 draw.
The Nigeria Football Federation was reported to have officially logged a complain to CAF, and the sack of the Egyptian could have been the outcome of the complaint. Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi and captain on the night Vincent Enyeama both condemned the penalty awarded to Zambia by Grisha.

source: FUTAA


  1. I'm sorry for Grisha, he awarded a good first penalty, but the second call was unacceptable for a such tournament. By the way, I would like to hope that these decisions are taken merely by committee, without any pressure by coaches, players and federations complaints. This is what I don't like, a committee has to work autonomously.

  2. After 45 min EL-CLASICO REAL - BARCELONA the KING'S CUP CARLOS CLOS GOMEZ with good performance. Proper yellow cardfor faul nfor PIGUE, assistive technologiesetc for faul CARVALHO, and CALLEJON unsportsmanlike conduct

  3. FYI This information regarding Ghead Grisha is not fully correct.. The Egyptian referee is still in the referee camp in South Africa, and he even officiated as 4th official in today's game : Ivory Coast vs Algeria (Group D)
    Several referees are now bound to leave at this stage of the competition but as of now no one has been asked to go home, according to local sources in referees' camp.

    1. Thanks! Again, don't read rumours from any non-official (read non-FA) sites (especially: African, Asian and Turkish).

  4. Carlos C.GOMEZ difficult but on the plus for 41year old from the BASQUE COUNTRY. 6 yellow cards shown correctly, error for game - 9,0.
    A.R-1- Jesus C.Guadamuro with two errors in one half niesygnalizował hand in the second in corectly signaled ofside - 8,8.
    A.R-2- Luis M.MARTINEZ performance of many sygnalig burned preperly - 9,0.
    4-Judge SandroU.ROSEL niemiał a lot of work - 9,0

  5. Now it's written on other blogs that also Nampiandraza (for the additional time question) and Coulibaly (for debatable calls in his match) have been sent home by CAF.
    Probably this means that they will not get further matches in KO stage, neither as fourt officials, nevertheless they are still there.

  6. Mohammed A. Fattah31/1/13 07:51

    Dear Friends,

    I’m a close friend to Grisha and I have contacted him on the same day I heard this news. Grisha told me that all this news & reports are totally wrong as he is appointed on Ivory cost – Algeria in Group D as fourth official.
    He explained to me that CAF Referee committee head Tarek Boshmawe from Tunisia saying that NO body has to leave due to reports or news. Only referee committee has the authority to take decisions related to refereeing in the competition. The penalty has been given by the Egyptian official was totally wrong as he agreed on this. Please make sure that of news before quoted it.

    All the matter that Nigerian federation want to Pressure on the referees who is going to officiate the next matches for them.

  7. "Only referee committee has the authority to take decisions related to refereeing in the competition." Isn't that clear?

    For your general information, whenever I post a direct quote from a source that is given underneath the thread, I cannot and do not ensure its correctness unless I am convinced of it. As many forms of media have reported that CAF officials confirmed it to the press, I considered this piece of info as valid and right.

    Nampiandraza is still in South Africa, officials have confirmed that (again those officials...). So I do not know who found out that these 3 have already left the competition, but it could be at least that they get no further match (I mean, for a 1984 born official like Nampiandraza..would not it be better to hold him at the competition, to allow him to join group sessions, briefings and trainings to collect experiences than just sending him home? I mean, he does not need to get a match but I would not "send him home".

  8. I copied and past here appointments for friendlies, as it's interesting I think and could be lost in other threads ;)

    26.01.2013, 13.00 local time, Veterans Kino Sports Complex, Tucson, Arizona, USA
    Denmark - Canada
    Juan Guzman, Frank Anderson, Sean Hurd, Ricardo Salazar [USA]

    29.01.2013, 20.00 local time, BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston, Texas, USA
    USA - Canada
    Raúl Edgardo Castro Zúniga, Christian Jesús Ramirez Soto, Melvyn Jeovany Cruz Hernandez [HON], Jair Antonio Marrufo [USA]

    30.01.2013, 17.15 local time, Sultan Qaboos Sport Complex, Muscat, OMA
    Oman - China
    Ali Shaban [KUW], Abdullah Al-Jardani, Rashid Al-Ghaiti, Omar Al-Yaqoubi [OMA]

    30.01.2013, 20.00 local time, University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, USA
    Denmark - Mexico
    Chris Penso, CJ Morgante, Anthony Vasoli, Ricardo Salasar [USA]

    31.01.2013, 17.00, King Abdulah International Stadium, Amman, JOR
    Jordan - Indonesia
    Abdulrahman Al-Jassim [QAT]

    31.01.2013, 18.30, Jassim bin Hamad Stadium, Doha, QAT
    Qatar - Lebanon
    Adham Makhadmah, Walid Abu Hashish, Muhammad Al-Kalaf [JOR]

    01.02.2013, 18.00 local time, The Sevens Stadium, Dubai, UAE
    Azerbaijan - Uzbekistan
    Ammar Al-Junaibi, Ahmad Al-Shammisi, Muhammad Ahmad Yussif, Abdullah Al-Ajeel [UAE]

    05.02.2013, 19.45 local time, Stade Georges Pompidou, Valence, FRA
    Armenia - Luxembourg
    Nicolas Rainville, Guillaume Debart, Frédéric Haquette, Stéphan Luzi [FRA]

    05.02.2013, 20.00 local time, Stade Municipal, Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, FRA
    Guinea - Senegal
    Fredy Fautrel, Emmanuel Boisdenghien, David Benech [FRA]

    06.02.2013, 18.00 local time, Zabeel Stadium, Dubai, UAE
    Azerbaijan - Liechtenstein
    Abdullah Al-Ajeel, Hassan Suqatri, Yasim Abdullah, Hamad Al-Shaikh [UAE]

    06.02.2013, 19.30 local time, Wembley Stadium, London, ENG
    England - Brazil
    Pedro Proenca Oliveira Alves Garcia [POR]

    06.02.2013, 20.15 local time, 19 Mayıs Stadyumu, Manisa, TUR
    Turkey - Czech Republic
    Björn Kuipers, Sander van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra [NED], Mete Kalkavan [TUR]

    06.02.2013, 20.30 local time, Stadio Georgios Karaiskaki, Piraeus, GRE
    Greece - Switzerland
    Alberto Undiano Mallenco, Roberto Diaz Perez del Palomar, Raúl Cabanero Martinez [ESP]

    06.02.2013, 20.30 local time, Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam, NED
    Netherlands - Italy
    Cüneyt Çakır [TUR]

    06.02.2013, 20.30 local time, Friends Arena, Solna, SWE
    Sweden - Argentina
    Antony Gautier, Frédéric Cano, Michaël Annonier [FRA]

    06.02.2013, 21.00 local time, Khalifa International Stadium, Doha, QAT
    Spain - Uruguay
    Fahad Jaber Al-Marri, Salam Rashid Al-Nuaimi, Talib Salam Al-Marri, Abdulrahman Al-Jassim [QAT]

    1. 06.02.2013 18:00 local time GPS Stadium, Nicosia

      Cyprus - Serbia

      Athanasios Giahos, Christos Akrivos, Ilias Alexeas (GRE)

  9. 01.02.2013, 18.00 local time, Bahrain National Stadium, Al-Rifaa, BHR
    Bahrain - Singapore
    Muhammad Arafah [JOR], Ibrahim Mubarak Salah, Muhammad Jaafar Muhammad Salman, Jameel Jumaa Abdulhussain [BHR]

    06.02.2013, 18.00 local time, Stožice, Ljubljana, SVN
    Slovenia - Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Pavel Kralovec, Martin Wilczek, Antonin Kordula [CZE]

    06.02.2013, 20.45 local time, Estádio D. Afonso Henriques, Guimarães, POR
    Portugal - Ecuador
    Marijo Strahonja, Sinisa Premuzaj, Goran Pataki, Ante Vucemilovic-Simunovic jr [CRO]

  10. A big thanks for this overview - but I am still wondering why DFB and FFF did not make the referee for FRA-GER public.

  11. But DFB has published some other interesting information:
    CL R16, 12./13.2.: Brych/Borsch/Lupp/Fritz/Welz
    EL R32, 14.2.: Gräfe/Häcker/Henschel/Dingert/Winkmann
    EL R32, 21.2.: Stark/Salver/Pickel/Zwayer/Welz
    EL R32, 21.2.: Aytekin/Kleve/Schiffner/Hartmann/Winkmann

    -Brych had Celtic and ManU in group stage, so probably Valencia-PSG for him
    -Stark only in EL could mean a lot or nothing, we have to wait, whether he gets a CL second leg
    -Meyer without a match and his regular assistant Henschel is "given" to Gräfe
    -Zwayer only as AAR in EL, although he is First Group now
    -Schiffner is back after a long injury break, he has his comeback in 2.Bundesliga this weekend

    1. See the other thread. But fussball.de exactly says 13th February. I do not remember how this site handled it last K.O. stage, there were a few errors, but normally they gave the exact date. Hence, my guess Real-ManU is probably right, but perhaps too early if fussball.de has again a small mistake in it.

    2. I remember, that they always write Wednesday ;)

    3. Damn. In group stage, they are always exact giving Tuesday and Wednesday, in K.O. then obviously not..so we have to wait. So at least we can confirm that he either goes to Paris, Glasgow or Madrid...
      Real-ManU would make most sense for my taste. Celtic-Juve is very probably no option due to his appearance there in group stage's MD6, PSG-Valencia hmm, why not, but I think someone like Collum, Kralovec or Moen could go there.

    4. By the way, Stark without a match in Round of 16 is not that sure. As appointments are made 2 weeks before the matches, it could also be that he gets one of the last 2nd leg matches.

  12. 5.2. England U21 - Sweden U21: Zwayer/Lupp/Pelgrim

  13. Referee appointments for ENG, ESP, FRA, GER, ITA, BEL, NED, TUR can be found here:


    Capital One Cup FINAL:
    Bradford City - Swansea City
    Kevin Friend, Stuart Burt, Scott Ledger, Michael Oliver

    1. Greek Super League

      Aris - PAOK (the hottest match of weekend)

      Referee: Michael Voskakis (non-FIFA)
      Assistants: Damianos Efthimiadis (FIFA) and Antonis Karatzikas (non-FIFA)
      Fourth officail: Georgios Kominis (non-FIFA)


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