February 8, 2013

Algerian Djamel Haimoudi is awarded Soccer City honour

Africa's football confederation CAF has announced that Algerian Djamel Haimoudi will be in charge of Sunday's Africa Cup of Nations 2013 final between Nigeria and Burkina Faso. 

The match will be played in Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium, showplace of 2010 FIFA World Cup final and also of this AFCON's opener match that was refereed by Haimoudi, too. He will be assisted by Morocco's Redouane Achik and Jean-Claude Birumushahu from Burundi. Rajindraparsad Seechurn will be the fourth official.

Africa's Best Referee in 2012: Djamel Haimoudi (c) assodigitale.it

Match 32 - Final - 10 February 2013, 20:00
Johannesburg - Soccer City
Nigeria - Burkina Faso
Referee: Djamel Haimoudi (Algeria)
Assistant Referee 1: Redouane Achik (Morocco)
Assistant Referee 2: Jean-Claude Birumushahu (Burundi)
Fourth Official: Rajindraparsad Seechurn (Mauritius)


  1. Are we sure this time? (remember, the wrong rumors last year)

    I hope at least El Ahrach as fourth official, he deserved more after a very good second performance. Haimoudi got four appointments, CAF has chosen the most reliable man.
    And now, after CWC another important award for this referee, considering also that he was the best African of 2012. Very strong candidate for BRAZIL 2014.

  2. Anonymous8/2/13 18:41

    Birumushahu as the other linesman with Seechurn as the 4th official it is.

  3. He is already there I would say with Belaid Lacarne behind him.
    And both Moroccan and Algerian newspapers are reporting it. Furthermore, the match commissary also comes from Morocco (or more likely the venue director) who confirmed it with a quote. So I believe a strong and sure piece of news.

  4. At least with the assistants I was right, but I really did not have Seechurn in my mind for the fourth official position.

  5. Haimoudi was the most reliable man as Chefren pointed out. CAF don't want to hear any more complaints and bad performances again. Hopefully he will keep up with a good performance and shine. My guess for the next year is Otogo. He will be a brilliant referee representing CAF in the future.

  6. FINAL-AFC for HAIMOUDI, is the culmination of his career. He is 43 year old and two (2015) the end of the careers of judge FIFA age limit. Who knows, he might be better luckthan his compariot BENOUZA, and the W.C will be judget,not as judge BENOUZA, was only a technical.

    1. About Benouza, it's a very interesting speech.
      He totally disapponted me in the last months. Two AFCON cups (2012, 2013) and both times he got only an appointment in group stage.
      Several years ago he had a high reputation and probalby he was one of the best African FIFA referees, being also in the 2010 South Africa pre-list. Then, when he had to renounce to WC due to assistants problems, he seemed a bit discouraged, having lost his goal. I had this feeling watching his performance in this 2013 AFCON, too. hat do you think?
      And then, Haimoudi came out. Now the overcoming is 100% clear.

    2. I was partially wrong in my words, since Benouza got a semifnal in the 2012 edition, by the way the speech is more related to these last months... it's my feeling.

  7. Off Topic: this evening I watched PSG - Bastia and I noticed many weird things. Maybe our French friends can help us.
    Referee was Olivier Thual, retired one month ago from the FIFA lists. Well, the first strange thing is that he was wearing the kit still with the FIFA badge on the chest.
    Thwe second "weird" thing was the penalty given to PSG: the foul was clearly outside of area. The last thing: he missed a clear second YC for a tackle and a small riot happened there. Not the best refereeing, to be honest.

    1. Anonymous9/2/13 23:21

      Hello chefren,
      Yes it s true for FIFA badge. But Olivier is wearing 2012 badge and it seems that DNA ( direction nationale de l'arbitrage) headed by marc Batta authorizes Thual for that. But it s quite confusing because ocak, boisdenghien and capelli ( aa who lost FIFA badges) don't wear 2012 badges...Concerning the match, effectively wrong penalty and red card forgotten for yatabare. Good analysis my italian friend!

      Best regards from France

    2. Anonymous9/2/13 23:31

      The same happened with Stephane Bre, who was wearing his last FIFA badge (2008, if I recall correctly) for several years after he was removed from the FIFA List.

  8. Georges Buckley Peruvian judge resugnet from refereeing, but we do not know for what reason. Buckley no W.C in BRAZIL-2014

    1. He repeatedly failed fitness tests.

  9. You think the main reason for his resignation, maybe. I see two potential successors for them. they are

    1. Buckley had drug problems in his past, furthermore, he now failed a fitness test prior to the U20 Sudamericano. He has been a quite polemic South American referee.

      And concerning a new Peruvian no.2, Gambetta should be clear, Miguel Santivanez could have chances, too. Carlos can say more.

  10. About Buckley:

    He is considered by Conmebol´s committee the best Peruvian referee, but as you know he has his dark past. He was not able to go to the Club World Cup in 2010 and Carrillo replaced him. The same happened here in a Copa Sudamericana game, when he was depurated from Chile, because he can´t enter to the country. He studied in Chile and he had drugs "Marihuana" under his possession, he was not send to jail, but he had to leave the country.
    Buckley tried to quit in the past, but the committee convinced him to stay. Now what was the trigger this time? : He failed the fitness test in Mendoza, as much people expected, so as he came back he literally said: “Im tired of this B.S. of refereeing and its implications (the training etc..)” so he send his reassignment letter to Peruvian Football Association president. As he was in Mendoza with the u20 Team, he spoke about the theme with Carlos Alarcón (Conmebol Ref Commitee president) and both called Buckley to try him not to quit. After long discussion it was impossible and the reassignment letter arrived to Conmebol and it should be now in FIFA.
    What will happen with Perú?: Buckley is not the main Problem, if you see since 2010 he does not have a single Libertadores match, but Victor Rivera isn´t also there because of his age. Rivera took 3 or 4 matches per edition, so one could presume Gambetta will take 2 of them and Carrillo the other 2, but Conmebol is not so sure about Gambetta, we will see what they are going to do, we also need to know there is going to be an u17 Sudamericano and we don´t know who the referee is going to be, they are not sure of Gambetta (also when he was in almost all under-tournament it was in Conmebol) and they have not seen Santivañez, (well 1 or 2 games in u20 Libertadores is not enough for them). So don´t be surprised if Carrillo takes to many matches in GS of Libertadores, it´s possible that he takes a lot of them an Gambetta only a few.

    I hope my English was possible to understand.

  11. Thanks for this explanation, Carlos Very interesting.

    By the way, I'm going to download the final, if nobody will anticipate me, I will say two words about Haimoudi's performance tomorrow.

    1. Do that, it was a typical Haimoudi match (many minors, but overall ok). Good final, sometimes a bit boring. But make your own picture and watch it - specially the assistants seemed to have been (very) good.

  12. I have watched the whole match, and I have to be honest: in first half still acceptable game, but in second half it was impossible to stay awake. boring, boring and boring!
    What I can point out of relevant from referee's performance, happened in first half.
    A wrong free kick allowed to Nigeria (as you said, minor mistakes), but also a good advantage in the action prior to Nigeria goal. Also in other situations he gave good advantages. I can't question about the given YCs, as always since there weren't crucial situations, we can accept the management. Really nothing to report about second half.
    Assistants as you said were overall very good, but I have to report a mistake (made by Achik) in first half, against Nigeria (26'). He was anyway good in all the other calls. Birumshashu faultess: especially in first half, two important flags were correctly raised.
    Overall, for Haimoudi expected level, or something about that, high mark to Birumshashu, as well as for Achik, but maybe for him a bit lower.
    Nothing to say about Seechurn.
    Nice pic when Haimoudi whistled the end of the match:
    (Nigeria keeper)


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