February 26, 2013

Lorenzo Manganelli escapes critical condition after car accident

Italian aspiring and talented FIFA assistant referee Lorenzo Manganelli (1974) has luckily escaped his critical health condition following a serious car accident in which he was involved along with three other cars and which claimed one fatal victim. 

Lorenzo Manganelli (c) La Nazione

Around 19:30 on Sunday, 24 February, he was returning home along with his colleague Filippo Bercigli and their girlfriends [...]. His car was involved in a terrible accident on the A1 stretch between Florence and Incisa. A dreadful collision where four cars, for reasons that are still to be determined, clashed in the chain. One of the occupants died instantly, while there were two seriously injured and five mild injured people. Among those in critical condition is Manganelli, who started an international refereeing career that took him to some of the most important matches of European football including several UEFA Champions League matches and friendlies such as Germany - France in 2012 and France - Germany in 2013. He is said to be the currently best Italian assistant referee, at least according to the shown performances.

Lorenzo Manganelli's condition is now stable, he is out of mortal danger. 
Let's hope that those who regret the loss of the accident's fatal victim are going to be able to cope with that severe and hard time as well as that Manganelli is going to regain his feet very soon. 

partial source: La Nazione


  1. I can confirm that everything is going in the best possible way, after this terrible accident.
    The car was totally wrecked but Manganelli was lucky.
    He will be back without any problem, being able to use the flag again, maybe also prior to the end of this season.

  2. That's good news, he obviously had a guardian angel.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Sb8kJ1rTQlY

    this is a video about him, if you are able to understand Italian ;)

  4. Anonymous5/3/13 08:26

    I wish you a fast recovery, my frend

    all best



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