February 10, 2013

Nikolay Levnikov replaces Iouri Baskakov in UEFA Referee Committee

There has obviously been a change in UEFA's Referee Committee since Russian Nikolay Levnikov seems to have replaced his countryman Iouri Baskakov (see UEFA file).

Baskakov joined UEFA Euro 2012 and observed/assessed Björn Kuipers in Ireland - Croatia, Craig Thomson in Poland - Czech Rep. and Pedro Proença in Sweden - France. Levnikov is a known name, since he is supporting UEFA as referee observer for already plenty of seasons.


  1. Interesting change, I would like to know reasons...

    Proenca with very hard match:
    - excellent onside by Andre Campos prior to 1-0 goal,
    - incident from 89': Marcal didn't want to give Cardoso a ball hiding it by his body and legs, then Cardos kicked him deliberately (analogical situation to Swansea-Chelsea match) - Proenca correctly sent-off Cardoso and issued second yellow/red card to Marcal... Proenca was hitted by a bottle full of juice thrown from the crown in the head/neck... Cardoso catched Proenca and pulled him strongly in own direction...
    - Matic red carded for deliberate elbow-offence in 90+5'

    Again, Benfica player should be charged for misconduct towards match official... After Luisao's punch, Cardoso is next. It was 'only' pulling but still unacceptable behaviour... I'm stunned that professional player is able to behave in such manner.

    1. here, the video:

  2. Anonymous10/2/13 22:57

    In December 2012, Baskakov was excluded from Russian Football Union referee committee (Nikolai Ivanov took his place). Thereby the substitution in UEFA referee committee seems reasonable.


  3. Admin, I read today on the newspaper that Manuel Graefe has been highly criticized for having sent off Lewandowski. It seems that he was forced to show the card by Van der Vart, who made strong complaints... now all Borussia fans are angry. Is that true?

    1. That's shenanigans. Even every commentary I heard called the decision correct. Even Borussia Dortmund's coach Klopp, who normally is the first one to criticize such a call, accepted it. And regarding the replays and specially the situation in full pace, I do not know where doubts should come from.
      Gräfe also booked van der Vaart for having provoked the riots, that was good. He could have issued another sending-off, there was a tight duel after Hamburg's red card, again the question was dogso yes or no, but he did not even whistle a free-kick. That was a borderline situation.
      Overall, a challenging match and a good or even very good performance, 8.4 - 8.6 or so.

    2. Go to 36:20 in this video (video minutes, not match minutes):


    3. The officiating team was by the way:
      Referee Manuel Gräfe, Assistants Markus Häcker, Harm Osmers, 4th Official Christoph Bornhorst

  4. I was impressed by the video, after the riot Graefe and his assistants had a long conversation in the middle of the pitch and all the players were waiting, I cannot imagine a scene like this in Italy, players are not accustomed to be so patient and wait, referees always take their decisions immediatly after a riot, otherwise they are surrounded by players of both teams and they can't think or reason in a calm way.
    And during the riot Graefe was far away observing everything, here in Italy if a referee acts in this way, the riot never comes to an end.

    1. That's his biggest strength, staying calm and maintaining control even in extreme conflicts..but he should have booked Dortmund's #5, too (Kehl).


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