February 27, 2013

Pierluigi Collina will observe ManU - Real return match

UEFA has already defined the four referee observers who will be in charge of the match officials' observation and assessment in UEFA Champions League next week. As UEFA's chief officer in terms of refereeing, Pierluigi Collina, will go to Manchester's Old Trafford stadium, it is certain that Italian Nicola Rizzoli is unable to handle this match.

For Collina, it will be his fourth "nomination" for Manchester Utd. - Real Madrid. In 2000 and 2003, he whistled this match himself at Old Trafford (2:3 and 4:3). Last year, he furthermore returned onto the pitch taking charge of the Corazon Classic Match between Real Madrid and ManU in Santiago Bernabeu.

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UEFA Champions League, Round of 16, 2nd Legs

5 March 2013, 20:45 CET
Manchester United - Real Madrid
UEFA Referee Observer: Pierluigi Collina (Italy)*
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Zavrl (Slovenia)
- no Italian and no Slovenian officials can handle this match, prediction: Cüneyt Cakir (Turkey)

Borussia Dortmund - Shakhtar Donetsk
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)
UEFA Delegate: Jozef Kliment (Slovakia)
- Královec' team may not handle this match due to Roman Slysko, who comes from Slovakia, prediction: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)

6 March 2013, 20:45 CET
Juventus Turin - Celtic
UEFA Referee Observer: Zdravko Jokić (Serbia)
UEFA Delegate: Eduard Dervishaj (Spain)
- no Spaniards for this match, prediction: Firat Aydinus (Turkey)

Paris S.G. - Valencia
UEFA Referee Observer: David Elleray (England)*
UEFA Delegate: Geir Thorsteinsson (Iceland)
- no English referees and probably no Scottish referees either. Committee member Elleray indicates that Milorad Mazic (Serbia) or another ED referee could get this match.

* UEFA Referee Committee


  1. My guess for this top clash is Damir Skomina.
    I see Cakir at Nou Camp.

  2. By the way, wonderful pic, Admin.
    I can't stop to watch it :D Please don't remove it!

  3. So that means that either Skomina or Cakir will take this match.

  4. I plea for Cakir. And surely, if so, that would be the hugest sign one can imagine that UEFA is really considering him for the final.
    And besides, it would be a nice thing - in last season's semis, Brych had the first leg of the absolute top clash of the season and Cakir got the second leg, and now it could be the same.

  5. And let me give you another clue that Cuneyt Cakir has a match next week...
    But not-known which one!

    Another thing that I consider: as far as I know, David Elleray hasnt observed Cakir yet..

  6. Surely Cakir then

    But I want Skomina for the final!

    Check out my Milan derby Mazzoleni report guys - Nic has kindly put it up …

    I havent seen much of him - very impressed

    1. Hi Nikos

      excellent report about Milan derby. I agree with all your remarks.

    2. Thanks Chef!

      I was really impressed, I must make more effort to watch him more. See good things for him - and de Marco.

      Loved his control - never in doubt. go with 8.9 too>?

    3. Yes, I agree with your mark, excellent control. Anyway the match wasn't difficult as many people were guessing.

  7. Is it true that the delegate at Old Traford comes from Slovenia?

    If so then Skomina is out and Cakir might get the match.

    1. Anonymous28/2/13 14:46

      Rizzoli is also out for this match ? What about de CL final

    2. In spite of our previous prediction Rizzoli cannot officiate Real-MUTD; do you see him in UCL for some other match ?

      Why Additional referees for Uefa U21 europa cup doesn't come form the same contry of main referees ? Generally the team is composed by same compatriots. Gautier, Jug, Bebek, Hategan, Gil and Boiko could bring thier Additional R.

    3. I am quite sure at the moment that Rizzoli will not get a round of 16 match in CL. I think they wait for a quarterfinal. Either Dortmund-Shakhtar, or no r16.

      And concerning AARs, they probably want to provide many promising referees with first international experiences, so I guess it's ok to nominate talented Third or Second Group officials from different countries.

    4. Why not Kassai with Cakir for top clash MUTD-RM ?
      50% probability at each ?

    5. No. If Kassai had it, why should Collina himself observe him? He probably may not handle another CL final in his career, UEFA knows they can rely on him. So no reason for Collina to travel to Manchester. At least that's my reading of the things..

    6. Anonymous1/3/13 17:16

      UEFA is not applying the trio policy at their youth tournaments. They always appointed ARs from different countries, so, most likely, the AARs will also come from different countries.

  8. According to the head of Turkish referees, Cakir and Aydinus have matches this week in Champions League.
    Based on this, I say Cakir for ManU - Real and Aydinus for Dortmund - Shakhtar or PSG - Valencia (More likely).

    1. So, Mazic must be in CL as well!

    2. So, CL ko stage is open to Elite Development referees?

    3. We've seen earlier in this season that position of ED referees is stronger than before. Therefore, appointments for them are not something weird to my mind.

    4. It seems so.
      I have thought about Aydinus. What makes more sense? PSG Valencia with a committee member or an already decided match with an also not that unimportant observer like Jokic? I would say 50-50, but if Aydinus goes to Paris, I cannot imagine Kralovec gets "only" Juve-Celtic. There, I would then choose another ED official, perhaps Strahonja.

    5. Aydinus already got PSG and also Valencia in group stage. I think he will be in the already decided match, in Turin.

  9. Not to mention that, Collina refereed Real Madrid - Manchester United match last year. Corazon Classics Match, therefore this will be his 4th :)

    1. Absolutely, thanks for this remark. Is updated :)

  10. Some known names for UEFA Women's Championships - Sweden:

    Main referee:
    Kateryna Monzul (UKR)

    Nataliya Rachynska (UKR)

    4th Officials:
    Rhona Daly (IRL)
    Monika Mularczyk (POL)

    1. I think UEFA.com said in their news concerning Rome's course that also Czech Republic's Adamkova has been appointed.

    2. Anonymous1/3/13 17:12

      And Katalin Kulcsar (HUN), who was in that picture with Felix Brych:)

  11. Lannoy with a good penalty call in Coupe de France top clash PSG - Marseille.
    It happened in front of AAR1 Olivier Thual.
    It seems to me also a very good NO FLAG by AR1 Frederic Cano.
    I didn't know that also in France (at least in Coupe) there are the AARs.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOckVWRtcoo

    2. Good decision.
      Also this one is nice :D

  12. Anonymous28/2/13 10:53

    FFF have introduced AAR for coupe de France for this round and quarters, semi and final.
    And important new for the development of AAR. It seems that UEFA Will choise referees for The next euro In France only on countries with AAR refs System In their own championship.

    Best regards from France.


    1. Thank you for this info. In fact, it seemed strange to me, watching the video. In Ligue 1 there aren't still the AARs.
      And the news about EURO2016 is very interesting.

    2. Anonymous28/2/13 14:41

      The Belgian FA (URBSFA in french) have introduced AAR for the belgian's cup (semi and final) and also for the championship's play-off and play down !

      Referees like Delferiere, Boucaut, Lardot (and Gumienny) are young and have the potential to succeed at Frank De Bleeckere.

  13. Serie A top clashes

    NAPOLI – JUVENTUS Venerdì 01/03 h. 20.45
    ADD2: CELI

    MILAN – LAZIO Sabato 02/03 h. 20.45

    1. AIA see Orsato as a top-referee too. Nice! Really brilliant referee!

    2. This year Stefani and Faverani are always out of top clashes, the reasons are different.
      As first thing, they can't handle matches of AC Milan or Internazionale, because they come from Milan or by the way from the neighborhood.
      Then, they were appointed in Supercoppa Italiana at the beginning of the season and there were many complaints by SSC Napoli against Stefani (main referee was Mazzoleni, he never officiated Napoli again). For this reason, they weren't able to get this top clash again during the season.
      Now they could get, in this last part of serie A, the Rome derby (AS Roma - SS Lazio) or the Turin derby (Torino - Juventus). And maybe they will have also an appointment in Englad on next May,... but here I can't be still sure. :)

  14. Ukraine introduce AARs for every match:

    In Poland will be still one match per matchday with AARs.

  15. http://www.insidespanishfootball.com/referee-paradas-romero-quits-for-professional-reasons/

    Spanish referee Paradas Romero has quit refereeing because he didn't expel Mourinho.

  16. Some Belgian international appointments:

    Israel U21 - Germany U21
    Sébastien Delferière, Rien Vanyzere, Yves De Neve

    Netherlands - Norway
    Alexandre Boucaut, Christophe Berbiers, Laurent Conotte

    Luxembourg - Finland
    Jonathan Lardot, Danny Huens, Grégory Crotteux, Wim Smet

    Toulon Festival:
    Jérôme Efong Nzolo, Danny Huens, Christophe Berbiers

    UEFA U21 Championships:
    Sébastien Delferière will be one of 4th officials.

    1. A bit strange the last info. There will be AARs, so no assistants as 4th officials?

    2. Are you sure about Efong Nzolo at Tulon Festival?
      He attended this competition one year ago.

    3. I have also doubts about Netherlands - Norway to be played on 25/03, since the day after (26/03) there is Netherlands - Romania (Brazil 2014 qual.)
      It seems that these info are wrong...

    4. The year is 2013:

    5. Netherlands - Norway is U21 friendly, will be played in Waalwijk.

      Luxembourg - Finland exist at soccerway.com as senior-friendly, so the infos are correct to my mind :)

    6. I see, thank you.

  17. Anonymous28/2/13 22:39

    Tudor and Hategan appointed in EL
    07.03. Alexandru Tudor - Cristian Nica, Aurel Onita - Cristian Balaj, Radu Petrescu - Octavian Sovre
    14.03. Ovidiu Hategan - Octavian Sovre, Sebastian Gheorghe - Sebastian Coltescu, Istvan Kovacs - Adrian Ghinguleac

    1. Anonymous28/2/13 22:47


    2. Anonymous1/3/13 17:23

      FIFA World Cup qualifier:
      22/03/2013: Hategan - Sovre, Onita - Kovacs

    3. FIFA World Cup qualifier:
      Balaj - Nica, S. Gheorghe - Tudor

    4. 22.03.
      Oleksandr Derdo, Oleksandr Korniyko, Volodymyr Volodin, Yaroslav Kozyk (UKR)

  18. Additional Assistants also in both semifinals in Cofidis Cup (Belgium). The info that AARs must be a must seems to be very reliable.

    1. Now only Germany is missing..... ;)

    2. :) Spain and England too

      By the way, there will be the Goal-Line Technology in Premier League from the next season. So, England seems to be with FIFA more than with UEFA. But I can't imagine that Collina won't force everyone to introduce AARs. He's so crazy about this point :)

      Belgium, Bosna and Herzegovina, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Qatar, Ukraine - those countries have AARs in at least one competition. Are there other countries which I didn't mention?

    3. Anonymous1/3/13 11:06

      I hear Northern Ireland & Ireland will have AAR's in the Setanta Cup Semi-Finals next month.

    4. Thanks for the info!

    5. Thanks to all for the provision of information.

      I would not be opposed to AARs in Bundesliga, as we have many officials who could fulfill this task. But DFB and Fandel do not agree, so I think this threat is as much worth as Blatter's statement those countries who do not have professional referees would have no chance to pose a World Cup referee in 2014..

    6. Anonymous2/3/13 10:04

      in Belgium : ARR's also for the play-off, play down (championship).

    7. Also Croatia with AARs in selected matches.

  19. Big clashes this weekend:

    METE KALKAVAN, Mustafa Emre Eyisoy, Kemal Yılmaz, Tolga Özkalfa

    MARK CLATTENBURG, Darren Cann, Simon Beck, Andre Marriner

    MIGUEL ÁNGEL PÉREZ LASA, Luis Cote Sáez, Jacobo Martínez Segovia, Enrique Jesús Figueroa Vázquez

    CARLOS VELASCO CARBALLO, Roberto Alonso Fernández, Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez, Carlos Moreno Hidalgo

    RICHARD LIESVELD, Rob Meenhuis, Arie Brink, Reinold Wiedemeijer

    The rest of important international appointments can be found here: http://www.sedziapilkarski.pl/category/obsada-sedziowska

    1. Who is Perez Lasa ? .. :-) Strange not a top class for the spanish top clash !
      Do you know who officiate last weekend the top clash MCity/Chelsea ?

    2. ANDRE MARRINER, Darren Cann, Darren England, Michael Jones

      Perez Lasa is really great refere. He used to be very strict and doesn't hesitate to book players for dissent. The widely known documentary 'El Arbitro' (can be found at youtube) is about him. It's some kind of award for his whole career. He will finish refereeing after this season...

      PAULO JORGE LOURENÇO BAPTISTA, José Miguel Monteiro Braga, Valter António Sobral Pereira

  20. Anonymous2/3/13 13:55

    I would guess:
    ManU-Real: Cakir
    BVB-Donezk: Velasco Carballo
    Juve-Celtic: Aydinus
    Paris-Valencia: Orsato or Mazic (if your prediction concerning observer is correct)

    1. Orsato seems difficult, because Tagliavento (another Italian) had the first leg.

  21. Perez Lasa unfortunately missed a penalty to Barca in the very last minute..

    1. After watching the situation, I wouldn't say that its a clear penalty.


      It may be a little touch though it seems more like simulation to me.

    2. The contact exists, but I can understand referee's call in this case. It seemed like a dive, it was Adriano, a good angle is only behind the goal, added time + Bernabeu.

      Finally, it should've been penalty, but didn't qualify this call as crucial mistake taking into account many above mentioned cases.


    3. I agree with both of you in the end. In the total pace, it seemed clearer.
      In a way, this reminded me on GRE-RUS at Euro 2012. But there, the contact was perhaps even a bit more obvious.

    4. The problem is in the behavior of the fouled players, they often try to make it more blatant, in order to get the penalty. Here a contact seems clear but the fall is too theatrical. In this situation of course is correct to whiste penalty, but if a referee is able to understand the situation, and doesn't want to whistle, I can share his decisions. The defender is naive putting his leg ahead....

  22. Hi I read your typing and I have to be honest hare typing reservations about the space of two judges. These are Turkiye- Aydinus,and Serb-Mazic. The point is that the two judges will judge these game, because they are judges category ELITE-DEVELOPMENT, no and yet has long been known that match REFEREE-ELITE knock of CH.L.In terms of the Serb-Mazica, he stars the season 2013\14 in CH.L.CATEGORY ELITE already as it is on the list of candidaties for judge of the W.C-2014

  23. Match BORUSII of DYNAMO KIEV, the judge who will go on the list of candidatien for judges involved in W.C. It's who you go will depend on who the UEFA nominate, mostly in the context of CONFEDERATION-CUP. It is significant that the observert in this match will be Dansk-Mikkelsen, and he is member of the FIFA

    1. Anonymous3/3/13 16:35

      Do you think Skomina will be refereeing at FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP?

    2. In fact, predictions nearly seem impossible. Simply too many opportunities. But I could really imagine it. Skomina, Proenca, Kuipers or so, why not.

  24. Yesterday very diffcult match for Rizzoli in Milan-Lazio and many difficult and controversial decision. He was assisted by Padovan and Giannoccaro.

    4' Foul by Marchetti (Lazio keeper). Rizzoli tries to give an advantage in penalty area (always a controversial decision) but Milan doesn't score. Rizzoli doesn't whistle the penalty when Lazio defenders are able to save the situation.

    16' Candreva is sent off for DOGSO. Here, two difficult decisions in one: Rizzoli helped by Giannoccaro (for the color of the card) and Padovan (free kick or penalty). Then a free kick and a red for DOGSO is awarded after 90 seconds. Here the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xQtq75l0YDA
    For me, very difficult situation. I would say: 65% YC 35% RC.

    40' Milan scores the 1-0. In my opinion irregular action by El Sharaawy committing foul on Lazio defender. No whistle. Here the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vymPLbfaZc8

    90' Terrible reckless tackle from the front by Yepes. Clear RC. A YC is shown.

    1. 4' - understandable call by Rizzoli, I have no problem with that

      16' - excellent call about 'only' free kick, red card is understandable too, no crucial mistake

      40' - hmm, he finally hit the ball, but leg too; I would go with Rizzoli here

      90' - really hard tackle, should've been a red card, but it's still OK, because the player doesn't hit directly in leg by studs; again, understandable call

      Very very difficult match to Rizzoli, but he stood calm and solved all those situations in a good manner. Players accepted his calls and respected Rizzoli as the ref, really nice picture (rather rare one). In fact, every decision could've went in the other way around, but I think we can accept all his calls plus give him a credit for his excellent attitude.

    2. This morning I was able to know the official evaluation of AIA (of course, always through indirect sources: well, they were satisfied with the red card decision but the penalty in 4' (foul by Marchetti) had to be whistled. This mistake is shared with the additional involved, Giannoccaro.
      And about Napoli-Juventus (if yu have watched the match of at least the highlights) of course they evaluated as mistake the missed red card to Cavani. It seems that De Marco (AAR1) was able to see the gesture of Cavani but he wasn't sure of the consequences. Therefore, Orsato was lenient with a YC.
      Since a decision was taken by the referee, it will be impossible to change the color of the card, using TV images (as instead in England often happens).

    3. Thanks! And what about the goal?

    4. No foul, they said that the action by El Sharaawy was regular.

    5. Anonymous5/3/13 14:42

      According to the LOTG, a reckless foul is only penalized with a yellow card. The red card is for violent conduct or serious foul play.

    6. hello,
      for my red card without discussion.
      when you look the pictures and you stop it at the moment where the player can shoot... RED!
      then 1 seconde after the lazian player come.. but 1 seconde is a lot..
      best r.

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