March 27, 2013

Formidable management follows Stepanenko's horror foul

Danish FIFA referee Kenn Hansen had to deal with a real textbook example of a horror foul. Ukraine's Taras Stepanenko striked down Moldova's Vitalie Bordian, probably unintentionally, but still completely ignoring the danger that aroused from his challenge.


Surely, it is one of the clearest red cards one can imagine. The way Hansen handled this incident must be praised and underlined though: Immediately being at the centre of attention, preventing riots by protecting the offender, calming down the rightly outraged Moldovans, at the same time allowing quick medical treatment and then issuing the necessary sending-off make his dealing with this extra-ordinary situation exemplary and worthy to be shown on referee seminars.


  1. It's a real dragon entrance. Let us hope that the dyscypline committee of FIFA suspends it until the end of elimination. Bravo Henn-Pi Hansenn, as in this case, not an egg yolk or a moment into account, only red card.

  2. A colourful match:


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