March 26, 2013

Kassai's alertness prevails over Pedro's diving skills

In the World Cup qualifier between France and Spain, Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai resisted another Spanish try to achieve a penalty by simulation: Barcelona's Pedro seeked for contact with goalkeeper Lloris - and even found it, but the aspired whistle for a penalty kick did not follow.

Viktor Kassai (r.) with a lot of work in FRA-ESP (c) Mailonline

Before this video will be deleted, have a look yourself.

It is certain that there was a clear contact caused by Hugo Lloris. Nonetheless, the fact that Pedro started to fall a few moments before there could have been a contact at all supports Kassai's decision. It happens too often that strikers gain penalties by more or less diving into a contact with the goalkeeper, whom latter cannot escape. Therefore, more decisions like Kassai's one are needed to ban this behaviour.
The only small criticism one may issue here is that Kassai should have even cautioned Pedro for simulation. That would have been a signal.


  1. Anonymous26/3/13 23:26

    You may like his style (I'm thinking on fact that he is very lenient with cards) or not, but Kassai is not only best in Europe but in the world at the moment. Kassai, Cakir and Skomina, best European referees at the moment. I really like Rizzoli and he is great referee, but it looks like he is just step behind trio I mentioned.

    1. One of the best referee's decision EVER!!!

      As it's clear here, I don't like leniency, but agree, Kassai, Skomina and Irmatov with their lenient attitude + Cakir and Nishimura with strict approach - which I like much more then two previous names' ones - are the best referees in the World at the moment.

      It strongly depends from personalities - very very strong ones!

      I post it here too, because some posts lower it can be missed by some users:

      How long ban? I think 6 matches at least!

    2. Anonymous27/3/13 11:46

      Penalty clair. Kassai mistaken.

    3. Anonymous27/3/13 15:49

      alleged experts write about diving, incredibly, this is the rule according to a clear foul. Should the attacker wait until he was fully met?Seek the opinion of the official observer at last!

  2. Excellent decision by Kassai yesterday, and we should underline also the cooperation by Ring!

    About the foul in Ukraine-Moldova: I admire the referee, he understood that something might have happened, then only later, when possible, he showed the card. I would give to him a very high mark only based on this situation! Well done. Protecting the players, being aware of the game.

    1. Anonymous27/3/13 11:48

      Mistaken of Kassai. Penalty unquestionable.


    Sometimes I think that we are privileged people on this blog, tell me how you can evaluate that this is a penalty. It's something written by a fan, not a real and neutral observer of the referee.

    1. Anonymous27/3/13 10:01

      You have to be not expert to detect the clear foul. Spain was denied a clear penalty. Evidence is TV

    2. Yeap, and the TV also proofs that Pedro dived before there was a contact. Of course I see that there was a contact and I am sure that Lloris thought himself it would have been a foul, but such a simulation may not be rewarded, and Kassai obviously had the same idea..

    3. Anonymous1/4/13 07:36

      The same idea, one wrong idea

  4. Anonymous27/3/13 11:35

    So players now have to jump away from a late challange?????
    100% pen!!!!

    1. No, but they do not have to commit dives either.

    2. This was a great call, especially bearing in mind the distance and angle that Kassai and the Assistant Ref had at that particular moment.
      Personally, I believe Kassai "felt" it was not a fault play, rather than he had seen it. I understand those who said it was a penalty kick, but one has to be aware of the fact that fotball refereeing is constantly evolving, just like the game itself, and that we constantly need to adapt new moments/situations, as the one mentioned above. That is why I found the sentence from the blog "Therefore, more decisions like Kassai's are needed to ban this behaviour" as a key thing to do.

    3. I agree with all you said.
      If Kassai had whistled this penalty, we would have probably said "The striker seeked it, I dislike such penalties, but the decision to award a penalty is acceptable" of course there are arguments on both sides.
      What I would like to have sometimes is a FIFA representative (same counts for UEFA) who goes in front of the media and explains the call and makes clear that the federation fully appreciates this decision. They surely have good reasons to not do that, but sometimes it would make void a lot of polemic coverage in newspapers etc.

    4. Thomas H.27/3/13 21:48

      Shearer, you cannot be Alan, you speak too much sense ;)
      Excellent call by Kassai and Ring IMO. Can understand people who'd rather give a penalty though, because the contact is clear and for some people, contact is everything...

  5. Anonymous27/3/13 13:18

    So Pedro has to take the full Contact that could end up injuring him???
    Either way the keeper 100% impedes the progress of an opponent, so a kick from the penalty mark should be awarded.

    1. Anonymous27/3/13 13:24

      Impeding the progress of a falling down?
      Please be serious and neutral.

    2. Anonymous27/3/13 13:33

      if players didnt "FALL DOWN" and read careless challanges and had to take full contact from every foul then players would get hurt every game!!

    3. I see your point: but please explain to me why Pedro has to FALL. His calves suddenly became rubber for some reason..Lloris' challenge was not unfair. Both players strived for the ball, that's all..

    4. Anonymous27/3/13 13:45

      Because if he continued he full stride he would of had to take the Loris challenge at full contact...there is no doubt that Lloris is late with this challange

      It is safer to fall into a challange then have your leg planted,anybody on here that plays the game will confirm this

      As a former player and now Referee i see from both sides

  6. Anonymous27/3/13 13:53

    So the player should be allowed to break his leg that you would say that a 100% penalty!?!
    But then you would say that the referee made ​​a mistake!
    Slow motion just to clarify whether there was contact or not. After that look at real-image and everything will be clear.
    I concluded that many who write comments here (Chefren, relaxed man , Niclas...) never played football, and especially some of the referees. That awful.
    Do not get me wrong to understand, some referees may be good and if they have never played football, but it's a very small number. UEFA has much who never played.
    The essence is FEELING.

    1. Ok, two questions based on what you wrote.

      1) You said that the only important thing, watching slow motion, is to understand if there is the contact. Well, based on this, every contact in the box means penalty? Don't you think that with a statement like this, for a striker, it would be always too easy to get a penalty, if the only important thing to check is the contact? So, I can go against the keeper and I will have a penalty whistled by the referee.
      2) If in these situations, as you have written, it's always penalty, then why a so experienced and international referee as Kassai, decided to let the game flow? If so blatant, could you explain a mistake like this not only from the referee, but also from the assistant?
      I think that on this blog we can also try to explain why sometimes the referees take decisions which at first seem to be totally wrong. And the fact that Kassai alowed this contact must be explained in a certain way... or not?

    2. Anonymous27/3/13 14:34

      I did not think at all of course. In particular only to this situation.
      In my opinion, the penalty was clear.
      According to you, then no penalty on match Malta Italy (for Malta) was not.
      Assistent referees has not much courage to help judges sometimes no matter how stupid it may sound.
      I agree with you that we should explain why a decision was made, but it exaggerates and made story about a very simple things.
      That's why I say that the most important sense and FEELING, and you can not learn it from a book ;)

    3. First let me say that I am annoyed by the argument "I played football and whistled matches, you obviously not".
      And again, I can fully understand that many referees would have given a penalty for that and I also am aware of how many supporters have the opinion that it should have been a penalty. As Chefren underlined: why does someone like Kassai such a "clear penalty" or such a "clear contact"?
      A last time: WE have the slowmotion, Kassai and Ring not. It is very probable that Kassai detected the fact that Pedro started falling clearly before the contact. So there are two ways now to deal with that: give a penalty nonetheless, because of the explanation many of these anonymouses have issued, or give no penalty. Reading Pedro's intention is difficult, but if a striker falls like that in a very promising situation (he could have easily curved Lloris and perhaps scored the goal) and is then cleaned up in such a way by the goalkeeper, sorry, then my interpretation is that this striker wanted this penalty and abused the goalkeeper's inferior position in a way (inferior position = he has to take every risk, either he gets the ball or he cannot avoid a contact).
      For this reason, perhaps we might find the compromise that Kassai's decision was understandable and reasonable. I would like to know what the observer thinks about this situation.

  7. For me the contact occurs AFTER the player has already started falling. So that makes it an acceptable call by Kassai.

    1. Anonymous27/3/13 16:25

      It was good of Pedro that he has withdrawn just before before he would have been fully made. What is he waiting for? For many years, this is a clear foul.Now, so-called experts want to help the referee with the slow motion.

    2. Many years? Yes maybe 20 years ago this would be a clear foul/penalty. But football has improved and so we must too.

  8. Anonymous31/3/13 13:11

    Clear penalty. Kassai, bad at this opportunity. And he was bad helped.


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