June 5, 2013

FIFA confirms Confederations Cup and Under-20 World Cup referee lists - with two exceptions

FIFA has officially confirmed the lists of match officials for 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil and for 2013 Under-20 World Cup in Turkey, which were already posted on this blog thanks to the provision of Árbitro Internacional a few weeks ago.

Osses will have to work with another AR in Brazil (c) AFP

Though, FIFA has made one change for unknown reasons: Enrique Osses' assistant referee Francisco Mondria has been replaced by 1969 born Sergio Román, also of Chile, in the Confed Cup roster. Furthermore it has been affirmed that Hungarian assistant referee György Ring will miss the Under-20 competition due to an injury and will be thus replaced by István Albert.

Please find the official lists here:
> Confederations Cup
> Under-20 World Cup


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