June 10, 2013

Referee Appointments for U-21 EURO Matchday 3 revealed

UEFA has unveiled the four referee appointments for the final matchday of the group stage of Under-21 EURO 2013, featuring some surprises. 

Ovidiu Hategan, sending off an Israeli player (c) gsp.ro
Serhiy Boiko of Ukraine will again handle a match of the English side, while Slovenian Matej Jug has been assigned for a match of the Russian team for the second time. Finland's Antti Munukka seems to have been left out as additional assistant referee. In both of his previous matches (England vs Italy and Netherlands vs Russia), he was involved in controversial or wrong decisions in the penalty area.

Matchday 3

11 June 2013
Group A – Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem (ISR) – 18:00 CET
Referee: Serhiy Boiko (UKR)
Assistant Referees: Dmitry Zhuk (BLR), Haralds Gudermanis (LVA)
Additional ARs: Sébastien Delferiere (BEL), Kristo Tohver (EST)
Fourth Official: Roland Brandner (AUT)
UEFA Referee Observer: Hugh Dallas (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Petr Fousek (CZE)
Blog Observer:
Chefren (ITA)

11 June 2013
Group A – Itztadion Bloomfield, Tel Aviv (ISR) – 18:00 CET
Referee: Ivan Bebek (CRO)
Assistant Referees: Sandro Pozzi (SUI), Johann Gudmundsson (ISL)
Additional ARs: Ivan Kružliak (SVK), Ilias Spathas (GRE)
Fourth Official: Ivo Kolev (BUL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Dani Koren (ISR)
UEFA Delegate: Tervel Zlatev (BUL)
Blog Observer:
Albin A. (SWE)

12 June 2013
Group B – HaMoshava, Petah Tikva (ISR) – 18:00 CET
Referee: Ovidiu Alin Haƫegan (ROU)
Assistant Referees: Roland Brandner (AUT), Alan Mulvanny (SCO)
Additional ARs: Kenn Hansen (DEN), Miroslav Zelinka (CZE)
Fourth Official: Danny Krasikow (ISR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vlado Sajn (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Kazimierz Oleszek (POL)
Blog Observer:
Nikos Ask. (ENG)

12 June 2013
Group B – Netanya Municipal Stadium, Netanya (ISR) – 18:00 CET
Referee: Matej Jug (SVN)
Assistant Referees: Ivo Kolev (BUL), Vencel Tóth (HUN)
Additional ARs: Halis Özkahya (TUR), Ivan Kružliak (SVK)
Fourth Official: Nissan Davidy (ISR) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Shmooel Shteif (ISR)
UEFA Delegate: Jean Paul Mievis (BEL)
Blog Observer:
Nur H. (ENG)


  1. Wouldn't it be logical to swap Boiko and Jug over?

    1. Oh yes. I forgot Boiko is Ukrainian.

  2. Anonymous10/6/13 18:09

    This likely means that Bebek and Hategan won't get a third match as they both have had 3 of the semi-finalists in the group-stage.

    Duitse Leeuw

  3. Dani Koren from Israel observing Bebek. Very interesting.
    I don't think Hategan and Bebek will be sent home just because they had 3 of the semi-finalists in the group stage, that's not a reason to send them home. And if I'm not wrong Bebek and Hategan showed very good performances so far.

  4. Both reports are uploaded. Hategan was overall good, but missed a penalty and an elbow offense. Bebek was quite good, a bit lenient.
    I also do not think it indicates that Bebek and Hategan will be sent home. Also at the last editions of this tournament some referees had a team twice.
    I think Gautier is the first sure name to be sent home, then it could decide between Jug and Boiko, even though both convinced in their first matches.

  5. Shmuel Shteif (ISR) will observe Jug.

  6. Gautier and Boiko will most likely return home.

  7. ESP-NED:
    UEFA Referee Observer: Vlado Sajn (SVN)
    UEFA Delegate: Kazimierz Oleszek (POL)

    UEFA Referee Observer: Shmuel Shteif (ISR)
    UEFA Delegate: Jean Paul Mievis (BEL)

  8. Friendly Italy - Haiti (today, Rio De Janeiro):

    Marcelo de Lima Henrique (BRA)
    Elan Vieira de Souza - Lílian da Silva Fernandes Bruno

  9. Shteif has experience himself with refereeing at U-21 Euros

    At the moment I would guess that Boiko and Gautier leave the tournament, Gil and Hategan get semifinals, Bebek gets the final along with Jug as fourth official. But there are still 4 matches.

  10. FIFA will try in the U20 and U17 WC, as experiment, the spray used by CONMEBOL referees. In case of a good feedback, it will be probably also used in 2014 WC.



    REF: Christopher Beath (Australia)
    AR1: David Walsh (Australia)
    AR2: Mathew Cheeseman (Australia)
    4TH: Tan Hai (China PR)

    REF: Siarhei Tsynkevich (Belarus)
    AR1: Stanislau Savitski (Belarus)
    AR2: Andrei Hetsikau (Belarus)
    4TH: Hannes Kaasik (Estonia)

    REF: Jair Marrufo (United States)

    REF: Liran Liany (Israel)
    AR1: David Elias Biton (Israel)
    AR2: Oren Bornshtein (Israel)
    4TH: Kim Tomas Haglund (Norway)

    REF: Rubén Arbí Medrano López (El Salvador)
    AR1: Douglas Alexander Bermúdez Caballero (El Salvador)
    AR2: Geovany García Lima (El Salvador)
    4TH: Ayanelson Ramiro Leonardo Velásquez (Guatemala)

  12. Not too sure about the penalty Bebek has awarded to Italy. It looks like he was advised by Kruzliak in this situation. Not enough contact for me.

    1. The penalty was awarder to Norway, not Italy :)
      Anyway I agree, soft call. Not enough for a penalty, but we have to underline that in this tournament there is a big attention on what happens in the penalty area.
      Also the penalty given by Boiko in his first match can be evaluated as soft.
      Overall, apart from this situation, another good performance by Bebek.
      Don't know about Boiko, I'm going to watch him later, he was able to finish the match without cards.

    2. The AAR involved should be Ilias Spathas not Kruzliak.

    3. Yes, thanks for correcting me twice :)

    4. It seems like very very little push/pull, not enough for the penalty I would say.

      Otherwise Bebek was good, another good performance, good cards, calls etc.

  13. Is that a red card?
    Yordanov in Sweden - Far Oer

    1. Anonymous11/6/13 22:00

      It's too easy to say that card is too harsh. We don't know an athmosphere during this match, earlier scenes between those players, etc. We can only evaluate this particular scene, not knowing a wider context of it.

      The behaviour of Granqvist is not necessary, one can consider it as violent conduct, no doubts. So, at least, an acceptable call taken by Nikolay Yordanov.

      Валентин Андреев

    2. Anonymous12/6/13 00:10

      And here, Ibrahimovic can be happy to may stay on the pitch after another violent conduct. He had a luck the referee didn't see it, but UEFA could be more strict and should ban him for this VC, IMO.

      Also Boban Grnčarov (Macedonia) overreacted and was sent-off for abusing the referee. We can't know the decision - was it a straight red or second yellow - because it's not necessary to show a yellow card twice in one stoppage. Here, the scene:

      Another ejection had a place during the friendly match China PR - Netherlands. Australian referee bravely and correctly sent Qin Sheng (China PR) off in 13th minute for using an excessive force when lunged onto De Guzman, here:

      Валентин Андреев

    3. Again Liany and again a similar scene to this previous situation:
      I think that this referee is too easy in getting angry and giving cards. Not good. It also seems to me that he looks for the player to continue the discussion.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ha4T9RcdROw
    I can't believe...

    1. If I was this guy carrying the litter, I would have first dropped it immediately and second I would have denounced Mascherano for bodily injury.

  15. Anonymous12/6/13 09:16

    When the first appointment for Confed cup will be?

    1. I think tomorrow.
      Here the marks for ISR - ENG, report almost ready:

      Boiko 8.3
      Zhuk 8.5
      Gudermanis 8.3
      Delferiere 8.0
      Tohver 8.0
      Brandner 8.0

  16. Boiko has preformed well in this tournament. It would be very cruel if UEFA sent him home.

  17. My prediction fro Confed Cup, MD1:
    BRA-JAP: Proenca/Miranda/Trigo/Kuipers
    MEX-ITA: Abal/Bellatti/Maidana/Irmatov
    SPA-URU: Nishimura/Nagi/Sagara/Haimoudi
    TAH-NIG: Aguilar/Torres/Zumba/Brych

    1. My ones:
      BRA-JPN: Webb/Mullarkey/Cann/Brych
      MEX-ITA Irmatov/Rasulov/Kochkarov/Abal
      ESP-URU Nishimura/Sagara/Nagi/Haimoudi
      THT-NIG Proença/Miranda/Trigo/Kuipers


  18. Prediction:
    BRA-JAP: Brych/ Borsch/Lupp/Webb
    MEX-ITA: Irmatov/Rasulov/Kachkorav/Osses Zencovich
    ESP-URU: Haimoudi/Achik/Etchiali/Nishimura
    TAH-NIG: Abal/Maidana/Belatti/Kuipers

  19. happy to be able to came back into the blog.

    Thanks and congratulation to all (especially to Niclas) to the infos red during the months on whihc I was not able to access for security restriction.

    Do you think all 10 ref will be appointed or 2trios will act as reserves ?
    Irmatov for final ?
    Last question: Is it a strict FIFA rule to appoint referees of neutral confederation area? If yes I think that it's a little bit too harsh/rogorous. Brych is able to officiate Italy-Brasil as well Osses could manage Spain-Uruguay i.e.
    Regards to all
    mario f.

    1. I assume there are no special reserve referees, because the European and Asian referees are too strong for this job, and the others should be tested as main referees.

      Irmatov for the final is well possible, but it could be nearly everyone, I think. My favourite at the moment is Brych, because he is the only European without any final so far.

      The confederation rule probably exists, but is not a strict one, at least when we consider the last FIFA tournament. So I think, they will use it, except there are good reasons to break it.

  20. Chefren: Do you know changes on "Serie A" referees for the next year ? Wjho will be demoted and who promoted from Serie B?

    Mario f

  21. Welcome back. Actually there should be away also for you to contribute using a google account. But at the moment it's flexible moderation, so don't worry.
    Thanks for compliments.

    To answer your questions:
    Do you think all 10 ref will be appointed or 2trios will act as reserves ? - I doubt there will be reserve trios. It would not make sense to nominate e.g. Diego Abal while not testing him.

    Irmatov for final ? - Why not. But I think he already got a lot of finals, so it would not harm him if he did not get this assignment.

    Last question: Is it a strict FIFA rule to appoint referees of neutral confederation area? If yes I think that it's a little bit too harsh/rogorous. Brych is able to officiate Italy-Brasil as well Osses could manage Spain-Uruguay i.e. - Basically there is confederation neutrality. There was an exception at Club WC 2012 where Cakir handled Corinthians-Chelsea. But here it was a special case: it was the final. The only other possibility was Rodriguez, who had a semifinal, or Haimoudi, whom they obviously did not want to give this match. So we have to wait whether this was an exception or a sign for more flexibility in FIFA appointments, which I would support.

  22. Hi Mario F.

    it's nice to read you again here, of course. Welcome back.
    Well, some people has already answered to your questions, nevertheless I'm going to write my opinion, too.
    1) I think that there will be at least ONE reserve trio, I would guess Abal, but let's see. In the past editions of each FIFA tournament we were informed about that, meanwhile this time there aren't info, so this could mean that they want to test each trio.
    2) Irmatov for the final could be, but I hope for him the WC final next year... ;) The FIFA committee will evaluate each performance with a big attention, I'm sure.
    3) The rule of the confederations was broken at the last FIFA tournament, CLUB WORLD CUP, when Cakir was appointed to handle Corinthians - Chelsea (CONMEBOL - UEFA). I think that they will act in a reasonable way: if possible, they will confirm this rule, but in case of a important appointment (for example the final) they will appoint the most reliable referee.

    About serie A and serie B referees: what I can say for now is that Romeo and Giannoccaro should finish their career for the 10-YEARS rule. According to last rumors, it seems that they are thinking about a possible confirmation of Giannoccaro for a further year, thank to his good performance this season, but that's not sure. The serie B referees promoted in serie A should be 3: Irrati, Tommasi and Di Bello. For now, I don't know more. Additional assistant referees are confirmed for the next season, so it means they will need again a high number of referees in serie A panel (this year they were 21).

  23. In German Bundesliga, there will be no changes on the referee list.

  24. Small remark on the selected referees for Confed Cup 2013.
    At this tournament, the winners of the confederations' competition finals play (e.g. Mexico as Gold Cup champions, Uruguay as Copa America champions and so on)..

    Now a look on the referees:

    - Joel Aguilar handled Gold Cup Final 2011 between Mexico and USA.

    - Djamel Haimoudi handled AFCON Final 2013 between Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

    - Pedro Proenca handled EURO 2012 Final between Spain and Italy.

    - Ravshan Irmatov handled 2011 AFC Cup Final between Japan and Australia.

    - Enrique Osses was fourth official in 2011 Copa America Final between Uruguay and Paraguay.

    I doubt this is a mere coincidence.

  25. In the Netherlands Jochem Kamphuis has been promoted to the Senior list. This means he will be a Eredivisie regular next season. Ruud Bossen and Jan Wegereef have retired, bringing the Senior tally to 14 referees. To fill their gap, one should expect more Eredivisie matches for the six Junior referees.

  26. DFB has honoured Felix Brych and Riem Hussein as Germany's "referee of the year" (on male and female level).
    Furthermore Fandel has confirmed that Steinhaus has been selected to handle matches at Women's Euro 2013.

    1. I think its a little bit strange that we don't know all the referees for Womens Euro yet.

      For the Mens Euro we knew the names atleast 5-6 months before the tournament.

    2. Fandel also said, that Stark and Brych were on the same level regarding WC 2014, even though they have totally different styles.

      I can't believe that. imo Brych has a huge advantage after his great and Stark's weak season.

    3. Fandel MUST say that. Of course we all know who is at the moment the clear no.1...not only nationally, also internationally.

  27. Challenging and eventful game for Jug and Co. this evening. Key events:
    -Jug missed a clear red card in the 17th minute. It was a reckless and dangerous tackle from RUS #18.
    -Correctly denied a penalty to Germany for simulation by GER #18. At first he pointed to the spot, thankfully Ozkahya told him over to micro that it was indeed not a penalty. Correct yellow card to GER #18 for simulation.
    -Correctly sent of RUS #3 after he commited a really high and dangerous tackle. Jug was not near the situation, so it must of been either Ozkahya or Kolev who advised Jug to send him off.
    -Awarded penalty to GER. Once again Jug wasn't in the vicinity of the foul so Kruzliak advised him to point to the spot. Further replays showed it was in fact not a penalty as there was not enough contact.

    1. Anonymous12/6/13 21:28

      Did anyone delete my comment?

      OK, I write it again :)

      1. I would have to see this situation to say it was or was not crucial mistake. If it was, the mark would be 7.9.

      2. The mark will be immediately decreased to 7.9 (7.4 if the first situation is a crucial mistake) if the referee pointed to the spot and whistled a penalty.

      3. Was it a not good position taken by Jug or only bad luck?

      4. Crucial mistake or acceptable call? Again problem with positioning?

      From what you wrote, I guess it will be 7.8 or 7.3 and - who know - maybe even the last performance at this tournament :/


    2. In the third situation, he did not have an ideal position to see the tackle. He had to run about 15-20 yards to show him the red card. I still can't decide on the penalty award. A bit too harsh for me. Maybe It's becauae I watch too much Premier League football, where this would not given.

    3. He also by the way did not have an ideal position for the penalty award. He was about 10-15 yards away and there was plenty of players obstructing his view.

    4. By the way Nur, you are mixing AR1/AAR1 and AR2/AAR2 up. It was Toth and Kruzliak who were close to the action.
      Jug needed less than a second to go to his pocket for the red card, showed no hesitation. If it was a decision also supported by AAR2, it was just excellent teamwork..
      And sorry Nur, but this observation: "At first he pointed to the spot, thankfully Ozkahya told him over to micro that it was indeed not a penalty." simply is wrong. I watched it again and he immediately whistled, needed a second, raised his hand to indicate simulation...AAR2 did not have anything to say, it was not his area of responsibility.

    5. Some videos


  28. Do not agree with your first and last points.
    The yellow card can be still tolerated, even though I agree with you, it was borderline.
    The penalty was fully right. The Russian player clearly pulled the German's feet away, contact at the feet was enough in this scene.

    1. In my opinion and I stress in my opinion it was very soft. I just don't think there was nit enough contact. I have watched many replays and I still think it was very harsh to award a penalty.

  29. Now watched (also on tv) the situations in Jug match.
    In my opinion, a very difficult match, and three correct calls!

    1) The YC for dive is absolutely correct and very difficult to see, at first it seemed penalty to me, but, watching the replay, the simulation was well spotted.

    2) Red card: the decision is correct, anyway it's true that sometimes these fouls are not punished by a straight red. A serious and dangerous foul.

    3) Penalty: I agree with Niclas, here. Nur, I suggest to watch again the scene. The contact between the feet is clear: and that's enough, because the German player was moving. Well detected by AAR, it happened in front of him.

    For me, good performance, and based on that, at least deserved semifinal. We will know tomorrow, or Friday.

  30. Anonymous13/6/13 01:51

    I watched the match myself:

    17' Niclas, I don't know how you can support Jug's decision to show only a yellow card in 17'. Clear red card offence, highly dangerous - fouled player can be happy to may stay on the field of play - 7.9

    32' Excellent decision to wave a penalty appeal off and show a yellow card for a dive. I think, it was Jug's decision, the brilliant one. And no, he was sure and had no idea to give a penalty. Very nice!

    39' Another excellent decision - correct sending-off, very quick whistle and visible communication with AAR. Great teamwork and self-confidence!

    68' Correct penalty. Maybe the same fall was a tad exeggarated, but the foul is clear.

    In a sum, taking all the big decisions into account, my mark would be 7.9 for one straight red card missed by well-positioned referee.

    The full match can be watched here:


    1. I also watched those situations:

      17'- red card without any doubt. Big mistake imo.

      32'- yellow card for diving. very good decision

      39'- I accept the red card. But the 1st red card (17') one was even more clearer.

      68'- penalty. good decision.

      From what I saw there was one big mistake. How is possible for a referee not to show a red card for such a foul (the foul was just in front of the referee) ?

    2. Anonymous13/6/13 07:58

      petschovschi - Fully agree! Jug was very close, in front of this situation... I also would like to know how he issued only yellow card. It's impossible to have a better view! Apart from that, a really good performance, I think. The points for improvement are: too passive positioning (often not enough flexible) and style of showing cards (hand should be more straightened). Max. mark is undoubtedly 7.9

      //**Serbian Fighter**\\

    3. I was suprised when he opted for yellow card instead of the red aswell. He could not have a better position...

    4. I totally must withdraw my previous statement on the situation in minute 17. Had a wrong perception watching it live. Clear red card, you all are right. Perhaps Jug was even too close to assess it adequately?

  31. I'm not sure if this has already been posted by I just saw a link for the 2013-2014 UCL referee kits (only short sleeve jerseys for next year)


  32. And left only three games since abandonet the UEFA match for 3rd place. 3 of 6 judges will get your 3, and someone will get FINAL. Paul Gil? It wpuld be nice.

  33. I think that Gil is sure for a semifinal, Bebek perhaps for the final. Hategan or Jug could get the other semifinal. But that's gambling, we do not know how UEFA saw Gautier and what chances Boiko will get at the further stage of the tournament.

    1. So my friend Niclas dont be never so sure with the Uefa referee comittee.... :)

  34. It is worth nothing tht in recet tournament UEFA MME sets in the FINAL at the judges from coutries that do not have is arbitrator ELITE, or ELITE-DEVELOPMENT. Examples:
    So MME-U-21-2013: FINAL-PAUL GIL, possoble.

    1. Anonymous13/6/13 19:46


  35. Anonymous13/6/13 12:31

    Pawel Gil is going home so he won't have the final

  36. http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/referees/index.html
    Nice pics uploaded by FIFA for Conf. Cup referees.

    4Th officials are not jet official because you can guess the referee for final

    1. Excellent achivement for Boiko, he deserved that.
      Thanks as always Kika!
      So, they are going to appoint referees as fourth officials for the semifinals and the final?

    2. Boiko thoroughly deserves his appointment. He has been impressive

  38. One of the 4th officials of the semifinals is usually the referee of the final,so they dont want to give o clue already,Chefren

    1. Kika, do you know which referees and assistants were sent home?

    2. Give me one moment and i think i will be able to send to via e-mail.Just write to me your email address

    3. Could you kika send mi this info too, I'm very interesting about Bebek. croreff@gmail.com Thanks :)

    4. Can you write a mail also for me?
      Thanks Kika.


    5. here is my mail:


    6. ok guys..i am trying to get the official info,but this is not possible yet.i am trying though.

    7. @croref as far as i know Bebek is staying,and he is the favourite for final.But this is not official.My source for this is not so reliable,so wait

    8. What about the assistants?
      I bet on Zhuk and Brandner for the final, especially the latter, which helped Gautier in giving the free kick and not the penalty to Italy.

    9. @ kika: my mail address is posted in contact-section, would appreciate it very much as well :)

    10. Depends on what teams go to final, if its Norway-Italy again then its hard to see Bebek there.

      As assistants my bet is for Brandner and Gudmundsson.

    11. Normally only four assistant referees stay at the tournament, so it would mean that Brandner, Gudmundsson, Zhuk and Tóth have been sent home.

    12. Anonymous14/6/13 09:53

      brandner clear one of the best assistant referees in this tournament! Final!

  39. I have sent my finalised report to Niclas:
    Jug: 7.9 (8.5)
    Kolev: 8.2
    Toth: 8.4
    Ozkahya: 8.3
    Kruzliak 8.0
    Davidy: 8.0


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