July 19, 2013

Match Situations - Offside 2

This post is a part of the new section in this blog called "Match Situations" that concentrates on specific match situations related to controversial parts of the Laws of the Game, version 2013/14. Your participation is crucial to make this blog's element give some value for referees and football enthusiasts in general.

You can have your say by giving your assessment on these situations in form of a comment underneath the respective posts. These comments should include a precise assessment and an additional explanation that strengthens your view if needed. Directly quoting from the current version of the Laws of the Game can be useful.


Controversy: Was white forward #18 (Kroos) in an active offside position while white player #8 (Özil) executed the shot on goal? (Difficulty: easy)

Your answer should contain:

Offside (illegal goal) or No Offside (legal goal)

If you have decided in favour of Offside, please add:

Interfering with play by ... or
Interfering with an opponent by ... or
Gaining an advantage by being in that position by ...

Please find a poll on the right top of the blog. You can vote in favour of Offside or No Offside.
Solutions will be posted three days after the match situation had been uploaded.

The video placed in this post is only posted for educational and not for commercial purpose!


  1. Easy question this time, in my opinion.
    No Offside (legal goal) because the player in offside is absolutely irrelevant for the keeper. The only important thing is that he doesn't touch the ball, ad that's enough to evaluate the situation as regular.

  2. Stephen Wallace19/7/13 20:55

    No Offside. Clear goal, players and fans can except this very easily. Keeping it simple.

  3. Yes I know, this time it was too easy..;)

  4. Anonymous20/7/13 22:09

    There is no such term in LOTG as "active offside position". We can only speak about player being in an offside position and then becoming involved in _active in play_.

    In this particular situation there is no offside as there is no:

    - interfering with play - player did not touch the ball
    - interfering with opponent - the player did not obstruct opponents line of vision nor challenged him
    - gaining an advantage by being in an offside position - the player did not play the ball that rebounded to him

  5. Anonymous4/8/13 08:20

    Evidently. Goal legal. Very easy.


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