August 9, 2013

Match Situations - Handball 1

This post is a part of the section in this blog called "Match Situations" that concentrates on specific match situations related to parts of the Laws of the Game, version 2013/14. Your participation is crucial to make this blog's element give some value for referees and football enthusiasts in general.

You can have your say by giving your assessment on these situations in form of a comment underneath the respective posts. These comments should include a precise assessment and an additional explanation that strengthens your view if needed. Directly quoting from the current version of the Laws of the Game can be useful in some cases.

video deleted

Penalty (deliberate handball) or No Penalty (no deliberate handball)?

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The video placed here is only posted for educational reasons. 


  1. For me, this is penalty. The defender can be punished for the moving of his arms. It looks like a save, I can understand that one can think it is unintentional but in this case the volume of the body is clearly increased, so a big risk takebn by the defender. Without the touch, this was a dangerous shot on goal.

  2. Penalty and yellow card. Unnatural position of the hands, deliberate blocking a shot on the goal by increasing the volume of the body. Admittedly, the only point which is not fulfilled, is the distance between shooter and player who handles the ball, but same act is made in such manner that we can't have a shadow of the doubt, the player did it deliberately.

  3. Emil Archambault9/8/13 15:47

    What in all the world are his hands doing up there? That is nowhere near something resembling a 'natural' position.

  4. IMO, this is penalty-kick!

  5. Anonymous9/8/13 18:28

    Penalty. No way the hands have to be up that high. YC aswell.

  6. Off topic, happened in Senegal:

    A Muslim referee in Senegal stops a game mid-match to break his Ramadan fast


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