August 18, 2013

Match Situations - Handball 2 - Solutions

The following solution is supposed to clarify the incident having occurred in the Bundesliga match between Schalke 04 and Hamburger SV, refereed by Manuel Gräfe, that was put up for debate in this blog post.

The correct assessment of this situation is:

Penalty for deliberate handball (negligent hand position/movement, significant enlargement of the body volume preventing a pass from reaching the penalty area. Other criteria do not contradict the referee's decision). A caution was not necessary in this situation.
It does not necessarily have to be a deliberate handball in its literal meaning. The term "deliberate handball" must be understood as a synonym for "chargeable handball" in this specific case. Referee Gräfe took the correct decision.

61 % of the voters in the poll have shared this interpretation.


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